Pole Saw vs. Pole Pruner: What’s the Difference?

pole saw vs pole pruner

Almost all homes have trees or large shrubs in the compound that are far beyond reach. As a result, owners have to find special tools to prune or trim these trees as a maintenance routine occasionally, and without any doubt, it costs some effort.

A pole pruner or pole saw allows you to easily trim overhead tree limbs while standing on the ground without having to climb up and down a ladder. Both tools have blades attached to a long rod.

A pole pruner is a non-powered type of pole saw and functions manually while a pole saw is electrically powered.

This piece explains in detail the differences between a pole saw and a pole pruner.

Types of pole saws

There are three types of pole saws already in the market: manual, electric, and gas.

Let’s look deeper into each of them to learn what each of them entails.

Manual Pole Saws

 pole pruner

Manual pole saws are easy to use, light, easy to maintain, and inexpensive tools for cutting down limbs around your garden. These gives you the liberty to work for as long as you would like without the fear of the battery draining out, the limitation that comes with cords, or even power outages.

They are longer and can allow you to cut branches 18′ high from the ground.

You need expert advice or knowledge before setting out on this task to avoid accidents and make clean and effective cuts.Manual cutting demands additional effort and sufficient time.

Electric pole saw

electric pole saw

The electric pole saw is helpful for various tasks and is more powerful than a manual pole pruner(manual pole saw).It’s the easiest method to trim high tree twigs 5-10ft above as your feet remain planted on the ground with both hands holding the long pole.

You will find some of the electric pole saws with cords while others are without cords. Cordless means it has no cable to attach to a power source and can only use a battery to power the tool. Although this version offers maximum mobility and flexibility, the battery tends to drain out quickly, especially if you are doing some heavy work for a prolonged time.

You will have to keep recharging over and over again unless you get an extra battery to save you the wait time.

There is no power concern for the corded type since it is connected all through. With this one, you can work for a long time. The only drawback you may encounter is the cord’s length, where you may need to work on an area far away from the power source.

Gas-powered pole saw

gas pole saw

These come with a design fit for heavier work involving cutting larger tree branches. In addition, they come with robust engines, longer poles of 10-12 inches, and improved torque.

They also offer comfort to the user by features that significantly reduce vibration and the engine mounted at the back for balancing.

Although they can be noisier and more pricey, users can cover bigger areas of extensive cutting without power shortage.

Homeowners like the freedom to work across large tracts of land and take down thicker branches without running out of power.

The Structure and Design: Pole saw vs pole pruner

Generally, pole saws are not complex in structure and are very easy to use. This section further details the similarities and differences inthe design and construction of the two tools.

One main difference is that one has an engine mounted to supply power while the other is manual.

The main similarity is that both have long poles.

Polewise – Looking at the pole, the electric pole saw is telescopic and designed with an extendable handle. The materials used to make the pole are light and metallic. The rubber grip at the midsection provides stability when chopping high twigs.You will also find a trigger fixed onto the grip to help you control the cutting power.

The prunerpole is sturdy and non-telescopic. Its fixed bar offers balance and stability.

Bladewise – The pole saw blade almost resembles a chainsaw blade.Shapewise, it is oval and hassharp teeth all over.

The pole pruner’s blade is heavy-duty, long, hacksaw type. It is slightly curved, enabling it to grip on the wood for effective cutting.

Difference in uses

Pole pruner–  is best at removing some branches to improve productivity and growth. However, it takes proper techniques, skills, and knowledge to carry out the task.

Pole saw – This is good for trimming and cutting branches and trees without using a ladder.


We learn from this discussion that a pole pruner is suitable for lighter tasks like removing some branches from a tree to boost its growth. On the other hand, pole saws are for heavy-duty work like trimming branches, twigs, and branches and cutting trees.

We believe this write-up properly equips you with the knowledge you need to determine which tool you require.

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