How to Use a Pole Saw: 7 Easy Steps

How to use a pole saw

What do you do when you are going to cut the highest branches of the trees in your garden? You may use a ladder to do that. Again, You can hire a professional. The use of a ladder may increase the chance of injuries and hiring a professional is much more expensive. In these circumstances, a pole saw may be the best solution for you. You may be untrained on how to use a pole saw. You need not surf anywhere. Here is a friendly guideline for you to use a professional pole saw.

You must be very eager to know about the process of using a pole saw. So, you should read our article till the end carefully. Otherwise, you may miss an important message.

How to Use a Pole Saw: Step by Step

How to use a powered pole saw?

We want you to follow some guidelines. So, let’s start to follow the guidelines properly given below.

Get the work area clean

It’s your utmost duty to ensure the safety of the people and the property around the workplace. Make your work area free from people keeping them away from the place. It’s better you cordon off the workplace with ropes.

Moreover, You can assign someone to guard the workplace. As a result, no one will be able to keep going to the working area repeatedly. You should have proper preparation to move in a safe place if anything goes wrong. You have to clear the place with great care so that you can move smoothly and freely during work.

Plan a proper execution process

The success of work mostly depends on proper planning. So, implement a plan for the cutting of your desired branches with the powered branch cutting saw. An observation of the whole tree will make it easier for you to plan out where to start the cutting. Make a proper execution plan to cut the branches of the tree which stands near a hut or any kind of power source.

You will need some supplementary cuts to accomplish the final cut for a long branch. It’s very effective to cut the sub-branches first. At this, the limbs will lose some weight.

Make the earlier cut off lower branches

To have a smooth cut on higher branches, you should make an earlier cut of the lower branches prior to higher branches. Cutting of lower branches of a tree will make a smooth way for you to reach the higher limbs or branches. Otherwise, it will be quite tough for you to cut the higher branches from the ground.

Stand in the correct position

It’s very crucial to stand in a proper position. It will not be a wise task to stand under the branch to be cut.  You should position yourself to one of the sides of the branch. However, standing by the side of a branch reduces the chances of injuries.

Besides, you should stand in a way that the pole creates an angle(less than 60°)  to cut smoothly. As a result, the position of your body will help you to control the saw during work. It’s very effective to hold the end of the pole saw at your chest level.

Ensure the right position of the pole saw

Now, it’s time to place your powered pole saw in the exact direction. At first, you have to adjust the height of the pole saw to the required limit. The saw should be in a vertical position. Then, put the pole saw on the branch you are going to cut. The weight of the saw should be on the branch. Therefore, you are ready to go to the next step.

Have the cut begin

You shouldn’t go faster for the first Strokes because there is a possibility of slipping off the saw at the beginning. So you should ensure the cut by making a groove with fast strokes. It will be better for you to make your first Strokes in a slow and controlled way. You can go in different directions for cutting after you are able to make a groove in the branch that needs to be cut.

You can start with the perpendicular cut. It will help you to make the groove by biting in. If the saw slips, you should stop the cut and reposition the saw after getting your energy back.

End up the cutting and make the area clean

You can increase the saw speed after making the groove in the branch you are cutting. An unexpected fall of the branch may occur. So you have to keep an eye on the branch so that no wrong may occur. You may need another new cut. For this, you should remove the branches or limbs to a safe place for later use before making a new cut.

How to use a manual pole saw

Operating a manual pole saw is a tough job as it is to operate with manual power. A manual pole saw comprises a small pruner and a long saw. You can cut small branches with the small pruner and long thick branches may be cut with the long saw.

The pole of a manual pole saw can be extended according to the requirements of the user. So, when you are working with your manual pole saw, extend it to your desired length and press the lock button attached to the saw to fix the extension. Now, ensure the safe position of both you and the saw you are using to cut the branches.

Meanwhile, you have come to know that the earlier cut of the small branches makes the way to cut the higher branches. So you can use the small pruner to cut these small branches with the help of a rope. The Rope makes a connection with the pruner through a spring attached to the saw. You can make an excellent cut for small branches of a tree by pulling the rope. Out of this, you can follow the rest of the steps as the same we discussed before in the section on how to use a power pole saw.

 Safety Tips for Using a Pole saw

Safety guidelines are very crucial to follow for every worker before they start their work. These safety guidelines reduce unexpected incidents or losses. So you should follow some safety tips before you start to use your pole saw for cutting the branches or limbs.

  • You should wear a chainsaw protective cloth to avoid sudden injury.
  • Use a helmet on head, eye protection glass on eyes, gloves on hands, and boots on the legs to prevent injuries.
  • Avoid working near the power supply. It’s dangerous working near any electrical wire or power line.
  • The chain used in the pole saw should be checked before using it. A loose chain may hamper your activity.
  • It is recommended not to use your electric pole saw in a wet condition.
  • Operate your pole saw in daylight. Avoid the nightly use of a powered pole saw.
  • Be more careful when you are cutting the branches thicker than nine inches. It’s quite tough to have a proper cut in thicker branches with a pole saw.
  • Check the availability of oil repeatedly. A shortage of oil may cause harm to your work.

Pole saw is the best tool for cutting tree branches. But using a pole saw can be dangerous if you do not have enough confidence in your knowledge. In that case, you should call a professional. We have tried our level best to clear all your doubts about how to use a pole saw.


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