best manual pole saw

Best Manual Pole Saws of 2019

Best Manual Pole Saw

Manual pole saw is a very effective and popular tool as a tree branch cutter or tree trimmer. But it is not an easy task to find out the best manual pole saw that works best.

Know Before Buy:

Basically pole saws those need to operate manually without any automatic power are called manual pole saws.



They are one of the best tree pruners or tree branch cutters because they are lightweight, long and easy to handle.

Trimmers those are powered like electric tree trimmer or gas tree trimmer can be heavy. They can be costly and tough to handle then manual pole pruners.

Manual pruners are long enough and can reach up to 25 feet and very easy to work with. Also, it doesn’t need to run cables or gas engine. That makes it very simple and hassle-free.

It provides a lot of control over your trimming process. It doesn’t get jammed to cut or trim dense growth patterns. And tangled twigs where powered pruners can get jammed.

It also gives you the satisfaction of working in a relaxed and quiet way. Because it doesn’t make any kind of engine noise like gas pole saw. We want to help you to find the best suitable manual pole saw for your work.

Why Trust Us:

We will guide you with 5 best manual poles saw review. We will give you a clear idea about how should a manual pole saw work and what should be the features and specifications of a great manual pole trimmer.

In the end, we will suggest you some of the best manual poles saw to make your buying decision easy.

Comparison among 5 Best Manual Pole Saw in 2019

Model Reach Editor Rating Price
Silky Telescoping 179-39 26 feet 4.9
Friskers 7.9-12 Extendable Tree Pruner 12 feet 4.6
Silky 272-18 Telescoping 13 feet 4.8
Fiskars(93016059J) Power Level 14 feet 4.7
ARS LA-180ZR203 Long Reach Pruner 7 feet 4.5

5 Best Manual Pole Saw of 2019 with Reviews and Buying Guide

1. Silky Professional 179-39 Telescoping Landscaping Pole Saw

Silky Professional 179-39


If you have a lot of trees and you need a long reach to cut or trim the branches, Silky179-39 is the best manual pole saw for you. It can reach up to 25 feet which is the most distance can be covered by a pole saw.

This pole has a length of 8 t0 21 feet. It gives you the maximum working distance of 26 feet. The pole is constructed with a rigid aluminum and weight 8 pounds.

This pole saw has a lightweight than some other electric or gas-powered pole saw despite being so long. The lightweight makes it easy to work and operate.

Also, it is strong enough for heavy-duty and industrial operations. The blade is easily removable without any tool. The oval and slag fit so well that they can never twist.

The blade has four layers of teeth so it doesn’t jam and cut wood quickly. On the tip, it is fitted with a hook which is useful to pull weeds or sawed branches out of a tree. It has two cutting areas.

The lower sickle prevents the bark from tearing back during the pruning by undercutting a branch. The upper sickle cuts the branch.

The blade doesn’t slip off a branch because the back is scabbard.


  • Working reach is 26 feet. Most by any pole saw.
  • Can be used for all kinds of professional and landscaping need
  • High quality and durable pole saw with high-quality construction
  • Almost suitable for all kinds of work
  • The blade is designed ergonomically for heavy work


  • Everyone can’t afford, very expensive.

2. Friskers 7.9-12 Foot Extendable Tree Pruning Stick Pruner


Fiskers extendable pruning stick is one of the most useful and most popular manual poles saw around. It is a very versatile tree pruner which is very easy to operate.

It has a wood zig saw blade which is 15 inches long. The pole is 9.7 feet long and can be extended up to 12 feet.

It has the capability of cutting branches from 1-1/4 inches in diameter. This model doesn’t need any rope which is a good point because ropes can be tangled with branches and leaves.

It comes with a default scissor tip which very easy to activate with a simple clockwise twist action. It has two-handed control to eliminate snags and tangles.

It is very easy to use and can be used by absolute beginners. It is very useful for cutting high branches without a ladder and makes a low cut without bending or kneeling,


  • Very lightweight, so can be used for an extended period of time without any hand fatigue.
  • 5-inch wood zig blade makes it more versatile and effective.
  • Rope free design brings efficiency to the work
  • It comes with a scissor tip
  • Very affordable in price.



  • Not enough long to reach very high branches
  • not suitable for heavy work

3. Silky 272-18 Telescoping Pole Saw



Silky 272-18 is a high-quality professional-grade aluminum telescoping manual pole pruner which can be extended with a minimum of 7.7 feet to a maximum of 13 feet.

The maximum working reach is 18 feet. The saw features a 13-inch blade with 6.4 teeth per inch. It is designed with razor-sharp teeth blade which has four cutting angles to ensure fast, clean, smooth cutting through tough branches, nodes, and knots.

It also has a tapper a ground profile which reduces drag and directs more usable energy to the cutting edge.

The pole has an oval-shaped aluminum alloy extension that provides precise blade control for high cutting.

The handle communicates with the blade via a pin/lock system which transmits all the forces from handle to the blade.

This technology ensures that you can do more cutting with less force.

The handle is coated with a comfortable rubberized over-grip so that you can use this pole saw for hours without any hand fatigue or injury.


  • 4 cutting angles provide fast, clean and smooth cutting.
  • This unit weighs only 3.8 lbs.
  • Great locking system transmits force from handle to blade very efficiently.
  • A durable and handy tool for pruning


  • It doesn’t offer any branch hook.

4. Fiskars 14 Foot Power Lebel Extendable Tree Pruner (93016059J)

If you want an ideal pole saw for cutting high branches without a ladder at an affordable price, fiskars93016059J is a very good option for you.

It makes reaching and cutting high branches easier than ever. Also, it is very affordable in price. Though it is not the tallest pole saw, as the maximum reach is 14 feet.

Still, it is a very effective and useful tool for trimming bushes and small trees.

It has a revolutionary power level technology which maximizes leverage to give you two times more powerful cutting power than the traditional tree pruners.

As like most of the Fiskars tree pruners, it has a traditional 15-inch wood zig saw blade which is widely known as one of the most powerful poles saw blade in the market.

The blade works best when used on branches that are the 1-1/8 diameter or less. The maximum cutting capacity of this blade is 1-1/2 inch diameter.

Fiskars over delivered on building the pole made almost entirely from oval-shaped, durable and lightweight fiberglass which provides a superior and hassle-free pruning experience.

The 15-inch blade is made from hardened steel for a long lifetime and heavy-duty trim work. It has a unique double locking system that ensures the pole extension is locked securely into place.

The pole length can be adjusted very quickly and easily with that quick release thumb lock. This makes the work with this unit is a great pleasure and treat.


  • The quick-release thumb lock makes easy to adjust pole length.
  • Very affordable with a great value of money.
  • Fiver glass pole and power level technology


  • It doesn’t work well with the branches more than 1.5 inches thicker.

5.ARS LA-180ZR203 Long Reach Pruner


ARS LA-180ZR203 is one of the most popular and straightforward long reach pruners with Razor Edge.

If you need a pruner for small bushes and branches or deadheading shrubs with a reach of not more than 7 feet tall; ARS Long Reach Pruner is a much better choice for you than some other big and heavy pruners.

It has a telescoping pole which can be extended to a minimum of 4 feet and a maximum of 7 feet.

The blade is designed by hard chrome plated for sap and rust resistance. It has a drop forged design for greater durability and cutting leverage.

The handle is designed by the ergonomic grip and coated with nonslip plastic for comfort and ease of handling.

Also, it is featured with a swing neck that allows angle adjustment for the head to 0-30 degrees. It is a very lightweight pole saw; in fact, probably the lightest saw weights 2.2 lbs only.

It has a very easy and simple system so doesn’t need any experience to use it.


  • Very lightweight.
  • Very easy and simple to operate.
  • Ergonomically designed grip.
  • Swing neck allows angle adjustment for the head 0-30 degree.


  • Not useful for trimming branches more than 1-1/4 inch.
  • Very short pole length of 7 feet max is not enough to reach branches of all trees.
How to Make Buying Decision

For buying a manual pole saw you need to know which one is the most suitable for your work. Maybe there are so many great manual pole saws that have the highest quality and highest price.

But that doesn’t mean that those are the most suitable for your work. Also, you need to understand some other features of a pole saw to make a buying decision. Let’s take a look.


There is a wide range of manual pole saws in terms of pole length and quality. If the pole flex too much; that makes your work tougher.

Cheap telescoping poles can start twist as the friction lock wears out. But the oval or hexagonal poles don’t twist.

The pole should be made from durable and high-quality materials because you don’t want the pole to break under heavy loads.

A pole saw can be extended in various ways. Firstly, you need to know that how far your pole saw needs to extend for pruning.

So you should get a clear idea of your garden or trees to understand your potential pruning needs.

If you can understand that, you will able to buy a perfect manual pole saw according to your pruning needs.



The blade is the most essential part of a pole saw and you really need a good blade to do good work. The blade should be made from high-quality metal.

The blade needs to have a good cutting limit. Usually, good blades make from high-carbon SK5 steel, If not you should do the research to know the durability and quality of that material.

Some blades have a coat which repels plant materials.That keeps the teeth clean and open for easy cutting. Some blades also have a look at the tip to pull branches. That plant ropes out vegetation.

Some blades have scabbard at the back of the blade to keep the blade stay on the branch.

You need to read through the blade specifications and keep your needs and requirements in mind.


The pole saw should be lightweight to bring efficiency and comfort in the work. If the pole is too heavy, it will make you tired. You will lose efficiency in the work. Also, it can cause hand fatigue.



The most important thing is, you should never compromise with the quality. If quality is lacking, your work is going to be hard.

If you can’t afford a very expensive one, you can buy a product which is not very versatile or doesn’t have advanced technology.

You can read the users’ verified and unbiased reviews to know the quality and productivity of a pole saw.

You can take ideas from those people who have been using a pole saw for a long time.

They would like to share the experience with you.


It has been some time together. Thanks for reading the article. If you still can’t make your buying decision, please go through the reviews and buying decision one more time.

We recommend you the Silky telescoping 179-39 if you need the best manual pole saw. This manual pole pruner has all the required quality for professional and nonprofessional works.

But if you want a less expensive pole saw and don’t want to compromise with quality, we will recommend you Fiskars 14 Foot Power Lebel Extendable Tree Pruner.

It is a very high-quality manual pole saw which is very affordable in price.

All the models we have reviewed in this article are performed exceptionally well. They carry great quality in terms of productivity, durability, and technology.

If you decide not to buy a manual pole saw, you can take a look to electric, cordless and gas-powered pole saw. We also have reviewed. You can visit the best pole saws of 2019 to see other options rather than a manual pole saw.

  • Electric pole saw
  • cordless pole saw
  • Gas-powered pole saw























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