Best Circular Saw Blades for plywood & hardwood reviews of 2021

Are you the one, whose circular saw get stuck in the plywood and hardwood while cutting? It seems like you have settled on a circular saw with the wrong blade. So, you need the best circular saw blade for plywood and hardwood accompany your power tool. Indeed, a circular saw is the most dangerous yet useful tool for every handyman. Whatever it is the quality of your circular saw, only the right blade can make your project successful.

Circular saw blades are designed to make your job done quickly and efficiently. It is capable of adjusting to cut all materials, including metal, ceramic, and wood. Moreover, it comes in a variety of materials and shapes for individual tasks.

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However, it is essential to make sure that you have the exact blade according to your needs. Things can make you confused if you are planning to buy the right saw blade. It can increase your dilemma as the market is full of too many options.

Confusing? Don’t worry; relax and sit back tightly. Today we will review some top circular saw blades to make things easier for you. In the rest part of the article, we will discuss different types of saw blades and the buyer’s guide. We hope, our neutral review can help you to get one. Read on to know more.

Product Name
Best Overall
DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw Blade, Crosscutting, Tungsten...
Great value
Freud D1050X Diablo 10" 50-tooth ATB Combo Saw Blade w/5/8"...
Runner up
Freud D1090X Circular Saw Blade, Multi
DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw Blade, Crosscutting, Tungsten...
Freud D1050X Diablo 10" 50-tooth ATB Combo Saw Blade w/5/8"...
Freud D1090X Circular Saw Blade, Multi
Cutting diameter
Best Overall
Product Name
DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw Blade, Crosscutting, Tungsten...
DEWALT 12-Inch Miter Saw Blade, Crosscutting, Tungsten...
Cutting diameter
Great value
Product Name
Freud D1050X Diablo 10" 50-tooth ATB Combo Saw Blade w/5/8"...
Freud D1050X Diablo 10" 50-tooth ATB Combo Saw Blade w/5/8"...
Cutting diameter
Runner up
Product Name
Freud D1090X Circular Saw Blade, Multi
Freud D1090X Circular Saw Blade, Multi
Cutting diameter

 Best Circular Saw Blades for Plywood & Hardwood Reviews: Our Top Picks

After doing in-depth research on several circular saw blades on the market, we’ve compiled the list. Here are our top picks of circular saw blades.

DEWALT DW3128P5 Crosscutting Tungsten Carbide Blade-Best circular saw blade for plywood, hardwood.


best circular saw blades

There is no second thought that should come in when it is about DEWALT tools. Likewise, DEWALT DW3128P5 is a tool that you must need in your power toolbox. It is also known as the best blade for plywood, hardwood, and softwood. Let us tell you why!

The first reason is that it is equipped with tough tungsten carbide. How does it help? Well, it helps to keep the blade sharp for a more extended period. You can get a smooth and faster cutting experience, thanks to its thin kerf design.

The blades come with 32 and 80 pairs of 12-inch blades. Both sizes allow you to perform rip cuts, cross style, and other cuts. Moreover, the saw blade includes a balanced computer plate, which helps to minimize vibration.

The blades have an exclusive wedge shoulder design to increase durability and accuracy. Also, the anti-stick coating reduces friction and gum-up.

Overall, you can get an excellent finish and enhanced precision with this blade. You can consider this unique blade set for the next cutting projects.

What we like

  • Reliable and high-quality blade
  • Computer-balanced plate for accuracy
  • Stays sharper for longtime
  • The fast and smooth cutting action
  • Versatile

What we dislike

  • Blades are not laser-cut

Freud Diablo D1050X Combination Saw Blade


best circular saw bladesAre you in the search for the best blade for woodcutting? Well, Freud Diablo saw blade is what you are looking for. Freud brings some exceptional features that make it an ideal option for carpenters. Let’s know about them.

The first thing we appreciate is its all-around design along with fifty10-inch teeth. It comes with a thin kerf, which makes it a worthy choice. In addition to the teeth, it has a laser-cut for improving accuracy. Also, the laser cut expansion slot enhances the precision of the blade.

Another best feature includes the laser-cut stabilizer vents. It helps to keep the blade cool and minimize the noise level. Also, the saw blade doesn’t wrap more often due to this. It includes laser-cut heat expansion slots, which helps the saw blade to expand further.

However, its micro-grain titanium carbide ensures razor-sharp cuts and durability. The blade has tri-metal shock resistant brazing, which helps carbide tips to endure the extreme impact.

Lastly, it includes a coating for protecting the blade against vibration. We must say it has all you need for cutting precisely.

What we like

  • Noise-free operation
  • More precise teeth
  • Reduce vibration and blade wrap
  • Protective coating
  • Impact resistance
  • Ensures razor-sharp cuts

What we dislike

  • Not well-balanced

FREUD D1090X Circular Saw Blade

FREUD D1090Xbest circular saw bladesFreud brings another excellent circular saw blade within budget. You can now get the privilege of the modern-day saw blade with Freud D1090X. This 10-inch circular saw blade offers everything you need for a successful project. Let’s know more.

The best part of this universal circular saw blade is that it is compatible with miter or table saw. It comes with shear-face grind design which lets you cut work-pieces with minimum power. You can use the blade in your low-powered saw with ease. It will still work as it is.

Moreover, its ultra-thin laser-cut kerf design ensures smooth cutting operation. You can rely on its build-quality as it is made of carbide. This Tico hi-density carbide helps to keep it sharper for a long time.

This durable blade includes Perma-Sheild nonstick coating to make it corrosion resistant. Also, its Laser-cut stabilizer vents help to reduce noise and vibration. This saw blade can withstand extreme impact as well.

In short, these universal saw blades help to keep the cut straight and true. Whether you are a handyman or professional, you should try this NOW.

What we like

  • Extremely durable
  • Universal design
  • Shock, impact, and vibration resistance
  • Smooth operation

What we dislike

  • It can be dull quickly

DEWALT DW3106P5 Saw Blade Combo Pack



best circular saw bladesOne more combo pack in the list for the regular carpenters and woodworkers. Dewalt DW3106P5 is considered as another great circular saw blade for hardwood, softwood, and plywood. This combo pack includes two sized saw blades for all-purpose use. Let us tell you more about it.

The pack includes a 10-inch 60-tooth fine-finish blade for crosscutting. Another one is the 32-tooth general purpose saw blade. Both of these blades come with a universal design that is compatible with miter or table saw.

These slim-kerf blades provide even and quick cuts with less debris. It has stricter tungsten carbide which keeps it sharper for longer. Also, the saw blade includes a computer-balanced plate, which reduces vibration.

Besides, the blade has a patent wedge shoulder in the back of every tip. It maximizes strength and ensures accuracy with a better finish. The best part is that you’ll get this within range.

Overall, this heavy-duty combo pack helps you to get cutting action according to your projects. Indeed, it’s a great deal for the money. Check the store before it is over.

What we like

  • Stays sharper
  • Smooth and precise cuts
  • Enhanced accuracy and better finish
  • Durable design
  • Multifunctional
  • Cost-effective

What we dislike

  • May cause backside of cuts to splinter
Note:We also have reviewed some of the best cheap circular saws.

What are the types of circular saw blades?

Looks like, you owe a circular saw blade for the first time. Well, then you should know about different types of saw blades. The models differ by shape or grind of their teeth. Below are different types of saw blades and their uses.

Standard Blades:

The typical woodcutting blade which comes with teeth from 18 to 60. The teeth number represents the finish of the cuts. The more the teeth, the perfect finish you’ll get, but it takes longer to cut. Conversely, the less the teeth, the rougher cuts but, the faster cuts you’ll get.

Plywood Blades:

This type comes with plenty of teeth. You’ll find 100 or more fine teeth in most cases. Plywood blades are designed for cutting multiple layers of plywood. Without creating cracks, it delivers better and cleaner cuts.

Ripping Blades:

Ripping blades are designed with fewer teeth which varies from 16 to 40. Along with a deep gullet, it has four teeth for crosscutting and one for ripping.

Framing Blades:

These are used for rough joinery work. It has 24 teeth in a blade which is mostly found saw blades in construction sites.

Hollow Ground Blades:

These types are used for minimizing friction between the material and the body of the blade. The teeth are more extensive than the saw blade. However, it is used for making precise cuts thru the wood grain.

Thin-Kerf Blades:

These blades are narrower in design, and it has a twin tip in each teeth. They are used for cutting dimensional lumber with minimum waste.

Segmented Blades:

They are also known as diamond edge blades. It has rim divided by gullets which are similar to standard saw blades. These blades are used to cut brick, concrete pavers, masonry, concrete, and so on.

Continuous Rim Blades:

These are also known as diamond blades. It is used to cut through masonry and metals.

Turbo-Rim Blades:

Similar to continuous rim blades, it allows you to cut through tiles, concrete, and brick.

Dado Blades:

These types are used to cut a wider groove in material like lumber and wood. It can make more extensive cuts compared to a single blade. It also allows dadoes and rabbet cuts in lumber.

What Are Circular Saw Blades Made With?

best circular saw blades


Well, circular saw blades are made with different types of materials. Read on to know more.


Most circular saw blades are made with carbide, which is a hard compound material. This material is combined with another metal to make it stronger. Mostly, carbide is united with Tungsten that has a high melting point than other metal.

Besides, blades made with Tungsten has more RPM capacity and lower vapour pressure. These are the popular option for cutting plastic or non-ferrous metals. You don’t have to sharpen it to cut these materials. Moreover, tungsten carbide blades are resistant to scratches, friction, wear, and temperature differences.

Used For:

Cutting hardwood, softwood, coated particleboard, non-ferrous metal, plastic, plywood, and MDF.


Diamond is a widely used blade material as it is one of the firmest metal on earth. This material is used in abrasive blades. It has anti-friction coating which might be of Teflon, chrome, platinum, titanium, or iridium.

This coating avoids the blade from heating up and prevents rust. Thus, the diamond-made blades allowed the blade and saw to last longer.

Used For:

Cutting concrete, stone, masonry blocks, ceramics, and asphalts.

Things to Consider in a Circular Saw Blade: Buyer’s Guide

Have you reached the market to buy the best circular saw blade? Wait, you should consider some factors before making any decision. It is mandatory to have the right saw blade if you want accurate cuts. Follow our buyer’s guide and find out how to choose the right one.

Consider the Size

The first thing you need to ensure that you have the right size for your tool. The right blade for the right project makes your project successful. It is very inconsistent if you choose a larger saw blade for smaller projects. The size is available from 10 to 14 inches. If you own a handheld circular saw, then 7 to 10inches is good enough. Similarly, the 14-inches blades are perfect for the saw used for metal cutting.

Saw Types

Before you purchase a blade, you should pay attention to the saw. Look carefully, how it is built? Then check the types of saw blades. Find out which types of saw will be a perfect fit? Experts suggest matching the arbour of saw blades with the saw’s shaft design. If you failed to match, it could cause tilting off.


The materials of the blade have to be stronger than the circular saw’s material. Wondering, why? Because the blade ensures even and precise cutting. You can use a single saw to cut masonry blocks, woods, tiles, concrete, and so on. So, make sure you pick the best material for your project. Most people go with diamond blades due to its stronger nature.

Bevel Angle

Another essential factor to consider is the bevel angle. Make sure the blade has a higher bevel angle as it ensures smoother and cleaner cuts. Blade with a higher bevel angle can cut material like melamine and thin veneers.

Teeth Count

Checking the number and the quality of teeth is essential in a circular saw blade. It varies according to the applications. However, make sure you purchase one that is well worth it. Indeed you’ll get better quality of you to dig deep in your pocket.

The Size of Gullet

The space between the two teeth is denoted as the gullet. It ensures the number of material pass through during the blade’s rotation. If the depth and size are considerable, then it can cut much material within a short time. Conversely, the cuts will rougher.


It is essential to check the coating to ensure the blade’s safety against daily usage. Wondering, how? Let me clarify. If it has several layers of coating, the blade stays protected from gum-up and friction. Also, the corrosion doesn’t appear on the saw blade even after several uses. The blade lasts for longer with proper coating.

Using Purpose

Ask yourself, for which purpose you are using the saw? It is another essential factor that you should consider. Not all circular saw blades are created for the same purpose. Hence, you should know the using purpose.

If you are choosing blades for massive works, it should stronger than others. After determining the purpose, pay attention to the number of teeth on the saw blade. The blade with more teeth requires less time to finish a job.

Reliability of the Blade

The market and the internet are full of different blades and so many biased reviews. Hence make sure that you get incredibly durable one. If you are purchasing from online, check whether it comes with spare parts. Although it is not shocking that circular saw blades don’t last for a lifetime. So, the availability of saw blades is required as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Own a Circular Saw Blade?

Like other power tools, a circular saw is a tool that has no meaning without a blade. While shopping for the circular saw blade, a lot of questions come in mind. The popular among them is, why should one buy a circular saw blade? If the same thought comes to your mind, then you should check these points.

  • Unlike others, it doesn’t let the tool strike or stuck into the materials.
  • Circular saw blades offer straight and precise cuts compared to other sawing materials.
  • You can even cut deep concretes, and they are best for angle cutting as well.
  • It allows you to choose the right one from the different sizes.
Q: When to Replace a Circular Saw Blade?

You must know the right time to change your blade. Check if it is cutting smoothly and efficiently as once it was. If not, then it denotes that the blade becomes dull and you need to replace it immediately.

Also, check if you see additional pieces on the wood. If yes, it means your blade become rounded, and the edge is not sharp. Hence, it is the perfect time to replace it.

Q: How thick should a Circular Saw Blade be?

A: The kerf of the blade represents the thickness of the blade. The higher the kerf, the thicker the blade. If you look for a durable option, you can go with a higher kerf level. However, the edges might not be sharp in thicker kerf blades. The thinner kerf blades have a sharp edge which allows faster cuts.

Q: What are the materials you can cut with a circular saw blade?

A: You can cut different materials, including wood, concrete, aluminium, tiles, masonry materials, and so on.


Q: What is a circular saw blade equipped with?

A: Circular saw blades are equipped with different types of materials. The most common materials are diamond, carbide, and composite materials.

Q: What are the best brands for the circular saw blade?

A: There is plenty of company that manufactures quality blades. It can be challenging to tell which one is the best brand among them. Some of the best brands are DEWALT, Freud, RockWell, Concord Blades, Irwin, and many more.

Q. Are more teeth on a circular saw blade better?

If a saw blade has more teeth, that means it will provide a smoother cut. If a saw blade has fewer teeth, that means it will provide a faster cut. Another thing is very important that how to feed material into the saw blade. The teeth number of a saw blade should have really depended on the application of the blade.

Q: Are circular saw blades multi-functional?

A: Indeed. You can use this with table saws, miter saws, cut-off saws, and radial-arm saws. Which means if you have one, you can get many jobs done.


Before we conclude, let us thank you for staying with us until now. However, we understand that not everyone has adequate time to doing research. That’s why we have done this for you.

Remember, a circular saw is capable of withstanding high-temperature changes. It is one of the versatile and essential tools in your toolbox. All the above, you need to make sure that you have the right blade for your job.

All the 4 blades are excellent in quality. We have said that there are different types of circular saw blades for different purposes. You need to know what is your purpose. Generally metal cutting circular saw blades are stronger than the blades made for wood, plastic, hardwood etc. The  DEWALT DW3128P5 is the best circular saw blade for plywood &hardwood without any doubt.

Now, you are ready to go shopping. Did you find, which one fits in with your projects? If so, is it well worth your money? Share your experience with us in the comment box below. For further review, stay with us. Hopefully, you understand the criteria the best circular saw blades for plywood & hardwood should have.

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