How to Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade?No. 1 Method

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Circular saw it is a necessary tool for a woodworker.  But the blade will be dull after using it a few times.

So how to sharpen a circular saw blade is a must need knowledge for you.

It will help you to maintain your blade properly. Tons of people all over the world use this tool.

It’s a basic knowledge you have to know if you are a homeowner. 

Sometimes sharpen a circular saw blade is more convenient better than buying one. It becomes dull after regularly using it for an extended period.

And that’s normal. But how can you find out your blade is dull. Follow this link to understand.

By the way, sometimes in case, your saw blade has broken some of its teeth. Then you have to buy a new one. There is no alternative.

Also, We have reviewed some best circular saw blade for you.

You don’t have to spend money to sharpen your blade. It can be done quickly at home.

Why do You need to sharpen a saw blade?

To start with, you never wish to work with burn blades. But, changing the blade will definitely cost you a great deal of money.

Therefore, why do not only sharpen the blades and also animate these?

As a consequence, blades will probably continue to work better.

It isn’t simply finished you have purchased. That the most useful completed circular saw. 

And it’ll supply you with fundamentally precisely what you want. The operation of the circular saw chiefly depends upon its severe blade.

This circular saw blade sharpening process is not rocket science. So, your question will be How to sharpen a circular saw blade? Right!


Follow this instruction, and you can quickly sharpen your circular saw blade.

 You will need these tools for this project:


  1. Dull saw blade. Citrus oil soap.
  2. Safety gloves.
  3. Safety goggles.
  4. Bucket with water.
  5. Bristles brush.
  6. Dremel tool.

Step by Step how to sharpen a circular saw blade


  1. Take Away Your blade.
  2. Most circular saws include a spindle lock platform. That causes it to be simple to eradicate the blade. 
  3. Some types may call for a wrench. But most gadgets have a built-in wrench storage selection so that it’s easily offered.
  4. Secure the blade. Put the blade to some grip together. All the blades are facing upward and one’s teeth. 
  5. Be careful not to tighten the tooth overly much.
  6. Create a mark on the upper bottom position of this blade. To know whenever you have gone all of the ways around the blade. 
  7. You ought to notice that both blade details possess an angle around the medial side. 
  8. That’s going through you. Have a bead record, shoot it in 20 levels. And allow it to 4 pops upward and down the temptations of this first hint.
  9. Considering that the bevels seem on just about every blade. You also need to have the ability to bypass an individual in-between. 
  10. Doing this technique until you’ve gone around the entire blade.
  11. The blade over and repeat steps 2, 4 & 3.
  12. The advice in each enamel from conducting your file straight back. And on across front border of this blade stage.
  13. So to each knife stage. Carefully unlock the blade out of the grip. And then put in straight on the saw. 
  14. Do not forget to put away your wrench tool for prospective usage.

Note: If you want the best circular saw blade sharpener to do this job, do not worry. We Are sharing our top picks of the best circular saw blade sharpener.

Best Circular Saw Blade Sharpener:

Here is some best circular saw blade sharpener machine.


  1. Chicago 120 Volt Circular Saw Blade Sharpener

how to sharpen a circular saw bladehow to sharpen a circular saw blade

         2. Techtongda Round Circular Saw Blade Sharpener                Water Grinder Grinding Machine

how to sharpen a circular saw blade

how to sharpen a circular saw blade

 3.Universal Circular Saw Blade Sharpener – 120 Volt – with diamond & emory wheels

best circular saw blade sharpener

best circular saw blade sharpener

4.Rikon Professional Power Tools, 80-805, 8” Slow Speed Bench Grinder, Powerful Shop Table Tool, Perfect for Sharpening, With Anti-Vibration Rubber Feet



best circular saw blade sharpener

5. Mophorn Circular Saw Blade Sharpener Rotary Angle Mill Grinding Sharpening Machine 125mm 370w Saw Blade Sharpener Machine for Carbide Tipped Saw Blade

best circular saw blade sharpener

best circular saw blade sharpener

How to know your saw blade is dull?


Saw blade Is Dull Include Things like:

  • Raised immunity to nourish.
  • Burning.
  • Enhanced sound.
  • Processors or splinters.
  • I have enhanced engine loading.

However, these signs may also indicate missing or broken carbide hints. 

A filthy blade, either a warped or bent blade. Or distress issues. 

Listed below are some steps which may be obtained without quantifying tools or alternative exclusive gear.


How to clean a circular saw blade?


Simple Green ought can be used for saw-blade cleansing though it could be implemented directly in the jar to get more profound gunk accumulation. 

By following these measures, you can get a fast routine cleaning:


  • Blend just one piece of Simple Green using 2 to 3 parts water at a shallow container.
  • Eliminate the blade in the circular saw. I am currently careful with their sharp teeth.
  • Put the blade into the cleanup process. Permit it to soak for a couple of moments.
  • Scrub the blade teeth along with some other gunky regions. I am having a toothbrush or perhaps a little brass brush till they have been still clean.
  • Scrub the blade from plain water. And then pat dry using paper towels ahead of putting it on your saw.
How to maintain a circular saw?


Much like any device, proper care will make it performs and remains in perfect shape. 

The owner’s handbook can provide critical directions for proper care. However, it’s all your choice to stick to along with instructions. 

And place them right into training. Retail store your pet in a secure area. In the least moments, I am maintaining it out of reach out of kids. 

And it is minimizing possible thieving. It is ideal for making sure that it remains at a new, dry closet. 

At which it won’t have bumped or transferred across. All sorts of a dent at the saw will lower its capacity to minimize directly. 

Care for the software in terms of long-term outcomes.




A weak blade may wear out your motor and put your saw underneath unnecessary pressure. 

Therefore, if you’re strapped for money, then instead look at sharpening the knife manually rather than purchasing a cheapie.

 How to sharpen a circular saw blade by hand?:

You can check this youtube video.

Please share this article if you think it is a helpful one. Share your view or suggestion about this article in the comment section below.  Best of luck for your next woodworking project. Thank you.

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