Can You Cut Metal With a Miter Saw?

A miter saw is a special power tool committed to crosscuts, different angles, and miter cuts with precision. It is usually stationary and positioned on an adjustable mitering worktable.

can miter saw cut metal

The tool functions by running a rotating blade down the material you are cutting in a controlled movement. Its best used to cut bigger workpieces into manageable sizes for further refinement using other types of saws.

Miter saws come in various sizes and types, and each of them has a different cut capacity. The larger the diameter of the blade, the longer the cut you can make. They are primarily designed for cutting wood but can also be used in cutting other types of materials provided the right type of blade.

Now to our main discussion,

Can a miter saw cut metal?

Although it is not ideal for this purpose, it is possible. However, there is a limit on what metals you can cut. The only possible metals you can cut using a miter saw are aluminum and steel.

That will now call for swapping to either ferrous or non-ferrous blades. These types of blades are more costly than the normal miter saw blades. However, they are safer when cutting metal and also will save your miter from wearing.

You may need to lubricate the blade of your choice to reduce friction that may eventually lead to excessive wearing.

What You Need to know,

can miter saw cut metal

The best way to use a miter saw is in woodworking, and you will need to be extra careful when cutting metal with it.

Remember that a miter saw functions at a faster speed than saws designed for cutting metal. Do not be tempted to think that this same speed could help you achieve great metal cuts. That could even be a recipe for disaster.

Common knowledge tells you that high speed will cause friction between the material and the blade, producing excessive heat. That would spoil your project or even cause you to do a lot of repair and polishing.

You can also expect many sparks and overheating, not forgetting flying metal pieces, which places you at high risk. You could also overload the miter’s motor as a result of wrong use.

Safe Cutting of Metal With a Miter Saw

Since cutting metal using a miter saw involves risks, you will need to observe some safety precautions—Clamp down the metal to secure it in a good position. Let the metal cutting blade spin to full speed and begin cutting the metal slowly. Ensure the area is clean and free from debris. This is because sparks produced could lead to a fire breakout.

To be safer, put on protective gear to shield yourself from sparks and fine metal debris.

While a miter saw is not the best option for cutting metal, it still works when you need the job done, but don’t have the right tool. Nonetheless, take keen consideration of the type of blade and the motor’s capacity to withstand all that goes with handling abrasives.

Remember also that metal cutting blades may not last long as when used on a circular saw blade.

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