Best Manual Tile Cutters Review & Buying Guide(2020)

Finding the best manual tile cutter is challenging as the market is full of under-quality products. Am I right? In bet manual tile cutterthat case, you have to make the right decision and advance systematically. Otherwise, the product will snatch your DIY happiness.

Are you anxious? No, you shouldn’t. Here is the solution for you! In this post, you will get some of the best manual tile cutter reviews. They are well proven as high-quality and durable products. And the products are the result of our hard research. So, we guarantee the products will change your outlook in the tile cutter field if you read them once!

3 Best Manual Tile Cutter Comparison 


7 Best Manual Tile Cutters Review

1.Montolit Manual Tile Cutter-Best Overall

best manual tile cutter

best manual tile cutter

Key Features:

  • A professional tiles cutter with high durability and performance
  • Can cope with ¾ inches thick tiles with ease
  • Incision system with a patented industry-first oil-fed
  • Nylon-made comfortable handle grip
  • Comes with a limited 3-year warranty

If you want an overall best manual tile cutter, you can easily depend on the Montolit 36 inch p3 without thinking twice. From top to bottom, the manufacturer has decorated the tool with the most advanced features. Also, this is the best professional manual tile cutter in the market. That is why, on the one hand, this 36-inch manual tile cutter is durable, and on the other hand, high-performing. After all, this will not be the wrong choice if you include this device in your workshop.

And this machine is the best for high-performance, which is why professionals like this giant a lot. It can give the finest cut any kinds of ceramic, porcelain and glass tile with maximum control and almost no noise. The cutting wheel is 100% and provides smooth and accurate cuts every time you use it. Hence, the machine can score, break, and cut the hardest porcelain and glass tiles up to ¾ inches thick evenly. Do you want more? Just stay with us.

Can you imagine – the Masterpiuma p3 36 tile cutter contains an incision system with a patented industry-first oil-fed? Yes, and for this reason, you will get smooth cuts! And the handle? This one is automatically adjustable to tile thickness, and as it is made of nylon, you need not think about the quality and durability at all. Glass, ceramic, and porcelain – whatever you want, this machine can provide you with a clean, quick, and precise cut every time.


  • Fantastic cutter
  • Start with a lighter pressure
  • Best for professionals
  • The cutting wheel is master class
  • Patented industry-first oil-fed
  • All advanced features


  • Expensive
  • Big and heavy

2.Sigma Metric Tile Cutter-Runner Up

sigma tile cutter

best manual tile cutterKey Features:

  • Very lightweight – less than five pounds, easy to carry
  • Capable of 0 – 45 degrees angle cuts
  • Comes with a rapid positioning button
  • Capable of cutting 37 x 37 cm long and 25 x 25 cm diagonal tiles easily
  • Attractive blue color

The runner-up tool in our list is Sigma 2G. This Italian made tool is well known for its high quality and durability.  If you want a lighter tiles cutter to carry it wherever you want, the Sigma 2G is the best option for you! That is why the machine is the second best product on your list.

This is a highly portable tool and perfects to work within different workplaces. This extremely lightweight tool – less than 5 pounds, is very handy, and you will have no problem handling it during your work. And the result is precise and practical as well. Moreover, the tool contains a rapid positioning button that will let you 0-45° angle cuts without creating any problem. Do you want to hear more? Then stay with us.

This tool is really ideal for straight cuts. It can cut the hardest porcelain in a smooth way. Also, it is capable of cutting natural stone, marble, granite and thick pavers.

Hmm, now the cutting wheel! This one is solid and high-performing. Therefore, cutting 37 x 37 cm long and 25 x 25 cm diagonal tiles is a simple matter to it! You should buy the machine without thinking much because this metal made product is highly durable and will serve it for years. And also, the device is attractive blue color is used to cover it. This one will help the product stay stainless. I think you should not go beyond this Sigma tile cutter anymore!


  • Very lightweight
  • Highly portable
  • Cuts precise and accurate
  • Nice to look at
  • High-performance and durable
  • The cutting wheel is capable of using frequently


  • Metric measurement
  • A little complex to learn the fine cut

3.QEP 10630Q 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter -Best of Money

best manual tile saw

best manual tile cutterKey Features: 

  • Capable of cutting up to 24-inch and 17.5-inch ceramic and porcelain tiles diagonally
  • For cutting accuracy, you will get an adjustable straight edge measurement guide
  • The 7/8-Inch cutting wheel for a fine cut
  • Easy to clean with soap and water or compressed air
  • A 1-year warranty

Are you searching for a tile cutter that is the best for money? Why aren’t you checking the QEP 10630Q 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter then? Listen, this one is exceptionally suitable for cutting ceramic and porcelain tile. The construction material, design, cutting wheel, the handle, and the rest are quite great than the price! That is why you can experience something better at a cheap price if you select this manual tile cutter this time. Let’s go through the following QEP tile cutter review for details.

The design of the tool is unique. And it comes with a subtle look that anyone can fall in love at first sight after seeing it for once! The machine has been designed in such a way that cutting both porcelain and ceramic tiles is a very simple matter now. And it is unusually fit for cutting 24-Inch and 17.5-Inch tiles without any hindrance! Surprisingly, the cutter is too quick because of the snap process and simple score it contains, and as a result of that, it can rip and cut tiles even diagonally.

Do you want a smooth cut and durable scoring in a tight budget? There is nothing to worry about at all. The 7/8-Inch tungsten-carbide with the titanium-coated cutting wheel is highly capable of doing that! And of course, you need not think about the cutting accuracy as the cheap tile cutter contains an adjustable and straight edge measurement guide for that. How convenient, that is!

This best value product is highly durable because the manufacturer has used metal to construct the tool. Simultaneously, the rubber grip handle is master-class, and it ensures high-comfort while cutting tiles. Indeed, you can buy this product with confidence since this time; it has come with a 1-year warranty. This is certainly one of the best DIY tile cutters


  • Best for the money
  • Ideal for small DIY Product
  • Can cut antique mirrored glass tiles in an arabesque shape
  • Needs light pressure
  • Lightweight and easily portable


  • Not so ideal for thicker tiles
  • Overall quality can be improved

4.Montolit Manual Tile Cutter(75P3 24 Inch)

montolit tile cutter

best manual tile cutterKey Features:

  • Comes with an ergonomic push scrub handle
  • Extremely powerful and accurate
  • Scoring system is self-adjustable and patented
  • The splitting and cutting process is fast
  • Need not dismantle

If you want a highly professional tool but wants to pay less than Montolit 36, you can easily rely on Montolit 75P3 without any hindrance! This tool has every feature that a modern tile cutter should have. The design, construction material, handle, cutting wheel, and the other parts have been chosen with extra care. Therefore, you can easily depend on this high-class product without any doubt. Let’s see the different features from this Montolit tile cutter review.

Indeed, this one of the best manual tile cutters for porcelain has come with a beautiful design. The ergonomic push scrub handle is highly robust and accurate. And the other parts are made with aluminum material. That is why the machine is highly durable and can serve you for ages! Now, what can I say about the cutting wheel? Listen, it’s entirely made, and with the help of the patented self-adjustable scoring system, it can cut and split tiles with high speed.

What’s more? Yes, the portability! The Montolit tile cutter 75p3 is exceptionally lightweight – only 8.8 pounds. As a result, you can carry it whenever and wherever you want! And obviously, you can handle it with ease during the operation.

Moreover, it is more accessible to set-up, transport, and store quickly and easily. And you need not dismantle the best snap tile cutter at all. Also, it is one of the best heavy-duty tile cutters. Isn’t it surprising enough? If you think it is quite big, you can choose the small tile cutter version Montolit 63p3


  • Big but lightweight and easy to carry
  • Titanium scoring wheel
  • Ideal for a big project
  • Highly durable and strong


  • A bit pricy
  • Using can be hand for beginners

5.QEP Manual Tile Cutter(10900Q 35-Inch)

best manual tile cutter

best manual tile cutterKey Features:

  • The metal-made tool ensures high-performance and durability
  • Linear ball bearing slides and sidearm extensions
  • Adjustable straight edge measurement guide
  • Decorated with high-quality rubber pads and aluminum alloy base
  • Best for accuracy, too!

The 5th tool in our list is another budget-friendly option for you. In that case, a QEP professional tile cutter can ease your pressure a lot! What you need to make your experience better – the machine can provide you with that! Surprisingly, it has everything that a high-quality tile cutter should have. Let’s know more about it from the following QEP tile cutter review.

Surprisingly, the metal made Qep 35 tile cutter is highly durable and serves you like a high-class machine! The 7/8 inches tungsten-carbide titanium-coated cutting blade is excellent and provides stable and smooth scoring every time you use it! This best professional manual tile cutter can quickly cut both ceramic and porcelain tiles up to 35 and 24 inches diagonally. You also need not worry about the cutting accuracy because the adjustable straight edge measurement guide will ensure that!

Besides, the rubber grip handle of this best value product provides comfort while cutting tiles. And the weight it has – only 22.7 pounds is perfect for handling or carrying from one place to another with ease! Honestly, I would not go beyond the product if I were you.


  • Reduces fatigue and cuts easier
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable and accurate
  • A nice smooth edge
  • Scores lightly


  • Only designed for ceramic and porcelain tile.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty

6.Mophorn 24 Inch Tile Cutter 

best manual tile cutterKey Features:

  • Aluminum frame and compact in size
  • For accuracy, precise laser positioning
  • High-class machine with alloy cutter
  • Double brackets offer stability and Two fixed screws
  • With anti-skid rubber handle

Are you searching for a manual tiles cutter that can bring great accuracy at a cheap price? In that case, the Mophorn 24 inch tiles cutter is an ideal solution to your problem. This porcelain 24-inch manual tile cutter provides you with a high-class performance. The whole frame is made of high-leverage aluminum, and hence, the tool is strong, compact, and durable! And you need not bother about the accuracy because the solid rails it contains will ensure you that.

The Mophorn Tile Cutter has a positioning function having newly upgraded laser infrared that you will not find in the Montolit stated above. This feature brings more accuracy and efficiency in cutting! And the alloy cutting wheel is unique that lets you cut tiles cleanly, accurately, and even smoothly. Moreover, it can cut up to 35 inches wide and 6 inches thick tiles without any hindrance!

Do you want comfort while using a manual tiles cutter? Then you should not go beyond the Mophorn. The handle with anti-skid rubber is just great! I guarantee you must gather new experiences if you go with it. And of course, the moveable support tables with a precise scale will allow you versatile cuttings continuously. Isn’t it convenient enough?


  • Versatile cuttings
  • Quality cutting blade
  • Fine cutting accuracy
  • Very lightweight and easy to handle
  • High-performance and durability



  • Doesn’t have a longer mounted ruler for easy measurement.

7. Seeutek Manual Tile Cutter 

best manual tile cutter

best manual tile cutterKey Features:

  • Rubber sponge compound pads and spatial linear bearing block
  • Spared cutting wheel for free
  • Anti-skid rubber handle
  • For tiles protection, movable supporting foot
  • 100% cash-back warranty

Do you want a decent tile cutter at a minimal price? Then you can look at the Seeutek manual tile cutter then? Listen, this one belongs to the high-class, and in comparison with others, the price is also affordable! Don’t worry about the performance. It can cut smoothly and with accuracy, and being durable, the machine will serve you for a long time without any obstacles. I wouldn’t go beyond this if I were you.

This time, the cutting wheel it includes is highly robust and sturdy. Therefore, cutting polished tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, etc. is a very simple matter now! And the durable, easy to use, and quality ball bearing has made the task easier for you. I guarantee this ideal stone cutting tool will change your outlook and experience better than ever!

This Seeutek professional tile cutter eye-sparkling blue-coloured tiles cutter can cut a maximum 40 inches long, a minimum of 1.38 inches wide, and 0.24 to 0.6 inches thick tiles with ease! And frankly, the spatial linear bearing block and rubber sponge compound pads will make your work more accurate and comfortable. Listen, you can buy this machine with confidence, and without thinking twice as you will get a 100% cash-back warranty with it!


  • Clean, and smooth cutting
  • Very long cutting length
  • Durable cutting wheel
  • Comes with 100% money back guaranty


  • Difficult to store and carry for big size
  • Not a good laser alignment system
Best Manual tile Cutter Buying Guide:

Before going to buy the best manual tile cutter, you have to consider certain things. Otherwise, you will fail to pick the right on up. For your help, here are some tips for you.

  1. Cutting Base– Firstly, you should consider the cutting base because it’s your work’s surface. Generally, good quality tiles cutter contains a cutting base with rubber feet and folding wings. We always recommend our customers buy one with this feature because it will help you cut larger tiles.
  2. Breaker Bar– Breaker bar is a part of the cutter assembly. The main work is to snap a tile into two pieces by putting pressure on the scoreline. If you fail to buy a cutter with a low-quality breaker bar, the tile snapping will not be accurate. Moreover, it can damage the tile too. That is why we always recommend you buy a tile cutter having a quality breaker bar.
  3. Cutting Wheel– The cutting wheel is another essential part to consider before buying the best manual tile cutter. Always select one made of high-quality material; otherwise, it will fail to cut tiles accurately and cleanly. Therefore, ultimately, your tile can be damaged.

Apart from that, the wheel may not last long, and you need to replace it frequently. That is why we suggest our customers buy one made of tungsten carbide. Honestly, it will meet your demand with ease!

  1. Guide Line– The guiding line is a mark in the cutting base’s middle. It helps you see where you are going to cut. A perfect guideline can show you the exact location, and as a result, you can cut your tile more accurately.
  2. Guide Rail(s)– You will have tile cutters with one or two rail lines. It runs the tool’s length and guides the scriber along a straight path. Now your responsibility is to examine whether the tile cutter you are going to buy contains this facility. Otherwise, you have to suffer a lot.
  3. Handle– Listen, you have to buy a tile cutter with a fair and well-made handle. Handle grip is another thing to consider. Handles with anti-skid rubber or nylon made grip are generally high-class. It will help you work comfortably and with less fatigue. So before buying the best manual tile cutter, you must see the handle frequently. Or, it may create a lot of problems.
  4. Measuring Bar– You will have a variety of models out there. But not all of them have a measuring bar. You should avoid them without thinking much. Conveniently, a cutter with an adjustable measuring bar helps you set a tiled angle before the operation. Therefore, it brings accuracy and smooth cuts. That is why you should buy the best manual tile cutter with the feature.

What is the best tool for cutting tile?

The wet tile saw is the best tool for cutting tile. But manual tile cutter, grinder, tile nipper and glass cutter are capable of doing some particular tile cutting job perfectly.

How can I cut porcelain tiles without chipping them? 

Take and place a tile on the platform of the saw. If the blade lowers, the tile’s top should face up. When the saw blade is in the platform which cuts tiles from the bottom, the tile should be face down. Engage the saw blade, and push the tile through the blade to make a shallow cut across the tile.

Can you cut a tile without a tile cutter? 

Yes, you can cut tile with tools like a grinder, glass cutter, jigsaw, tile nipper and hole saw etc.

What type of tile is the easiest to cut? 

Ceramic tile is the easiest to cut. Also, ceramic tile is really easy to install rather than other tiles.

How to use a manual tile cutter?

The Conclusion 

After reading the best manual tile cutter reviews, you are delighted to know the tools’ heartwarming specifications. Am I right? Listen, all of them are high-quality products and provide consistent performance. Before picking the right one, you have to think about your circumstances; then match them with the products’ specifications. And finally, buy that one which suits you the most.

Or, if you are still in hesitation, I can suggest something better. using a manual tile cutter is far easy than a wet tile saw. Honestly, if I was a professional tile worker and need the best tool, I would buy the Montolit 36 Manual Tile Cutter for me. This one is the best tile cutters available in the market.

It will last longer than any other tiles cutter on the market. You can buy this tool without thinking twice! If I was a homeowner and a DIY worker and need s to do small tile project often at home, I would buy QEP 10630Q 24-Inch Manual Tile Cutter. You can choose Sigma 2G as high quality but less expensive product. Other 4 tools are also not too far from the best 3. Only you need to understand which one fits the best with your purpose.

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