Can a Jigsaw Cut 4×4?

Yes and no.

Why yes?

can jigsaw cut 4x4

Cutting 4×4 is possible but not easy. Most jigsaws blades can’t cut 4x4s in a single pass because they are not long enough.

You will need to find the longest and stiffest of jigsaw blades and a speed square. Make several interlocking cuts and keep spinning the material until you are able to cut it entirely. Keep in mind that this is not the most brilliant method and will not give you great results.

Why not?

Jigsaws are not meant to cut through materials with a large diameter, such as 4×4.

4X4s have a diameter of 3-1/2″ by 3-1/2 inches. Jigsaw blades are very narrow and short and can only cut as deep as 1-1/2″, which is far below the proper depth you need to cut a 4×4.

Remember that narrow blades have more flex and keep bending right and left as it tears through your material.  That means you will not have control over the movement of the saw through a material soo thick as 4×4.

To know you are cutting the right size using a jigsaw, the blades should move up and down through the material. Hence, no jamming or breaking of the blade. Simply let the blade do the work without having to force it.

That will consume too much time, produce irregular cuts, and you could end up with a broken blade.

It is also a very tedious task and could even wear out the motor of your saw.

That explains why it is hard to make precise and even cuts on 4x4s using a jigsaw.

Can a jigsaw cut 2×4?

can jigsaw cut 4x4

You may struggle to achieve a perfectly straight line, but yes, it is possible. You need to hunt for longer and more stiff blades and work towards keeping flexing and drifting at a minimum for precision and accuracy. It would also help if you used a speed square to guide your cut.

What cuts do jigsaws excel at?

There is a wide array of jigsaw blades, all meant for performing different tasks. That includes making tight curves, straight lines, and even cutting soft insulation. However, by nature and design, cutting curves in materials is where they perform best than anywhere else.

Where Jigsaws do not excel at

Jigsaws are really poor in cutting long rips in thick materials. They are flexible and tend to wander through the material producing uneven edges. The only way to ensure you are getting a desirable cut is by selecting the right blade for the task and using a straight edge guide when doing straight cuts.

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