best 10 and 12 inch miter saw blade

6 Best 10 and 12-inch miter saw blade 2022(Tried&Tested)

best 10 and 12 inch miter saw blade

Unlike other known saws, the miter saw is special. It is made to enable users to carry out a cut at diverse angles. You can use the saw to make cuts for your door and picture frames. But for the cut to be perfect as you’ll want it to be, a good miter saw blade that fits well for your saw and the project type should be installed on your miter saw, else you will end up with a poor finish.

Hence, you’ll need a good guide to give you a direction to buy the best 10 and 12-inch miter saw blade that is right for you.

Buying Guide

 In your quest to buy just that saw blade that is right for your job, there should be some consideration so you don’t buy the wrong saw blade:

Blade size

While some miter saws can work with a variety of blade sizes, many saws have specific sizes.

  • Check your miter saw with regards to blade compatibility whether a 10 or 12 inch or both can fit in well on it.
  • A 10-inch blade may work with a 12-inch diameter miter saw but not the other way round. See if your miter saw works with this.

Teeth Number

The number of teeth in a saw blade affects the speed as well as the cut quality of a blade. Fewer blade teeth will cut faster but with less smoothness compared to higher saw blades

  • If your project is such that look to have a smoother finish, choosing a blade with a high number of teeth will be ideal
  • 80 teeth or higher is the base standard for most miter saws

Blade material type

To get the best cut and also ensure long-lasting use, the material should be checked for durability and the material to cut

  • Carbide tipped blades work best for laminate flooring and most wood types
  • Heat-treated blade material is better than those that are not because it is frictional-heat-proofed.
  • Some blade may not be strong to cut non-ferrous metals, make sure to know the limitation of the design before you buy

Kerf size

When cutting material, the thickness of the kerf will determine how much material will be lost or wasted in the cut

  • A thicker kerf means more material will be lost but such blades have high strength and are durable but need high power to run
  • Buy thicker or full kerf blades if durability and working with heavy-duty projects like hardwood cutting are the concern but also make sure your miter saw type has a good amount of power rating to run this choice
  • If you have a low powered miter saw and also cut softer materials, go with a think kerf blade

Now, if knowing the right features for your purchase is settled, here is a list of the best 10 and 12 miters saw blades in the market to make a pick from.

6 best 10 and 12-inch miter saw blade Review

1. DEWALT 12-Inch 2-Pack (DW3128P5) Miter Saw Blade – best value for the money

This product from Dewalt is a pack of two blades; one is a 32 teeth size blade while the other is an 80 teeth blade. They have strong rating for performance by users and are marked as Amazon’s choice for quality.

The DEWALT 12-Inch 2-Pack (DW3128P5) Miter Saw Blade is a choice saw blade that offers top quality features. The 12 inch, 80 teeth capacity saw blade is designed to deliver accurate crosscutting ability on any tough material of woodwith smooth and ultra-fine finish. The pack of 32 teeth is intended for general purposes.

From a top brand as Dewalt, the toughness of the blade is a pointer to its enviable feature of durability coming from the wise choice of strong tungsten carbide material. Binding is eliminated by its anti-kick-back shoulder.

Suitable for crosscutting with miter saws with 12 inches diameter, the thin kerf allows fast and fine cutting ability on projects.

The tough carbide guarantees that the blade stays sharper for long while its anti-stick coating is an addition to reduce friction and to enhance faster cut process. The saw blade has application in major types of wood including hardwood, plywood and softwood.

Key Features

It is an affordable design, coming under the $50

Offers options, comes with two sets of blades

Delivers a clean, smooth cut on a variety of materials

Brand NameDewalt (A top favorite in the market)  
Blade diameter12 inches
Teeth Capacity  80 and 32 teeth
Max. RPM4, 800
Material  Construction Tungsten carbide
Blade size12 inches for both
OtherComes with a three year limited warranty
BenefitsIt can be used with slide and miter saws of the 12 inches cutting diameter  

2. Diablo Saw Blade Freud D12100 – best in performance

Diablo Saw BladeFreud D12100 is a design that targets performance.

Freud D12100 Diablo Saw Blade is a neatly designed 12-inch miter saw blade. This saw blade cuts smooth and clean with a 100 teeth capacity. A magnitude of the size is the reason it is purposely built for heavy cutting on woods and composites of wood.

 For a fast and fine cut on wood, the high-performing saw blade can run at a maximum speed of 6000 RPM to deliver accurate cuts with less wastage. The Freud D12100 Diablo Saw Blade is a one-inch arbor construction that offers a flawless finish on every project it is used to execute. Perma-shield coating reduces friction and its wear and tear consequences on the edge of the blade. A laser-cut vent offers stability on the blade while in use.

The choice of titanium cobalt carbide, a high-density carbide, for teeth construction ensures durability and cutting efficiency. As common with a brand name of quality in the Feud saw blades, this design is not without the non-stick Perma- shield coating to reduce friction and heat while in use, preventing wear and tear to extend its life span.

It is designed for use on miter slide saws and miter saws.

Key features

Comes under an affordable $50

It is durable, a design from high-density carbide

It offers a smooth and neat cut on tough wood materials

Brand NameDiablo (A top quality from Freud)    
Blade diameter12 inches
Max. Speed6, 000 RPM
Teeth Capacity  100 teeth
Teeth configurationHi-ATB
Material  Titanium cobalt carbide
Teeth Geometry  Double side grind
Arbor size1”
OtherThough a low cost, It is packed with great features for efficiency  
BenefitsWorks with all brands of saws with 12 inches size

3. CRAFTSMAN 10” Combo PackCMAS210CMB Miter Saw Blade – best buy for a combo pack

This combo pack Miter Saw Blade is a top-rated product on amazon’s list. A huge attraction for many buyers in this pack has to do with having to pay the price of one for two at an extremely low cost of under $30 without compromising quality.

CRAFTSMAN 10” Combo pack Miter Saw Blade is a set of two 10-inch blades with awesome features. One of Craftsman’s top creations, this combo pack contains 60 and 24 teeth blade sizes. This provides options for alternative uses for different jobs. The 24 teeth size is a framing blade that delivers fast cuts on rough woods. The 60 teeth design is suitable for ripping woods. They are both valuable blades in the carpenter’s shop.

They are made of strong lasting quality teeth tips that are made of durable carbide material. They can work under a maximum speed of 6000 RPM, making them a valuable accessory for most miter saws with 10 inches diameter blades. The teeth geometry is ATB configured for great performance.

To rid the blades of warping, the plates are heat-treated for toughness. They are also made to resist corrosion with an anti-corrosion coating substance to extend the life span of the blade.

Key Features

Very affordable, offering a $30 price for a combo pack

Provides options for use, offering versatility

It delivers an accurate and smooth cut

Brand NameCraftsman
Blade size10 inches
Teeth Capacity  24 and 60 teeth
Material  Carbide
Teeth Geometry  ATB
Hook angle7 degrees
Arbor size5/8”
Kerf size0.1”  
OtherIt offers precision ground teeth
BenefitsIt is highly cost-effective  

4. Freud 10” LU85R010 80 Tooth Saw Blade – best ingenious design

This product from Freud stands out in design, quality, and efficiency in the manufacturer’s product line.

Freud 10” LU85R010 80 Tooth Saw Blade is one of the rare full kerfs, 10 inches saw blades in the market for miter saws. It boasts of outstanding features. Described by the manufacturer to deliver glass smooth cuts, its 10 hook angle is the reason for this ability. A full kerf shows that the blade can offer more cutting hours than other lower kerf designs. It is durable and can go for long use in the workshop.

 Just sufficient for a variety of cut patterns, the 5/8 inch arbor along with a kerf size that fits; the saw blade can accommodate heavy-duty tasks conveniently without breaking.

The ultimate cutoff blade is a slogan that is used to highlight its ATB teeth configuration. The saw blade can be used to crosscut softwood as well as hardwood without needing to be sanded.

With long-lasting use in mind, the manufacturer implemented an anti-vibration vent that checks vibration and consequently extends the life span. It is an anti-corrosion design as it comes coated with a Parma-Shield which is a non-stick substance that reduces friction and heat when in use. This saw blade is a well-crafted carbide-tipped 80 teeth blade that cuts smooth and clean on hard and rough wood materials.

Key Features

Offers a smooth and fine cut

A suitable crosscutting saw blade

A rugged design, from the top quality of carbide

Brand NameFreud (A brand known for quality)
Max. Speed7, 000 RPM
Blade size10 inches
Teeth Capacity  80 teeth
Material  Titanium cobalt carbide
Teeth Geometry  ATB
Hook angle10 degrees
Arbor size5/8”
Kerf size0.116”  
OtherComes with a full kerf
BenefitsWorks with other brands of saws

5. DEWALT 10-InchDW3106P5D60I Miter and Table Saw Blade – best utility saw blade

This saw blade is a design that excels in features and crosscutting applications. It is one of Dewalt’s lines of products that shines in an excellent performance.

DEWALT 10-Inch DW3106P5D60I Saw Blade is a 10-inch top-quality saw blade from Dewalt. The saw blade is a 60 teeth size design, solid construction that provides fine smooth crosscut. It has a strong 7 degrees hook angle that allows smooth cuts. It utilizes the strength of carbide for durability and cutting efficiency.

While it can work with most saws, the saw blade should not be used with saws that have over 6, 000 RPM rating.

For cutting processes with excellent results, the choice of an ATB teeth configuration is just perfect for this blade to consistently cut woods without leaving wastage. A smooth cut and quick working power come from a thin kerf structure of 0.95

 For quality assurance, the blade is built on a tough carbide tip that is supported by tougher steel for durability. It is useful for cutting a wide range of materials including plywood, softwood, hardwood, MDF, molding, and veneer.

 Key Features

Offers a good value for money, comes under a low $43 cost

It provides extra sharp cutting edges

Can be used for miter and table saws with 10 inches blade size

Brand NameDewalt(A top brand in the industry)
Blade diameter10 inches
Max. Speed6, 000 RPM
Teeth Capacity  60 teeth
Material  Titanium cobalt carbide
Teeth Geometry  ATB
Hook angle7 degrees
Arbor size5/8”
Kerf size0.095”  
OtherComes with a  very thin kerf
BenefitsIt is used in many areas of applications

6. WEN BL1280 80-Tooth 12-Inch Saw Blade – best affordable saw blade

This blade may come cheap but the quality is top-notch with high-level performance in speed and accuracy. Like most Wen products, it is packed with amazing features.

From a top-rated brand in the saw blade manufacturing business, WEN BL1280 80-Tooth 12-Inch Saw Blade is a saw blade that is compatible with high-speed saws, boasting a high-speed rating of up to 6000 RPM. This professional woodworking saw blade cuts like a hot knife on butter, delivering smooth and clean cuts on woods.

Besides the strength of carbide that offers it durability, other features of a thin kerf and 1-inch arbor ensure the cutting power of the blade is delivered as promised.

Even with a low-powered saw, the thin kerf construction enables quick cuts just like on high-powered saws. It works with Miter Saws.

It is suitable for cutting any hardwoods and softwood. As an 80 teeth saw blade, it can withstand heavy cutting on wood without bending but it is not suitable to be used on metals, fiber cement, and concrete.

Key Features

Comes under the $22, very affordable

Works with high powered saws

It is long-lasting and cuts efficiently

Brand NameWEN
Max. Speed6, 000 RPM
Teeth Capacity  80 teeth
Blade size12 inches
Material  Titanium cobalt carbide
Arbor size1”
Kerf size1/10”  
OtherCompatible with most 12-inch saw blades, table saws, and Jobsite saws  
BenefitsIt is suitable for extended use without breaking

7. Heavy Miter 12″ Bore (MD12-106) by A.G.E. Series – best result-oriented design

This A.G.E saw blade is one of the brand’s series that stands out in class, ability, and performance.

The heavy Miter 12″ Bore (MD12-106) is a heavy-duty miter saw blade of great value. It is designed to meet industrial quality offering a temperature-sensitive feature, a protective feature against warpage. It can contract and expand due to heat to avoid warpage. The unique feature is enabled by the inclusion of laser-cut expansion space.

It implements a one-inch arbor that is suitable for all 12-inch blade sizes to ensure a clean and smooth cut. For this miter saw blade, a tooth made of carbide tips with a 4+1 TCG (triple chip grind) configuration for effectiveness is the design choice. TCG geometry is a tough pattern that is useful for cutting metals. It’s strong and durable carbide-tipped 100 teeth are potent for hardwood cutting without bending.

For this blade, a thick and stiffer body ensures durability and makes it a suitable one for heavy-duty works and wood cutting without leaving burrs.

 Other top features include the huge 15 degrees hook angle and a thick kerf of 0.118 inches all providing strong support for the blade’s excellent performance.

It is useful for miter cuts in moldings, and picture frames.

Key Features

Suitable for cabinet shops, hobbyist and millwork shops

It can cut through the hardest of woods without breaking

It is a durable, a quality carbide material design

It is highly efficient

Brand NameA.G.E series (A product of Amana tools)  
Blade size12 inches
Teeth Capacity  100 teeth
Material  Carbide tip
Teeth Geometry  4+1 TCG
Hook angle15 degrees
Arbor size1”
Kerf size0.118 inches  
OtherNot suitable for non-ferrous metals application  
BenefitsGood for wood crosscut, veneered plywood, MDF, plastic, and chipboards

8. TWIN-TOWN 12-Inch Saw Blade, – best for both rip and crosscutting

 TWIN-TOWN 12-Inch Saw Blade is an ingenious high-quality saw blade made to meet industrial standards. The 12-inch diameter saw blade is unique in teeth configuration with an effective ATB Grind that cuts through woods smoothly and neatly.

Able to run with different power rates, the saw blade can go with a maximum of 5000 RPM on any miter saw brand with 12 inches size. Elegant in design structure, TWIN-TOWN 12-Inch Saw Blade not only delivers a smooth fine finish but is also durable. The tough grade alloy steel material ensures this blade works for long, coming with a three times teeth strength compared to other similar designs.

The ATB teeth structure is just perfect to provide smooth and clean cuts in woods. In addition to the numerous features in the blade, a laser-cut vent brings stability to the blade while in use cutting down strongly on vibration and noise. With little to no vibration, the blade maintains a calm temperature to reduce warping.

With a general-purpose saw blade in mind for its design, this saw blade is ideal for various cut patterns. It rips through woods and can crosscut with no wastage. Plywood, softwoods, chipboards, and hardwoods project on this blade come out with a fine finish when completed.

Key features

It is affordable, comes under the $29

It is useful for a variety of materials

It is highly durable

Brand NameTwin-Town
Max. Speed5, 000 RPM
Blade size12 inches
Teeth Capacity  40 teeth
Material  Tungsten carbide
Teeth Geometry  ATB
Arbor size1”
Kerf size0.098  
OtherCan withstand extended use
BenefitsIt can rip and as well crosscut  

9. MAKITA A-93734 12″ MITER SAW BLADE- best for low-powered saw

The Makita saw blades from Japan are designed for performance using quality materials in tough and rugged steel and durable carbide coupled with high-tech engineering.

MAKITA A-93734 12″ MITER SAW BLADE is a saw blade that is designed with great features. The 12 inches saw blade is solidly built using a tough carbide material on the tip with support from hardened steel for durability and strength.

The 100 teeth capacity saw blade with a 1-inch arbor helps with smooth, fine cuts while also useful for heavy and long-lasting use. The Alternate Top Alternate Face (ATAF) teeth geometry enables extra sharp tips and also allows precision. The ultra-thin kerf ensures a fast cut with a glass-smooth finish. A thin kerf of just 0.91 inches ensures it can work perfectly and speedily with low-powered saws.

Designed to be a high-speed working saw blade, it comes with a 5,000 maximum rounds per minute cutting speed which helps to save time during a cut.

A unique feature of the blade is the -5 degree hook angle. A low hook angle helps to produce slower and smoother cuts. This makes it useful for cutting melamine and other hard materials like metals.

Key feature

It is durable, powered by quality steel and carbide tip

It works well with low powered saws, a thin kerf offering this possibility

It is sleek and finely built with a silvery coating to preserve the quality

Brand NameMakita
Max. Speed5, 000 RPM
Teeth Capacity  100 teeth
Blade size12 inches
Material  Carbide
Teeth Geometry  ATAF
Hook angle-5 degrees
Arbor size1”
Kerf size 0.091 inches  
OtherNot known for bending
BenefitsIt works with both high and low powered miter saws
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  1. How many teeth could you have in a miter saw blade?

A miter saw blade should have no particular number of teeth. However, since crosscutting is the major need with a miter saw blade, an 80 teeth size or higher should be sufficient.

  1. What 12” miter saw blade do you see as the best?

There are many in this category of saw blades. Freud 100T Diablo blade is the first on the list.

  1. Can I install a 10- inch size blade on a twelve inch size miter saw?

Yes, provided the arbor hole of the blade and the saw are the same size

  1. Will a twelve inch size miter saw able to cut a 4×4?

Yes. Since a miter saw can cut deep enough to 3.5 inches on wood, it can as well cut a 4×4 dimension material that is not as deep

  1. How long do miter saw blades last?

Depending on the material they cut, the extent of continuous use, and the blade quality, they should last between twelve and 120 hours.

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