Dewalt DCS374b Deep Cut Bandsaw Review(Tried&Tested)

Dewalt dcs374b bandsaw

Are you searching for the best portable handheld bandsaw for your house or workshop? Don’t worry at all. We have an excellent solution for you! Yes, dear. I was talking about the Dewalt dcs374b bandsaw that has made the intricate cuts more comfortable than ever!

Nowadays, handheld portable band saws are becoming popular day by day for cutting a variety of things quickly and with ease! That is why you are also looking for a tool for your workshop to lessen your daily pressure. Am I right? If so, I guarantee you will not run anymore after reading the Dewalt bandsaw reviews below.

As a bandsaw user, you may have used or heard about the Dewalt 18V portable bandsaw. But honestly, this Dewalt dcs374b deep cut bandsaw will undoubtedly change your previous outlook and make your experience better than ever! Let’s look at the Dewalt dcs374b review to know about the ins and outs of the product.

Dewalt DCS374b Deep Cut Bandsaw Key Features

  • 20 volts Max XR brushless motor is highly powerful
  • Has the ability to run by a 5.0Ah FLEXVOLT or any Dewalt 20 Volts Max battery
  • 44-7/8 inches blade length can cut up to 4-3/4 inches around and 5 inches frame
  • A tool-less blade changing lever
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty

Dewalt DCS374b Max Deep Cut Bandsaw Full Review


The motor is one of the essential parts of a bandsaw. The cutting capacity depends on it. That is why most of the high-quality bandsaws contain high-powered motors. Fortunately, this deep-cut bandsaw also includes a quality one!

dewalt dcs374b 20v max deep cut band saw

The manufacturer has named the machine the Dewalt brushless bandsaw. Do you know the exact reason behind that? Yes, because this time, the bandsaw includes a brushless motor. That is why it has been named so! Honestly, this 20 volts Max XR brushless motor is world-class and ensures deep cuts every time.                                                 

Furthermore, the motor is versatile and easy to control as it has a variable speed trigger and dial! And of course, you need not worry about the durability because the manufacturer has chosen every part of it with extra care! Indeed, it will serve you for ages!

Power source

The power source is an essential issue for any bandsaw. If you buy one having only electrically powered, what will you do when the electricity is unavailable? On the other hand, for battery-powered, what will you do when the battery is gone? That is why you should go for one having both electrically powered and battery-powered. In a sense, this Dewalt cordless bandsaw is cordless, but you can use it while charging the battery with the charger it has. Isn’t it very convenient?

However, this DeWalt 20v max band saw can run by a 5.0Ah FLEXVOLT or any Dewalt 20 Volts Max battery. Unfortunately, you will not get the battery and charger with the package. You have to buy them separately.


Like other bandsaws, the motor and blade of this Dewalt stationary band saw are interrelated. The 44-7/8 inches blade length is just highly capable, and that is why you can cut up to 4-3/4 inches around, and 5 inches frame without any hindrance.

The cutting speed is also remarkable. The machine is highly capable of cutting pipe, angle iron, sturt, and other materials with a speed of 0-490 quickly. For this reason, this Dewalt hand bandsaw is incredibly popular with those who use bandsaws for different purposes. So you can easily buy this best hand bandsaw for your home or workshop.

Changing or replacing a bandsaw blade is an essential matter to consider. Otherwise, your sufferings will know no bounds. Therefore, you should always go for a bandsaw with an easy replacement feature. If you buy this DeWalt brushless bandsaw dcs374b, you need not bother about that. The machine contains a tool-less blade-changing lever. Do you know what the function of that is? Listen, it will help you loosen blade tension!

And indeed, the blade is high-quality, and for that reason, you can use it up to 149 cuts! Can you imagine that? Yes, the 14 TPI 1-5/8-inch strut blade can do that with ease! And the part is so sturdy because the manufacturer has used high-quality materials to make the blade. Hence, it is so durable, and you need not worry about replacing the blade frequently! Isn’t it too beneficial?


A perfect tool can bring ideal happiness in a workshop. That is why everyone should buy a high-class bandsaw to make the best use of the machine. Otherwise, it would be a mere wastage of money and time!

If you buy this Dewalt hand bandsaw, you will be highly surprised to see the performance it provides. This machine contains the perfect length. Yes, dear. The 20-3/4 inches tool length is so convenient, and for this reason, you can handle it with ease!

The height and width of the Dewalt bandsaw are also crucial factors to consider. They will tell you how big components the bandsaw can cut. Don’t be disappointed! The length of this Dewalt 20v bandsaw is 12 inches, and the width is 6 inches. So you can use it from small to medium-sized wood logs, pipes, rods, and the like without any hesitation.

What can I say about the weight of the Dewalt mini bandsaw? This one is extremely lightweight – only 12.4 lbs. So, you will have no problem handling this machine at all. Even, you can operate this machine using your one hand only! Isn’t it incredible?

LED light

Do you want to work at night even when the electricity is off? What are you looking for then? This Dewalt handheld bandsaw is the perfect solution to your problem!

Honestly, this Dewalt battery bandsaw includes a LED work light this time with a 20 – seconds delay! Isn’t it somewhat unbelievable? Yes, now you need not wait for the electricity to be available, or even you can work where there is no electricity. I think this one is the product you are still looking for!


Here you have to remember that this one is not the Dewalt vertical bandsaw. You can use it as a rectangle one. However, the portability of a handheld bandsaw is more critical than many other things. A portable bandsaw can help you handle the machine with ease! The convenience is that you can carry it whenever and wherever you want. That is why you can find an easy-to-move product. It will help you ease your daily pressure!

This Dewalt portable bandsaw is exceptionally lightweight – only 12.4 lbs that I have mentioned earlier for the advantage of my discussion. This lightweight machine is very suitable to handle and carry. Therefore, it has made the product more portable. Surprisingly, this one is 1.2 lbs less heavy than the DWM120 corded bandsaw. Moreover, the housing is made of magnesium which has made the product lighter!

Conveniently, a carrying hook can help a user to carry the bandsaw easily. Hence, you should buy one having the feature. As a result, it will lessen your carrying pressure a lot. Fortunately, this Dewalt portable bandsaw contains an integrated hanging hook, and for this reason, the product has easy portability. And of course, you will get an adjustable bail handle along with the hook! How convenient, that is!


The budget is a crucial factor for any product. Usually, many people have the wrong idea that a product with a high price contains a high performance. But this idea may not be correct all the time. For this reason, you should choose a product at a moderate price.

If you look carefully at the Dewalt dcs374b bandsaw, you will see that its price is not so high. But if you compare it with the Dewalt Dcs371b and DWM120k, you will see that our version’s cost is a little bit high (20 to 30$ more). Nevertheless, performance is many times better than that. That is why you can buy this one without thinking much! Fortunately, you can get the 20v band saws on amazon any time you want!


The warranty is another essential factor to consider. The warranted products are generally high-category. If you buy this Dewalt dcs374b bandsaw, you need not worry about the assurance it provides. The 3 years warranty is enough for any user. So you can buy the machine with confidence!

When also have reviewed some of the best budget friendly bandsaws.Check it.

Who Needs Dewalt DCS374b Max Deep Cut Bandsaw?

It’s essential to know how to use a portable bandsaw correctly. However, anyone who wants to cut curves and thick lumber for various purposes can use this tool. Besides, those who wish to cut irregular shapes can use this bandsaw. Moreover, many people use the machine for ripping and resawing lumber into thinner slabs.

Usually, people don’t use this 20v DeWalt bandsaw for cutting wood. But if you want, you can use it for that purpose, too! This one is highly useful for cutting a Sawzall or plasma torch that usually, you may not be able to cut with other tools.


  • The more extended band saw blades
  • Lightweight and easy portability
  • Easy to use and cuts with ease
  • Cutts metal pipe, brackets, etc. so easy and fast
  • Affordable price


  • Battery and charger are not included with the package

The conclusion

Listen, you should not go beyond the Dewalt DCS374b bandsaw if you genuinely want something better. This machine is world-class and much durable. And it ensures fine cuts. Also, the blade is superbly made. Surely, if I were you, I would never avoid this product. I guarantee it will make your days better and bring happiness to your workshop.

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