Best Jewellers Saw for Buying in 2021

Jewellers saw is a quality tool that many model makers, miniaturists, and Jewelers should have in their stoles. From time immemorial, Jewelers saw has evolved from various varieties, thanks to the technology and gained skills by our Jewelers maker, that has added improved features to these types of equipment and even coming up with new jeweler’s saw types and enable them to tackle the task at hand easily, and increase their working power. There are many types of quality jeweller saw models that have been developed, that suit the best-experienced woodworkers.

 To show the quality types models of Jewelers saws, I have chosen the best five in terms of the equipment durability, affordability, and cost, to represent the rest. This will help you to have an idea of how they work, and at least make your decision easily into which Jewelers saw fits you.

If you want to get the perfect Jewelers saw easily, but you don’t have all the time to go through the whole article, don’t worry, I have outlined the best five Jewelers saws below:

Niupika Jewelers

One thing you will notice about this Niupika saw is, it is easy to be used.  This characteristic reduces boredom to new woodworkers because it takes a minute to know how to use it, thus enhances longer working hours. This feature not all Jewelers saw have.

It also has an added characteristic, where it is made to be used with professional altered Jewelers making kits that are 144 in number, another characteristic is it has a wooden handle that has a comfortable feeling and makes work easier while using the saw.

It has an outshining feature because it has a thumbscrew that attaches blades to the frame where the blades are smaller thus making it easier to cut through small items like rings.

Another added feature is it allows you to work with various types of blade lengths from 3 centimeters to 14.4 centimeters.

What else is there to enjoy from Niupika Jewelers only for this added feature:

  1. Used for crafting
  2. Used for woodworking
  3. Used for Jewelry making

My favorite characteristic: The added clamp at the mainframe.

The added clamp at the main flame allows other adjustments to be made this is an added advantage that other Jewelers do not have.

Developers are constantly looking for a way to improve these saw features that will improve woodworkers work while using the equipment in order to have best results on their work, by doing away with the least important characteristic, and enhancing this equipment to make the working results efficient.

One of the examples of this is that the saw is made to be used with 144 blades professional Jewelry making kit, because its blades are fragile, the manufacture could come up with one strong and durable blade to be used with this saw minimizing the cost of the many blades that come with this equipment.

This does not only suits the blade durability, but helps you to save the time you were using to change a broken blade, and use that time to do other aspects of things you are working on. You can use a single blade for hours if you lubricate it with candle wax that enlarges its durability span.

Does this sound like a problem solver?  Does it?


This saw is easy to be used than the other Jeweler saw.

This saw has an added clamp in the main flame that allows other adjustment to be made.

This saw is made to be used by 144 professionally adjustable blades kits thus allowing working with any blade length.

This saw blades are smaller in size, which helps it to able to cut small items.


The saw blades are fragile, they keep on breaking.

This saw is expensive compared to Seymour Jeweler saw

This saw is heavy compared to Professional Jeweler Saw

 SE 3- in -1 professional jeweller’s saw set (144PC.) -81974SBP3

This saw has one unique feature that is how light it is. This reduces fatigue and enables you to work for a long time and in tighter conditions. This characteristic results to work flexibility. Another added characteristic comes with a wood bench clamp that helps the woodcutter to design easily his work at his portray.

Another feature is that it has a saw frame that has a tension nut where the wooden handle is that you can use to adjust to the best plate you want to work from.

Other characteristics are:

  1. Used for repairing metal.
  2. Used for repairing woodworking.

My favorite characteristic: Its blade comes in different sizes.

This makes it easy to work in different materials and produce quality performance because of using a blade of the size you want. These sizes are 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 1, and 2.

Where will we come from with the best and a well-designed small and big beautiful cut work? Nowhere, that is for sure?

This will only be made possible by the professional saw which facilitates a fast cut, in fact, a well-designed, because of the many sizes of the blade it uses. For this feature, it makes it one of the best Jeweler saw

With this Professional Jeweler saw, you can get most work done with eating regardless of the complexity of the work.


This saw is not heavy thus reduces fatigue

Has a tension nut on the saw frame used to adjust the plate to the best place you want to work from.

Its blades come with different sizes thus making working in different material easy.


It is expensive compared to Seymour Jeweler saw

Seymour Jewelers saw frame kit.

An added importance that you will notice with this saw is that it is not expensive, this feature helps the starters who want to build a workshop in a short time, but have less money, to acquire it easily, and this stands to be the cheapest type of jewelers saw we are reviewing today, and despite it is a quality saw.

Like the other saws we have reviewed, it has a wooden handle that acts as a support to where the saw blades are fixed into the frame tightly, resulting to its  blades to be adjustable easily, along with the mainframe.

You can see for yourself additional features below:

  1. It is used for cutting wax tubes, metal, plastics, wood, etc.
  2. It’s the best choice for crafts, woodworking, hobbies, etc.

My favorite characteristic: It makes cutting small items easier because it has small blades.

It requires one to be keen on the blade and make it to be a straight, light stroke, and smooth, and handle it keenly, while installing the saw blades, to the saw frame; this will result in a very tiny and excellent cut. These saw blades are 130mm in length.

The Heymous saw due to its price attracts a lot of customers, where else many are into this saying that state that “cheap is expensive” so they often look it like it is not a quality product and it does not much with other Jeweler saws.

This saw has no many features that saw users may want so they found it unqualified to be classified by other Jewelers saws, But the features it has focused on the need to get a job done, again, come out to be the best for hobbyists.

This saw has been seen by many people as for the beginners, so if you are in this category do not be disappointed


It is cheap thus attracting many buyers, thus budget friendly.

This saw results to a tiny and excellent cut regardless keen is recognized while handling the blade


This saw is heavy thus creating fatigues during work time.

Due to its cheapness it considered as to be less quality equipment compared to other Jeweler saws

Olson saw SF63525 5 Inch Jewelers Saw Frame.

Another good option when the value of money is mention Olson saw comes into place. It’s one of the cheapest price saw with more uses and results in doing a good job, thus leading to popularity for the brand name.

It has fewer features than other Jewelers saw reviewed in this article. Its first characteristic is it is not made for heavy-duty tasks. This results in too many operators disliking it and choosing other Jewelers saw. Yet it is budget-friendly.

It’s another characteristic is, it makes work easier when having a tight blade than other Jewelers saws.

Other characteristics of this saw are:

  1. Have the best frame characteristics.
  2. It has a blade apprehension end screw and frame regulator.

My favorite characteristic: It has a metal cutting blade, 0.23thick *0.70 wide, teeth per inch measurement is 5 with an adjustable long frame.

This makes it easy to adjust the saw blade to support the rest of the flame when a blade fractures at one end.

Blades breaking while doing projects has become common in the saw tool industry, the reason why this saw is our favorite is because of its ability to have a metal cutting blade that facilitates the adjustment of a saw blade when a blade fractures on one end and for this reason, this feature stands out to be our favorite for this saw not forgetting the value of money this additional give.


It is cheap compared Niupika Jeweler saw, thus budget friendly.

This saw has the capability of supporting the rest of a frame when a blade breaks because it uses a metal cutting blade.


This saw have fewer features than other jeweler saw thus results to be a less quality saw.

This saw is not used for heavy duties.

Megacast JEWELERS SAW FRAME Saw Blades.

This saw is worth mentioning in this article because of some very good reason, its first characteristic has an attractive price for equipment of its design, and is designed for the small project producing good results.

Secondly, it is used for heavy-duty tasks like cutting through a silver wire, thin and thick plate, and gold.

Another feature is it has a good quality steel frame where everything locks into place tightly.

Other characteristics are:

  1. The saw cuts through 3/8th inch of a dovetail waste hardwood in about 10 to12 per expectation.
  2. It comes with an adjustable blade length (3 to 14.4cm) and of different sizes.

My favorite characteristic: It comes with a jeweler saw frame that has 144 grouped blades.

This jeweler saw frame comes with adjustable blade lengths (3 to 14.4cm) and of different sizes.

Using a Jeweler saw while you are tired is something that you be used to if you work for a sometimes. The developer of this saw new that and added some characteristics like enhancing its jeweler saw to accommodate 144 grouped blades that can be used in different sizes are 4/0, 3/0, 2/0. 1and 2 and adjustable length regardless of the project you are working on.

With this saw, you can tackle any project without having stress and the results are top notch.


This saw is used for heavy duty projects

This saw comes with Adjustable blade length, and for different sizes.


It is expensive compared to Heymous Jeweler saw.

Final thoughts

This article has reviewed five different Jeweler saw, and in each Jeweler Saw their is advantages and disadvantage for particular reasons that go with different variety of individuals.

For instance, if you want the best cluster, you can go with; Niupika Jewelers. Or Megacast GERMAN STYLE JEWELERS SAW FRAME with 144 ASSORTED JEWELERS Saw Blades, respective. Reads more detail above about them.

For those who prefer a budget-friendly Jeweler saw, you can go for; Heymous Jewelers saw frame kit. Or Olson saw SF63525 5 Inch Jewelers Saw Frame, respective. Read more above about them.

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