7 Different types of tile cutters

different types of tile cutter

Tile is a very beautiful and comfortable material for decorating the wall, floor, etc. We often install new tiles in our kitchen, toilet, living room, etc. For installing the tile we need to cut tile. There are different types of tile cutters in the market. You should know about each of them to choose the right one for you.

There are different types of tile like porcelain, ceramic, glass tile, marble, mosaic tile, etc. Also, tile cutter may vary depending on the type of tiles. So let’s know the different tile cutters.

7 Different types of tile cutters

Wet tile saw:

wet tile saw

The wet tile saw is the most popular tile cutter nowadays. A wet tile cutter has a watering system for what is called the wet tile saw. Cutting tile by a wet tile cutter is very easy and simple. You just need to install a tile saw blade put the tile on the table and start cutting. The water helps to keep the blade cool while cutting. Also, water helps to reduce friction so that it gives a very fine cut. The continuous watering system keeps the blade healthy and increases blade life. The wet tile saw comes with a powerful motor to generate the power for cutting.

Manual tile cutter

From the name, we can understand that a manual tile cutter is a manual tile cutting tool with no need for electricity. Using a manual tile cutter is very easy. Also, these tools are the best for cutting a straight line. It has a wheel that actually scores the tile.  You just need to put the tile in the cutting line and push the handle forward very slowly. The drawbacks are these tools don’t make tiny cuts and you can’t cut stone with a manual tile cutter.

Tile Scribe

Tile scribe is a very simple and cheap tool for cutting a straight line in the ceramic, wall, or floor tile. Tile scribe has a hard and sharp tip which actually cuts the tile smoothly. Firstly, take a ruler and draw a line with a pencil where you want to cut. Then press the ruler strongly and score the line with the tile scribe. Give pressure in the tile and with hand and snap the tile into two pieces.

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a great tool for cutting tile. You can make carve, circle, or straight cut with an angle grinder. Always use the safety guard on the blade while cutting.

Glass Cutter

glass cutter

The glass cutter is very similar to the tile scribe. You just need to mark the line with a ruler. Hold the ruler strongly and core the tile through the line with the glass cutter. And press both parts of the tile with the hands. You will get two pieces of tile.

Tile Nipper

tile nipper

Tile nipper is used to make small circular or corner cuts in the tile. It basically bites a small piece of tile for making a carved cut. It is a kind of plier that has two handles. The two handles connect in a pivot point. The only difference is tile nippers’ jaw has a cutting edge.

A Rotary tool

rotary tool

As the rotary tool is a very versatile power tool, you also can cut tile with a rotary tool. But you only can make small cuts with a rotary tool. It has a spinning wheel that actually cuts the material.

What is the best tool for cutting tile?

Tile can be cut with a wide range of tools. But we think the wet saw is the best tool for cutting tile. The wet saw can cut all kinds of tiles. It also can make different types of cuts and gives a very fine edge. So, the wet tile saw is the perfect tile cutter.

There are some other tools like jigsaw, circular saw, hole saw, etc can cut tile. But for a professional tile cutting experience, a wet tile saw or a manual tile saw are the best two tile cutters. Hopefully, this will help you to get experience with different tile cutting tools.

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