6 Best Blades For Cutting Granite 2022(Tried&Tested)

1. Bosch 12-inch Diamond Blade

Bosch 12-inch Diamond Blade is Best for clean cuts. It is a Diamond content, multipurpose, long-lasting, professionally built blade.

To cut granite, you need a material with more hard content. Diamond is one of the allotropes of carbon. It has hard content for slashing hard substances. Due to the hard nature of granite, diamond blades are the best fit to cut it.

Bosch engineers came up with a unique blade that can fit into this demand; the Bosch 12-inch diamond blade. It has an even distribution of diamond content for cutting granite and other hard substances. Its steel core makes it durable, rigid, and stable while cutting.

The blade has a segmented turbo rim with an arbor of 20mm for a fast, perfect, and accurate cut on granite and other hard substances. Segmented blades give you an advantage over solid blades for making rough cuts. This feature lowers the rate of residue and dust produced while cutting. Continuous diamond blades on the other end make smooth cuts.

Bosch 12-inch diamond blade has a tuckpointing blade. This removes grout and mortar easily during cutting. Besides, it has a diamond cup wheel for a perfect finish.

The blade has a dimension of 0.03 x 14.25 x 16.25 inches. This characteristic makes it an exact fit for any circular saw. It is useful for cutting other materials like tiles, soft bricks, concrete, etc.

Key features:

●Easy-to-understand color-coding system.

●20mm arbor.

●Segmented rims.

●High-capacity steel core.

Key specialtiesValues
Product weight2 pounds
It cutsGranite, soft bricks, tiles, etc
MaterialDiamond, steel, and metal

2. Goyonder Superfast Diamond Blade

It is a thick, multipurpose 7-inch diamond multi-versatile blade that can cut granite and other hard substances with speed and accuracy.

Goyonder superfast diamond blade has a thin mesh rim. This feature makes cutting fast, precise, and accurate. Its thin mesh rim makes it long-lasting. This thin mesh rim has some x-teeth. This feature reduces vibration and residue during cutting.

This blade makes dry and wet cuts. Wet cuts reduce dust during cutting. It is made possible due to the water drizzling into the granite while cutting. The water poured on this blade reduces heat in the blade during cutting and lowers friction in the cutting area. This blade allows you to explore your desire, whether you want a wet or dry cut.

Goyonder superfast diamond blade has a diameter of 180mm. It has a thickness of 1.2mm. It also has a dimension of 7 x 7 x 0.3 ounces. It is perfect for various circular saws.

The blade features an arbor of ⅝ and ⅞ inches. The diamond blade is best for making slashes that don’t go through the whole slab.

The blade has a thin porcelain blade that reduces the loss of materials while cutting. This blade can cut different materials and not just granite. It cuts perfectly; tile, sandstone quartz, ceramics, porcelain, marble, etc. Besides, it has a reducer washer that fits into tile saws.

Key features:

  • High cutting accuracy

●It makes a dry and wet cut.


●X-teeth mesh rims.

Key specialtiesValues
Product size180 x 10 x 22.23 mm
Product weight12.8 ounces
It cutsGranite, tile, sandstone quartz, etc.
MaterialDiamond and metal

3. Dewalt Bifunctional Diamond Blade

  Dewalt Bifunctional Diamond Blade is best known to be a long-lasting, dry, or wet-cutting, high-performance diamond blade.

It is a minimum of 100 times more long-lasting than the industry standard and stronger than another abrasive blade 450 times. This blade gives you a guarantee of long-term satisfaction and excellence.

            It has a continuous rim that perfectly slashes blocks and tiles with ease. It possesses an improved diamond matrix with cobalt ideal for cutting granite, stones, concrete, etc. Diamond matrix increases the life of the blade and its grinding application.

   It makes wet and dry cuts. This blade has a tube that sprinkles water on the granite during cutting. This feature reduces the production of dust while cutting and minimizes friction in the blade area during cutting.

Dewalt bifunctional diamond blade has a diameter of 41/2-inch(114mm). It has a dimension of 6.5 x 5.9 x 0.1 inches. This blade has an arbor of ⅝-inch and ⅞-inch and possesses a maximum revolution per minute of 13,300. This feature makes it a fast and accurate diamond saw for cutting granite, concrete, blocks, etc.

The blade grinder fits DW4705 4-inch and 41/2-inch guards. A show and a DW4717 4″ flange or DW4706 41/2″ flange must be attached for proper functioning. Also, the blade has power tool accessories for a perfect and precise cut.

Key features:

●⅝-inch and ⅞-inch arbor.

●Continuous rim.

● 13,300 rpm

Key specialtiesValues
It cutsGranite, concrete, bricks, etc.
Product weight4 ounces
Item modelDWA4701

4. Piranha 7-inch Diamond Blade

Multipurpose, wet or dry cutting, the best blend of speed and blade life, thin rim, steel core diamond blade.

 It is a perfect wet and dry-cutting diamond blade that can serve you for a long time: yet deliver the first-class cut. It is a diamond blade that can cut granite and other materials accurately.

Piranha 7-inch diamond blade is best known for its unique dual characteristics; speed and longevity. It operates at high speed.

The tip of the blade has GE super abrasive diamond. This feature makes it an excellent diamond blade to cut several hard substances. It accurately cut granite, slate, ceramic tile, marble, etc.

The diamond blade has an arbor of ⅞-⅝-inches. This feature makes it perfect for tile saws, hand-held grinders, and circular saws.  It has a diameter of 7-inches with a dimension of 7 x 7 x 0.06 inches and a thickness of 0.06 inches. This feature makes it strong, durable, and stable.

   Different from other diamond blades, the Piranha 7-inch diamond blade is perfect for wet and dry cuts. Its continuous rim with super abrasive diamond cuts through granite and other hard substances easily.

   The blade has a high-speed core that makes dry cuts perfect and precise.

   The blade allows water on it during cutting. This feature reduces friction in the cutting area while cutting. It also reduces the production of dust and other debris during cutting.

Piranha’s 7-inch diamond blade is indeed a combination of excellence!

Key features:

●GE super abrasive diamond.

●Heat-treated steel core.

●⅞”-⅝” arbor.

●Thin rim

Key featuresValues
BrandDelta Diamond Products, Inc.
Product weight1.2 pounds
It cutsGranite, ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo, etc.
MaterialsPorcelain tile
Product dimension7 x 7 x 0.06 inches

5. Dewalt Easy-to-use 7-inch Diamond Blade

            Known to be hard and long-lasting, high performance, durable 41/2-inch diamond blade

Materials that can last for a long and still retain their features stand out in the market.DEWALT brand is known for manufacturing hard and long-lasting products. You won’t want to buy the blade and change it within the shortest time. If this is your desire, this blade gives you all you want.

   It can serve a minimum of 30 times longer than other abrasive blades. It is tough and durable. It possesses a dimension of 7 x 7 x 0.12 inches. This feature makes it fit into 7-inch and 7¼-inch circular saws.

   The blade has a ⅝-inch arbor. This feature enhances its speed in cutting various materials at a steady depth. It has a thin kerf that reduces the production of dust during cutting.

This blade works with 7-inch and 7¼-inch circular saws only. It is easy to use with any of these saws and works for masonry. It cuts bricks, slates, concrete, granite, etc.

Key features:

●Tough and long-lasting.

●⅝-inch arbor.

●Long lifespan.

●114mm diameter.

Key featuresValues
Product dimension7 x 7 x 0.12 inches
Product modelDW4712B
It cutsGranite, concrete, bricks, etc.
Product weight10.9 ounces

6. ROK 3-in-1 Diamond Saw Blade

            Best value for money, durable, versatile 41/2-inch diamond saw blade.

            ROK brand gives you the 3-in-1 package fit for your project. Its versatility, high quality, and durability make it a perfect blade for your saw. Let’s check its features!

            ROK 3-in-1 diamond saw blade has synthetic diamond steel. Interestingly, ithas 3 different rims fit for various cuts.

   It has a continuous rim for making smooth cuts. This feature makes it best to cut tiles, granite, ceramics, etc.

   It has a segmented rim built for rough cutting masonry, terrazzo, concrete, etc. The blade has a turbo rim for smooth and quick cutting.

   This blade is perfect for dry and wet cutting. It has an arbor of ⅝” or ⅞” made for precise and accurate cuts. The ⅝-inch arbor has an adapter for perfect operation. This feature makes its cuts accurate and perfect.

Key features:

●3-in-1 pieces kit.

●Segmented rims.

●It has synthetic diamond steel.

Key specialtiesValues
Product weight11.4 ounces
Product dimension13.58 x 5.31 x 0.51 inches
Item model26440
It cutsGranite, tile ceramics, concrete, etc.

   Without any doubt, there is one of these blades that suits your project. In case you haven’t found any, you can go over the description again. There is one made for you!

            Nevertheless, knowing the best tool is not equal to having the best tool. A man can read about the best gadget and still have the worst. This factor is due to the wrong purchase. It takes adequate knowledge to own the best.

   You have gone through this series of best blades for cutting granite. To avoid wrong purchases, you must know the factors to consider before buying any of these blades. I have compiled for you the necessities to look out for before you buy any diamond blade.

   Let’s go through them together!

We also have reviewed best concrete saw blade.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Blade For Cutting Granite

  1. Segmented, continuous, or turbo.

There are many types of diamond blades. It can be a continuous blade, segmented or turbo.

Different blades are useful for different purposes. Segmented blades are very useful in cutting granite slabs. 

  1. Quality of the blade

Granite is not a soft substance. You cannot cut it with any blade. The quality of the diamond blade must supersede the hardness of the granite.

   Diamond blades are the best-known blades for cutting granite. They have diamond content that cuts any hard substance.

  There are some other qualities you should check. Ensure you check the type of rim built with the blade. A segmented rim is the best rim for cutting granite. They are perfect for making rough cuts that cut granite accurately and precisely. A continuous rim makes smooth cuts. It cuts granite also.

   Some diamond blades make dry and wet cuts. You should check this quality in the diamond blade you want to purchase. Besides, check the size of the blade’s arbor before you buy. You need to consider what you need to cut. Most diamond blades have an arbor size of ⅞ to ⅝-inches.

   You should also check the kerf size of the blade. Blades with thin kerfs produce less dust during cutting. They reduce the materials wasted during cutting.

  1. Motor Speed

 The speed of the motor determines how precise and accurate the diamond blade cuts granite. The suitable speed for each blade is written on the blade. The higher the diamond blade speed, the sharper the cut.

  1. Saw choice

            This factor is pivotal. Some blades are limited to certain types of saw. It is advisable to go for a diamond blade that works with several saw types. Nevertheless, you can also go for a diamond blade that perfectly fits your saw type. In this case, ensure you check the blade’s diameter before you make a purchase.

 The type of blade to purchase depends on the revolution per minute or horsepower of the saw. The higher the rpm/horsepower of the saw, the higher the rpm of the blade that will match.

  1.  Price of blade

When planning to buy a blade, it is important to consider the price you have at hand in respect to what you want to use it for.

  Frequently Asked Questions

Will a concrete blade cut granite?

Yes, it will. The same type of blade is required to cut concrete and granite. Segmented blades that make rough cuts are useful for cutting concrete. This blade can cut granite.

Can a Dremel cut granite?

If it’s a tiny piece of granite, Dremel could cut it finely. Else, it won’t be suitable for bigger pieces of granite. In the case of larger pieces, you could use an angle grinder coupled with a diamond saw blade or a circular saw coupled with a diamond blade. Remember, Granite is a hard substance that needs unique tools before it can be cut.

●Can I cut granite myself?

   Yes, you can. All you need is a circular saw with a diamond-tipped blade. Inasmuch you follow the exact precautions, you do have to be a stonemason before you cut a granite.

   Ensure you wear safety goggles and a face mask before you cut. You must also tie every loose hair to avoid accidents.

   Fix the perfect diamond blade to the saw before cutting. This factor is important.

●Can you cut granite with a jigsaw?

No, you can’t. Jigsaw can only cut plastics, wood, ceramic tiles, and some metals. Granite is a hard material that requires a stronger tool than a jigsaw.

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