What is an orbital jigsaw? How and when to use the Orbital setting?

what is an orbital jigsaw

What is an orbital jigsaw? Well, an orbital jigsaw is nothing but a jigsaw that has at least one orbital setting. Sometimes it’s called orbital swords. It’s equipped with a motor, handle, and straight or narrow blades fixed with a jigsaw tool.

The saw blade moves up and down with each stroke. A jigsaw is a tool that can be used to make intricate, curved roll cuts in wood and other materials. Most of the orbital saws on the market are power cord variants, and lithium-ion battery models are also famous for wireless convenience.

Why do you use an orbital jigsaw?

To know how to use a jigsaw properly, you should know the orbital setting of the jigsaw. we use an orbital jigsaw because it’s an amazing feature for control and accuracy. Jigsaws deserve a spot in your every tool collection. Orbital jigsaw is speedy, efficient, sharp, and also has long blade life. It can cut thicker or harder material more quickly. It also causes less friction when cutting.

How to Use the jigsaw Orbital-Action Setting?

how to use jigsaw orbital setting

You should know how to use a jigsaw orbital action setting for better performance. An orbital jigsaw allows you to adapt your jigsaw’s cutting motion to suit the task at hand. As well as ensuring a more efficient cut, orbital action also keeps a jigsaw blade cooler, minimizing wear and increasing its working life.

Generally, softer materials like wood benefit most from a better orbital action jigsaw setting. Orbital action is a smaller amount effective when cutting hard or delicate workpieces.

To use orbital action settings to control blade movement. This function usually has a setting between 0 and 3. When set to 0, the blade will move up and down in a straight line like a sewing machine needle. Placing at 3, the blades move in an elliptical motion creating a more aggressive cutting action.

When to Use the Orbital Jigsaw Settings?

Now the question is when to use the orbital jigsaw setup or settings? It depends on the material being cut and the type of cut you are making, there are a few guidelines to follow. In general, the jigsaw’s recirculation mode is best done with wood, while turning is best with metal. However, there are all kinds of qualifications. You can cut wood and also can cut metal with an orbital jigsaw.

Difference Between A Jigsaw and An Orbital Jigsaw?

A jigsaw and an orbital jigsaw are not the same; they do have many differences between them. Those differences are pretty much noticeable.

  • Jigsaw is a saw that uses a piston blade to cut irregular curves such as patterns in wood, metal, or other materials. Today they are electrically powered and are known as spinning saws.
  • Orbital jigsaws are simply with at least one orbital arrangement, although most have three. You can find orbital modes on wired and wireless models. This one is a feature that serious carpenters are looking for.
  • Jigsaw moves the mosaic blade straight up so that each stroke is perfectly perpendicular to the chisel length. In contrast, orbital jigsaw uses an orbital effect with each saw blade tilted slightly forward on the workpiece until it is pulled up.
  • As the jigsaw blade drops back down, it will tilt slightly downwards before starting back up to get perfectly straight in time for the next movement. As you follow the direction of the orbital jigsaw blade’s tip, you will find that it follows an elliptical path hence its name.
  • Many jigsaws are also available with orbital action settings that let you turn a jigsaw into an orbital jigsaw with the push of a button or switch. Compared to the standard jigsaw, orbital jigsaw offers a more aggressive cutting effect whenever the blade is tilted on the material.
  • While orbital jigsaw requires more than just a motor, the orbital action makes them more efficient for various uses, from cutting beads into thick wood chunks to working more substantial materials such as laminate tables. Orbital jigsaw also tends to vibrate more strongly due to their aggressive cutting action, and the shear they make is always more violent.
  • Jigsaw or standard action only moves the blade in an up and down motion. The blade moves slightly forward in orbital blades and on the workpiece in an ascending motion, then slightly backward with a downward motion until the blade is reset for the next cutting motion.
  • The cuts on an orbital-action jigsaw are almost always smoother than with standard-action saws.
  • Jigsaw only moves the blade up and down, wherein orbital action, the blade moves slightly forwards and upwards in detail and then somewhat backward on the bottom stroke until the blade is reset for the next cutting stroke.

The jigsaw blade motion is slightly elliptical, which minimizes saw blade wear and eliminates the crunching effect that sometimes occurs with cheaper saws. The orbital action can usually be adjusted for different types of materials. Cutting by orbital action is almost always smoother than using a saw with a standard one.

Advantages of Using an Orbital Jigsaw?

The main advantages of orbital jigsaw over standard effect jigsaws are the speed and efficiency of the cuts they can make. Orbital jigsaw or jigsaw with orbital settings included can cut thicker or harder material more quickly.

  • The rotating motion that the orbital jigsaw provides to the jigsaw blade also reduces the likelihood of being caught and pushed by the material. The pendulum motion not only moves the jigsaw blade teeth into the material but also helps to remove sawdust and sawdust from the slots, keeping the blade path free of debris and excess material.
  • It also causes less friction when cutting. The less friction on the blade, the colder the blade is, and the longer you can work on better preserved before you rest. With less dirt and sawdust to withstand any entree-likes also better-preserved sharpness and blade life.
  • Spacing is a big problem with standard jigsaws if you take your jigsaw to a thicker tree-like 4-inch softwood. The narrow slots and small teeth mean that the chips don’t have enough opportunity to slip out of the jigsaw tooth throat, and they also build up quickly, which in turn causes a build-up of heat on the blades due to additional friction.
  • Even small orbital jigsaw, such as, for example, orbital jigsaw at the lowest setting now provides a much better chance of the splinters being erased so much that you’d be surprised how quickly an orbital jigsaw can cross a thick piece of wood. At the end of the cut, keep the blade cool and sharp.
  • However, orbital jigsaws are less effective when cutting thin strips or when working with hard materials such as metal or ceramic. But this is the best jigsaw. Starting the dive right is not possible even with an orbital jigsaw with the orbital effect activated.

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