How To Use A Circular Saw For Beginners? 4 Easy Steps

how to use a circular saw for beginners

A circular saw is an essential tool for a carpenter or a woodworker — any wood project. A circular saw can make a clear-cut and clean archive project.

 How to use a circular saw for Beginners?

You need the answer. Right? We are going to make this guideline really easy and simple for you. It can make your sawing more perfect and efficient than before. After following this content you won’t face any confusion about circular saw uses.

It doesn’t matter which circular saw model you are using. Make sure you are wearing safety gear like gloves and eye protection.

Step by Step Process How to use a circular saw for Beginners: 

There are Many Ways to Establish your workspace with a circular saw. (i.e., with saw-horses, with inflexible foam, and also clamping your stuff to some desk). Once you find out what’s going to do the job well for you personally, another issue is always to prepare yourself to begin cutting-edge.

Here would be the essential Measures about employing a circular saw:

  1. Right Blade for the Project:

This is the most important part of a circular saw use. All blades are not created in the same way. Bear in mind that: The longer the tooth, the more excellent cut you receive. Accurate cutting with a circular saw highly depends on choosing the right blade.

That is correct for practically any power tool you are going to utilize — for example, jigsaws. Choose the circular saw blade. It may provide you with the form of the clip. Probably, you are looking for it. You should be trying to lower metal or plastic together with your circular saw.

2. Adjust the blade depth:

Together with the knob over the trunk of this circular saw. Lower your blade no longer than ¼″ beneath the base of their timber. That gives adequate clearance to cut the wood. However, besides, it helps to conserve the own blade.

3. Start the edge position:

Before building a cut, then permit the blade to operate at a full rate ahead. That generates a cleaner cut and lessens the danger. While your blade is straight off in the border, line the edge up with all a point. Remember, the diameter of this blade is all about 1/8″ thick. (That can be known as kerf).

Thus, do not cut ONTO your lineup. Or the depth of this blade cuts right into a dimension. As an alternative, minimize only a bit to both sides on your line. (i.e. “rescue your valuable lineup”). You are permitting your blade to cut marginally into the garbage. One’s wood together with your line.

Suggestion: Lay the right facet of one’s wood face to find the optimal/optimally cutoff.

Circular saw blades cut the upstroke. Hence, the wood onto the floor receives the best reduction. To lessen tear out across the rear aspect of these wood.

4. Make your Cut:

The moment the blade is still proceeding at the full rate. Proceed the circular saw forwards and enable the edge to do the job.

Make sure there is not anything below your job, which can liquefy the blade.

Let’s dig into the point

1. Make yourself ready:

A lot of circular saw models out there. But some basic settings and features are standard among those.

You can read the manual or search the model on YouTube for guidelines.

A 6.5 in (17 cm) blade is commonly used for all kinds of wood. While 8-10 in (20-25cm) saw are generally used for heavy industrial work.

2. Safety Issue:

Some safety precautions are essential to take before sawing. Must include a pair of thick, rugged work gloves. Eyeglass, these gadgets covered all the sensitive areas.

If you are on a long project, then take ear muffs, dust masks are also on your list.

3. Mark your cutting area:

Take a regular ruler and a pencil/marker. Make a straight line. These lines will help you while sawing the wood.

A circular saw is often used for making straight lines. If your wood project needs an angle or curved cut, you can try a miter saw or jigsaw.

4. Use a saw table:

A perfect cut needs a steady position. Make hanging support. If it is done, you won’t need to worry about your surface area.

Never keep your project on the floor, table, or bench. I suggest using a saw-horse. You can find some on amazon under 35-50$.

 Desire Cutting Depth:

Sawing a piece of lumber 2.5 cm thick. You should set your circular saw blade at 2.86cm.

Cutting Process

While doing a woodworking process, you need to know about this type of cut. There is a Rip cut, crosscutting, cutting dados, and many more.

But you can’t be able to do that with the same blade.

There is various purpose of circular saw uses. The different cut needs different blades.

Rip-Cut Blade:

A rapping blade can cut the grain of the wood. These blades have around 24 teeth. These blades are perfect for rip cuts.

how to use a circular saw

Crosscut Blade:

Crosscut will make a smooth and clean result. These have more teeth than a rip blade. So, perfect for indoor household projects.

Plywood Blade:

Due to having more teeth than other blades. It can easily do your plywood cut. Far apart, you can use these blades to cut metal.

Dado Cutting Blade:

If you need to cut rabbet cuts, dado cuts. This kind of individual blade is only made for you.

Miter Cut:

A 45-degree angle can make a miter cut.

Bevel Cut:

Cuts on the edge of a board can make a bevel cut.

What is a circular saw used for?

So, overall, these can you cut with a circular saw.

  •  2×4 pieces of wood.
  •  Plywood.
  •  MDF.
  •  Metal.
  •  Plastic.
  •  Concrete.

What is the best Circular Saw?

It truly is tough to admit what exactly the “most useful” circular saw is really.

Because it depends upon the method that you are going to make use of your saw.

Precisely what you will be slicing-edge, and also your overall choices. By way of instance, you may be DIY’er.

  • Who desires a trusted, cheap tool to make periodic reductions such as endeavours?
  • Or, if you may be an expert carpenter whose first occupation is always to minimize 2x4s daily if framing domiciles.

Those two different people could have unique needs and requirements.

The absolute most essential matter to think about would be. 

"Can circular saw possess enough capacity to finish the tasks I want to accomplish?" 

Of course, the reply should be “sure” Then it is the most excellent circular saw for you — whichever one which you pick.

I have been quite happy with my RYOBI circular saw and also haven’t experienced any issues using these.

 Circular Saw Safety

Consistently get rid of the blade before making alterations to your saw.

Put on eye protection and hearing safety.

NEVER minimize on a plank or some other stuff farther down the center as it truly is resting on two supports.

Consistently don form-fitting outfits when utilizing power resources. Nothing surpasses.

Can I use A jigsaw in an alternative of circular saw?

So, here’s an excellent question to consider. 

When should you use a circular saw, or you should go for a jigsaw?

The two circular saws and also the jigsaw are just two of my favored tools. Plus, I use these to trim timber.

However, the most substantial gap involves a circular saw and also a jigsaw (form most obvious difference that circular saws are dominant).

It would be the blades, form of cut, and the depth of this material, which may be trimmed. And also, the kind of substances which might be minimized off.

The Thickness of Materials for Circular Saw and Jigsaw

Circular saw, based on the magnitude of this blade. May create deeper cuts compared to the jigsaw.

A circular saw using a seven and also 1/4″ blade may reduce up wood — a max thickness (in 90 degrees) of 2.4375″.

You can use a circular saw to reduce on a two 4×4 plank (that can be 1.5″ thick).

 Jigsaws could be cut to 1″ thick. That means it is ideal for just 1 ″x2″ and 1″x3″ planks (or thinner) since individuals are just 0.75″ abundant.

Let’s discuss the Circular saw vs. jigsaw

Circular Saw:

  • It can make nine types of cuts in thicker material.
  • It only makes straight cuts.
  • Huge power to make lots of cuts.
  • Can use heavy-duty blades.
  • It can cut wood, metal, plastic, and concrete.


  • It can make six types of cuts in thicker material.
  • It can cut up to 1″ thicker wood.
  • It can cut straight and decorative cuts.
  • Best to make a few cuts instant.
  • Uses thinner blades.
  • It can cut wood, thin metal, and plastic.

Essential tips for making smooth cuts:

  • Having a plywood blade, then take a look at a number of the brand-new blades.

Freud’s 60-tooth Hi ATB blade ($55) Produces pro-quality final results having a slim clipping station.

It is also possible to purchase its full-width conventional ATB blade to get $20.

  • Do not drive the watched overly harshly in your job.
  • As a circular saw blade twists upwards the side. Which the blade passes will probably get smoother.
  • Minimize border compared to negative that it sparks. For dining table saws, the alternative is the case. The fantastic aspect faces upward.
  • Press a coating of tape onto the wood line. To cut back splintering while the knife leaves the wood.

How to use a circular saw without a table?

  • To begin with, you require stress treated plywood. Or some wood that’s saturated in dampness.
  • Therefore, you might need to decide on a circular saw blade. Which is manufactured particularly for plastic that’s anxiety handled.
  • Next, then you’ve got to suit your saw using a kind of advantage guidebook.
  • The border guide goes across the face of the plywood or also the wood. That provides you a much cut out of 1 tip out one opposite side.
  • You’ve got to be sure the thickness of this blade has been placed correctly. And just, therefore, your circular saw blade.
  • It only rolls and extends as a result of the wood. The knife thickness might be approximately 1 / 4 of an inch.
  • Then, you must set the new parts of wood onto the saw-horses. Therefore, you will have the ability to lower directly through the direction you desire.
  • In this manner, we can declare. You’re all willing to cut one tip of this plywood entirely into one opposite.
  • You are working with the most suitable circular saw blade. And also, an authentic installation is likely to create your trimming rip accurately and precisely.

Which one is the best circular saw for homeowners?

SKIL 5280-01 is the best circular saw for a homeowner considering its quality, performance, and low price.

Is it easy to use a circular saw?

Honestly, is it not so simple? The tricky part is becoming more than your stressed feelings.

Within using a circular saw to the very first moment. But if you obey those directions.

Browse on the manual and see this YouTube video. Then you’re going to have the capacity to produce your very first clip!


A circular saw is also a must-have application for virtually any woodworking undertaking. Utilizing a circular saw without a table may look. It is an extremely hard endeavor for most. However, since this, how to use a circular saw without a table. The guidebook has indicated, its unquestionably potential.

Therefore, this can be our step-by-step guide. About the way best to make use of a circular saw with no desk. If it’s still true that you have some queries, then don’t be reluctant to consult from the comment box beneath. If you have any confusion or quarry to make a secure buying decision, please visit those pages.

So, we have explained step by step how to use a circular saw for beginners. Let us know whether it has helped you or not.  If you have any suggestions regarding this content please let us know by commenting below.

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