How To Cut Rocks With a Tile saw: Best Easy Method

how to cut rocks with a tile saw

You are deeply interested to work with rocks for different projects. For this reason, you have gathered a lot of raw rocks. A very crucial step is waiting for you next. The step is to cut the rocks properly. Don’t you have any experience of cutting rocks? Relax! We will tell you how to cut rocks with a tile saw efficiently.

Rocks need to cut and reform with great care. The tile saw is also a great rock-cutting saw. It is one of the simplest rock-cutting tools Again, you need the right tile saw to get your rocks cut smoothly. In this case, A wet tile saw will serve you best.

Cutting rocks isn’t an easy task at all. You need some guidelines to follow. You will be benefitted best if you keep reading this review until the end of attentively.

Preparation For How to cut Rocks with a Tile Saw

Good preparation for any job increases the chance of being successful. So, you have to accomplish some preparatory tasks before cutting rocks with a tile saw. Here are some preparations you should complete.

  • Test the hardness of the rocks: You might be heard the name of the Mohs Scale. It measures the hardness of rocks by indicating the scores from 1 to 10. A tile saw won’t result perfectly if the score of the Mohs scale is over 6.
  • Select the proper blade: To have a perfect cut of your rocks, you should use the best rock cutting saw blades which are diamond-tipped blade. The effectiveness of the blades is evident. Again, observe carefully whether the blades are continuous or not. A continuous blade prevents accidents.
  • Get enough water: Water resists the blades from being hot. So, keeping enough water in your workplace is necessary. You can put the rocks in a bowl or a sink before cutting. The chamber of the tile saw also to be filled.

The elements required to complete the cut

It will require some important tools to get your cut is done. So, ensure the availability of the tools given below.

The guidelines of using a tile saw to cut rocks

We think you are ready to go for the next step now. So, here are some steps to cut rocks with your tile saw.

Put on the safety materials

You won’t want to negotiate with any kind of safety issue. You know how much the safety measures matter. Any kind of insecurity hampers not only your work but also you. So, it is an important fact to follow.

You should dress properly before you start your cutting of rocks. Put the face mask on your face and wear the safety glasses on your eyes. Wearing protective hand gloves will protect your hands from being injured. Again, put the earbuds on your ear to avoid noise.

Set up the workbench

A suitable workbench is necessary to cut the rocks Properly. So, arrange a powerful and large table. Then, the tile saw is to be set in a proper way with the table so that it can work smoothly.

Draw the cutting marks on rocks

Cutting marks help one to have his desired cut. It will be quite difficult for you to get the cut accurately without the cutting marks. So, you should have the marks on the rocks in accordance with your need. You can use the marker for making the cutting marks.

Since the rocks are very hard materials, So, its cut should be more precise. Otherwise, you will lose your desired shapes. There is a little chance of going wrong if you mark the rocks with the marker.

Connect the saw’s plug

You should choose a suitable workplace that is near an electric board. Now, it is time to connect the plug of your tile saw in the electric socket so that it is ready to use.

Put the rocks properly

The right placement of the rocks is important in the cutting of those rocks. So, you have to put your rocks to be cut appropriately on the table of tile saw. If you put it in the wrong way, you won’t get the accurate cut in the rocks.

Again, you have to be very careful of the stability of the saw and the table for a smooth cut. The stability of these two will prevent the fear of tipping off.

Set your position

You should also stand in a suitable position to cut rocks because it increases the flexibility and accuracy of the work. You can stand in two ways. The first position is to stand on the front side of the saw. The other way to stand is to stand on the opposite side of the tile saw. The effective way is to stand on the opposite side. By the way, It helps to get the desired cut.

Get your cut to begin

The important part you are going to accomplish is to start the cut. Press the power button of the tile saw. Wait for some time moments so that the saw can go to its highest speed. When the blade goes high, hold the rocks firmly. Then the rocks have to be pulled to the direction you are standing.

Pulling the rocks towards you, you will be able to see the cutting marks easily. As a result, the cutting of the rocks will be more precise. Again, you can also avoid the mess created by the cuts.

Finish the process of making the workplace clean

If you have all of your rocks cut, clean the table of the tile saw properly. You should also clean the tile saw for further use. Now, your rocks have gotten the shapes you wanted.

Things to consider during the cutting of rocks with a tile saw.

There are some considerable facts that should be followed strictly by you to get the best results. So, some facts are given below for you to follow.

  • You should use the diamond-tipped blades for cutting rocks. It is most appropriate for the job.
  • Check the water chamber of the saw again and again lest you should stop the cut.
  • Keep the safe distance of your body parts from the blade when it is running.
  • Put the safety materials properly.
  • You should mark the rocks to get a precise cut.
  • Wait until the blade gets full speed.
  • Don’t pull the rocks so fast. If so, there is a possibility to damage the blade.
  • Keep the tile saw off before you go for the next cut.

How to cut rocks in half:

Final Note

Finally, you have a complete idea of how to cut rocks with a tile saw. As a rock cutter, the tile saw does a decent job. Now, you can cut and shape your rocks very smoothly. For this reason, you have to be persistent. So, have a nice cutting!

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