How to sharpen a pole saw blade?

how to sharpen a pole saw blade

A pole saw is an unparallel tool for cutting and trimming high tree branches. So probably we all know the ability and usefulness of a pole saw. For using a pole saw efficiently we need to know how to maintain a pole saw. We should know how to take care of the blade. Because the health of the blade will determine the work efficiency.

We need to sharpen the blade whenever the blade gets dull. Sharpening a pole saw blade is not a very tough job. But you need to know the process to do it properly. If the blade doesn’t sharpen well, you will not get efficiency in the work. So here we are going to share the process of sharpening the pole saw blade. Let’s dig in.

How to sharpen a pole saw blade:

Pole saw blade is made of high-quality steel. But still, it gets rust after some time. Once you use it and kept it for a few months, you will notice the rust in the body and it will lose its sharpness. So before using a pole saw blade which is kept after using a few months ago, you need to sharpen the pole saw blade.

You can sharpen the pole saw blade in two ways. One is with a file and another one is with a grinder.

Sharpening the pole saw blade using a file:

Step 1: Use a clamp to hold the blade

Take the blade and clamp both sides of the blade so that it doesn’t move while sharpening. Check the clamp is tight enough. Because if it is loose, it may cause an accident.

Step 2: Choose a file that fits in the notch between the teeth. It’s really important. Because to sharpen the teeth properly from the deep you need a file that properly fits with the notch.

Step 3: Put the file at a 45-degree angle on the teeth and start sharpening from the back. Run the file from forward to back. If you think it has sharpened enough then start sharpening the front side of the teeth with the same process. Hold the blade strongly with one hand so that it doesn’t move while sharpening.

Step 4: Sharpen the top edge of the teeth also. Use a rounded file for that.

Step 5: Check each tooth and sharpen each tooth equally.

Step 5: Use a brush to clean the teeth and file.

Sharpening the pole saw blade with a grinder:

We can sharpen the pole saw blade with a grinder also. It is a very professional way of sharpening the blade. It is the quickest way to do the job. Also, the sharpening process is very easy and simple. Firstly remove the blade from the saw and clamp both sides of the blade tightly so that it doesn’t move while sharpening. Then start sharpening the teeth with the grinder. Check the sharpening after a few swipes whether it is sharpening well or not.

Some essential tips for sharpening the pole saw blade:

  • Always spray oil in the teeth and the blade before sharpening. It removes the dust and helps the sharpening process.
  • Stay patient for the blade sharpening. It usually takes time for sharpening the blade. If you hurry up in this process, you may end up with the improperly sharpened blade and it will not help you in your trimming job.
  • Use oil from lubrication after sharpening the blade. It will help to avoid corrosion.
  • Make sure that you are using a perfect size file.

Finally, sharpening a saw blade is enjoyable to work for the DIY workers. Also, you will get more knowledge and idea about the blade if you sharpen it by yourself. Hopefully, we are able to explain the process of how to sharpen a pole saw blade.

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