6 Best 9 Inch Table Saw Blade Review 2022(Tried&Tested)

Top Pick
Freud LU88R009: 9" Thin Kerf Fine Finish Crosscut Blade
Value for Money
9" 40 Tooth Carbide Tip General Purpose Wood Cutting...
Premium Choice
Freud LU82M009: 9" x 56T Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Blade
Freud LU88R009: 9" Thin Kerf Fine Finish Crosscut Blade
9" 40 Tooth Carbide Tip General Purpose Wood Cutting...
Freud LU82M009: 9" x 56T Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Blade
Customer Rating
Top Pick
Freud LU88R009: 9" Thin Kerf Fine Finish Crosscut Blade
Freud LU88R009: 9" Thin Kerf Fine Finish Crosscut Blade
Customer Rating
Value for Money
9" 40 Tooth Carbide Tip General Purpose Wood Cutting...
9" 40 Tooth Carbide Tip General Purpose Wood Cutting...
Customer Rating
Premium Choice
Freud LU82M009: 9" x 56T Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Blade
Freud LU82M009: 9" x 56T Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Blade
Customer Rating
9 inch table saw blade

As you’re passing a hard time, searching for the best 9-inch table saw blade, then this article will guide you to get it NOW. Yes, it’s hard to find the best blade that CUT, RIP…without the burn, noise, or sparks of any kind.

That’s why we took a tremendous amount of time. Analyze some prominent brands. Finally, got this list to make your job easier. So, I invite you to carefully read this and uncover your best match from the ONLY suitable brand…

Best 9 Inch Table Saw Blade For Professionals & Hobbyist

There’s a lot to talk about the standard saw blade. But we promised to make it short. And we only focus on the necessary components. So you can easily recognize what makes a good table saw blade.

Let’s begin here…

1.Freud Thin Kerf 9 inch Crosscut table saw Blade(LU88R009): 

best 9 inch table saw blade

Would you like to use the innovative industrial blade that is crafted for maximum performance?

Did you ever experience the non-resistance, non-vibrating woodcutter to enjoy the superior result?

…Alright, you find “Perma-Shield”.

It’s designed with a “HI-density cross-cutting carbide blend” to produce expert cutting. The potential “Hook Angels” give you the sharpest cutting journey for a long.

It builds with a “Thin Kerf” structure to easily feed.

The non-stick coating protects from corrosion and deals with all drag.

So no matter whether you’re involved with any form of custom millwork. Or use it as a professional of any kind.

Now you have all those choices combined even if you’re a hobbyist or use it for DIY purposes.

Some users take it as a primary tool.

Others choose it repeatedly for the daily cutter.

But the ground-breaking power of the blade to cut so many things with NO fibers, burning, or hesitation at all.

It takes no effort to run… and perfectly cuts White/Red Oak, Birch, Plywood, Baseboard Laminate, and Hard maple.

It precisely cuts pre-stained Hardwood, Poplar, Walnut, and almost every difficult wood you could imagine.

When it comes to the longevity of the blade, most experts said it works 2x to 3x times better than the regular blade. Which also depends on your activities. Because some folks use it more than 20 months and others use only 12 months.

If you’ve ever been frustrated with slow, noisy, messy poor material and looking for the best 9-inch table saw blade. Try this on Meter, Circular, Panel, and Table saw.

Obviously, it’s a little pricy but experts considered it as a top-of-the-line blade amongst all.


  • Supreme Product.
  • Decorative Modeling.
  • Prolong Use.
  • Scientifically Designed.
  • Corrosion & Heat Resistance.


  • Occasionally Rib Out.
  • Small Wobble.

2.ATIE 9 inch Carbide blade : (Budget-Friendly)

Every time you’re looking for a budget optimize saw that cuts like crispy and butter you’d find THIS ONE on the list.

Because as you can recognize most of the standard saw is designed with some quality approach.

You should discover your own reason to take full advantage of it.

ETIE is exclusively shaped with a combination of “Cross-cutting and ripping”.

It works for various kinds of hardwood, plywood, chipboard, 2x lumber, Laminate, soft Cedarwood, and anything in between.

The thickness of the plate is just 0.063″. That potential for clean-cut every time and leave the shiny outlook.

You’ve premium “Tungsten Carbide”. It’ll give you the ultimate durability along with precision and prolonged performance.

So many users are really concerned about the Thickness of the blade. Which is extremely crucial. But the manufacturer keeps the thickness is just 1.77 Millimeters, to effortlessly get the job done.

So surely it’s a thick kerf “anti-kickback” design to give you smooth cutting almost every time you use it.

The flexible part of the blade works for the different saws such as the previous one.

You have the opportunity to use it on the Miter, Table, and Circular saw as well without a fight.

When it comes to the price most users said it’s worth every single penny.

So as you picture yourself use the best 9-inch table saw blade

That works like a charm. Give it a try.


  • Outstanding Performance.
  • Precise & Sharp.
  • Vibration Free.
  • Very Straight.
  • Wobble-free.


  • Not 100% Clean.
  • Burn Wood.

3.Freud 9 inch X 56T Heavy-duty Blade:(Premium)

freud 9 inch table saw blade

Here’s another breakthrough blade we got from Freud.

It considers the most premium blade you might ever use.

So before we break down anything, let’s examine how it’s designed…

It’s perfectly built with the combination of “HI-Density Carbide” and Premium “Cross-cutting Blend” to produce extreme performance.

The mechanism of the “Thin Kerf” is to decrease the number of wastes and easily feed.

While using the blade you’d never face corrosion of any kind. Because it prevents all kinds of drag itself.

Freud truly uses the best material and cutting-edge design technology in every way possible to create an extraordinary result.

It’s not because they are a familiar brand in this industry.

It’s because they put their full focus to create a satisfying cut. So you could enjoy it for a longer period.

So what would you be able to cut with this bad boy?

It works smoothly works on the moldings, both hard and softwood, and cabinet.

It also works great on hard maple, pine, walnut, Red Oak, and much more.

The unique most remarkable feature it delivers precision work plus decorative modeling.

You would naturally find the sharpest teeth. That creates expert edge retention.

As a result of this, you would always get the job done faster.

So if you are determined to use the best 9-inch table saw blade that doesn’t splinter, doesn’t burn, doesn’t chip out for the heavy-duty job.

Then, I would highly suggest you check this one. And become the wisest weekend warrior using this multipurpose weapon.


  • Ultra-Powerful Material
  • Buttery Smooth Cuts.
  • Zero Burn &Effort.
  • Fast, Noiseless,&Clean.
  • No Splintering.


  • Non-Flat Bottom Cut.
  • Slightly Swirls.

4.Evolution 9 Inch Steel Cutting Blade:(Heavy-duty)

While you dig deep and adequately research you’d see there’re dozens of companies promising the strong blade.

Some of those are genuinely work.

But most of them are sparks, vibrate, and heat quite often.

As a result, the blade teeth survive and immediately break.

In this case “Evolution” made an industrial heavy-duty blade to deal with it all.

Now you can cut the metal and hardwood with no mercy.

It’s shaped with the highest quality carbide, hardened bodies, and super-grade brazing to create a productive performance.

The combination of Electric Conduct, Roofing, and Sheet Metal reinforce the blade to stay strong and cut with zero force.

You probably already know cutting the metal most of the blades heat and leaves burn.

But the attractive part of the “Dry Cut Technology” it doesn’t heat. It doesn’t spark or vibrate while cutting the metal. So with the proper formulation, it’s cut safe and appropriately.

Sometimes people are concerned about the bigger cut.

My message to you, when you need a large range of cutting use it non-stop. Because so many certified professionals use it as a primary tool to enjoy the painless journey.

So, finally, I would say… when you have the passion to use the best 9-inch table saw blade with structural cutting all along.

Check it out and never regret it.

Remember: It’s not 100% perfect and properly performs like a superior one.

But it works for a particular place to get the remarkable cut.


  • No Burrs.
  • Hardened bodies.
  • Smooth Cutting.
  • Structural Steel.
  • Prolong Teeth.


  • Not Versatile.
  • Little Flimsy.

5.Freud 9 inch x 22T Thin Kerf Rip Blade: (For Professional)

When it comes to choosing the best 9-inch table saw blade, here’s the 3rd one we found from Freud.

Now you may ask yourself… Why are most of the blades we have listed from the same brand?

  • Firstly, finding the 9″ saw blade is generally hard.
  • Secondly, Freud has a wide range of the best general-purpose table saw blade.

And the cool thing is… user loves the Freud blade for the quality material.

So before we go so far, let’s verify how it’s packed with…

The most common element Freud uses is the “TiCo Carbide Blend”.

And there’s NO difference in this one compared to the previous blades.

It’s mainly used to expand the performance of a blade.

Because so many blades on the market that needs to force the blade cut.

But “Ripping Blend” would make the cut easier and smooth.

Other elements it used were the “Thin Kerf” for reducing wastage and faster feeds.

For harmonious ripping, it has “Premium Hook Angels and “Non-stick Coating”. It’ll automatically save the blade from every type of drag and disaster.

The strength of the blade to cut Oak, Maple, and Hard/softwood.

People also cut rabbets, splines, grooves, and grains.

Obviously, it’s not the main to cut simple things.

Because it’s an industrial blade. Which is mostly used for professional woodworking and perfect for the long-term user experience.

But when you have some extra advantages, don’t get lazy.

Another thing you’ll discover almost every user support…” It doesn’t burn, smoke or create any poor trouble. But leaves the smooth cut every time”.

So the overall justification and analysis represent… it’s a really worth blade to try for extensive cuttings and ripping.


  • Excellent crosscuts.
  • For Professionals.
  • Thinner Kerf Blade.
  • Leave Straight Edge
  • Safely Sharpened Teeth.


  • Avoid Heavy Lateral.
  • Rarely Leave Marks.

6.Freud 9 inch x 40T Combination Blade: (Multi-Purpose)

If you have various things to cut OR rip using one blade. Then this would be the last significant blade we found from the entire market.

And the funny thing is… this one also comes from Freud even if we didn’t plan to.

Because as you can notice there’re many parts are directly involved with the blade.

And focus on ALL the parts, Freud created “X 40T” for both cutting and effortless ripping.

You would get the same Carbide Blend, Coating, and other material as the previous blades we talked about before.

But the “Anti-vibration” and “Laser Cut” technology make it unique from the rest. Because it’ll automatically reduce the vibration and provide a flawless finish.

You would not experience splinter or crisp of any kind.

The beauty of the Non-stick Coating simply eliminates binding from the tight cut.

It’s easy to sharpen and work for a long period as you take care of and use the right order.

There’re so many things you can confidently cut using this boy. Cut Softwood, Plywood, Wood board, Cabinet, Laminated, Melamine, MDF, Ambrosia Maple, Oak, Hickory, Pine, Lumber Plywood, Poplar, and Walnut.

These are not the end of the blade power. But all are tested by experts.

It perfectly works with both Table and Delta saw. It’s another reason professionals might consider this while choosing the table saw blade. So, I think when the speaker cabinet builder uses it for personal and professional purposes. You may find it exciting too.


  • Least Vibration.
  • Clean Carbide Teeth.
  • Excellent Speed.
  • Glass -smoother Cuts.
  • Full Kerf.


  • One Flat Tooth.
  • Not Fully Flat.
Check what are the best 8 inch table saw blade.

Ultimate Buying Guide For best 9 Inch Table Saw Blade

Finding the best 9-inch table saw blade is not so tough today. Because there’re numerous companies that have hundreds of blades. But consider the right one, everything in the right command requires some crucial elements to pay attention to.

And in this discussion, you’d see how you can choose your exact table saw blade. That perfectly meets your needs and saves you money on the bottom line…

#1. Understand Table Type:

 Most users forget their table types when they order blades. Picture this: There’re versatile table models users use to work with. Some of the most common types of table saw you’d see… The Mini, Benchtop, Compact, Job site, contractor, Hybrid, and cabinet.

So before you order, the first vital thing you must keep in mind is the type of table saw you’re using. If it doesn’t fit the blade you order. Then all your investments would cry for no reason.

#2. Teeth Structure:

 Teeth always play one of the major roles in every kind of saw blade. No matter the sizes, brands, or shapes of any kind. Because if your blade doesn’t build with a solid structure. Then it will create messes while you cutting or ripping.

Some blade has extensive amounts of teeth. Others have the minimum. And before you finalize your tool deeply focus on what kind of structure is appropriate for your type of work.

#3. Brand Consideration:

 Every brand has a different approach to creating a blade following its own process. They have unique strategies, unique materials, and different procedures to produce the blade.

In the meantime, you need to care about who created the value most for your specific need. Otherwise, you can choose a good blade. But would not serve you long that extremely necessary.

That’s why we listed here the blades from TOP brands. That’s not only tested but also able to produce effortless cutting even if you are an amateur.

# 4. Blade Material:

 Most people think a blade is a simple little tool. If it’s hard and strong enough it can cut so many things on demand! This is an absolutely misleading concept!

Why? Because designing, articulating, and building an effective blade that practically evokes result: “There is a science behind it”. It requires an accurate density of carbide, coating, anti-vibration technology, kerf, hook angels, and much more.

For these exact cases, I urge you to check the material your blade was designed with and approve the accurate one.

#5. Blade Capacity:

What you cut or work with should be your first priority to choose the best 9″ table saw blade. You can order the best blade on the planet. But when you start working and see it unable to cut or rip then everything would be wasted.

Using a saw blade we cut versatile wood, laminate, lumber, board, cabinet, and much more. So whether you are a professional or an amateur know your tool capacity first.

The best way to do this:

  • Talk with someone who previously uses the blade.
  • Watch some resourceful reviews.
  • Know the exact places people use the blade.

#6. Be Clear About User Experience:

I see almost NONE of the websites adequately care about the user experience. What did other users get from a certain kind of blade? How did they use it? What are they mostly pay attention to gain result and so on so forth…

Imagine this: every time you use a blade and know exactly where and how to use it. Would not it be convenient for you to take the full benefits?

So don’t decide everything in the first place. Know what it does. Know how efficiently it works. Then invest your energy only where it demands.

 6. Saw Blade Longevity:

 None of the blades we use for our whole life. That doesn’t mean you just order a blade, get it, start using it, and it breaks.

It means if you’re a professional user, face the heavy-duty work. Typically, you need solid, innovative, and furnished tools better than the regular or hobbyist.

Most blades stay 6-months to 2- years depending on the user’s activities.

When you need to work with a blade on a long-term basis. Make sure it’s capable to serve you long. So examine it first to avoid the poor noisy result.

Finally, I ask you to check the blade based on your personal requirements. Then order a blade with great value to make your job enjoyable without hard work.

Frequently Asked Question:

  1. Can I Put A 10-Inch Blade On A 9-Inch Table Saw?

Ans: You can. And it mostly depends on the table saw diameter. If the Table saw “Arbor Hole Diameter” match the blade. Use it with zero force or fight any kind.

  1. What Table Saw Blade Is Best For Ripping?

Ans: As you may know teeth play the main factor in ripping. Most commonly experts recommend using 10 to 40 teeth. It’s fair enough to get a magnificent finish. The multipurpose saw also works for ripping as well.

  1. Can You Rip With A Crosscut Blade?

Ans: Surely, you can. The tools we talked about here are mostly designed to rip and crosscut using the same blade. Interestingly, it also gives you the best clean rip you may ever appreciate.

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