6 Best Track Saw Clamps Review

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A track saw is a handheld wood cutting tool resembling a circular saw. This power tool helps make extra accurate straight rip, angular and crosscuts on any size of wooden boards.

The tool is attached to a metallic track that acts as a guide rail during the cutting process. The track is a way to prevent the saw from slipping away from the marked line.

The track saw clamps further offer extra holding power by locking securely on the guard rail’s underside.

Factors to Consider When Buying Track Saw Clamp


Get a sturdy clamp with enough power to keep the track down. It can be very frustrating to have your saw move out of place due to a low-quality clamp. Sturdy clamps will secure track for a quick and accurate cut without the inconveniences of pieces coming out.


Take into consideration the model of your track saw. Ensure that it is the perfect fit and clamps with the correct pressure (you need alittle squeeze on the trigger after contact, you are acceptable). It would also be excellent if the clamp suits any other track saw you might be having.


Look closely into the built of the clamp you want to purchase. You are not only interested in a technically functional clamp but also a well-constructed one. Check for a satisfactory clamp with an excellent trigger, grip, and bar flex.

Ease of Use

You should be able to attach a clamp on the track of your saw fast and easily. Ensure that the clamp you buy can easily slide on the grooves found on the saw track’s underside and leave it hanging below. That implies that the clamp will not stick above the guide rail, causing interference in your saw movements.

Best Track Saw Clamps Reviews

1.DewaltTrack SawClamp

There’s no track saw that makes one-handed operation as simple as the Dewalt Track saw clamp. It generally is an easy-to-use tool that should help you cut with ease.

The Dewalt Track saw clamp is compatible with DWS5022, DWS5023,and DWS5020 Dewalt track saw tracks.Thanks to the one-handed operation, it is as easy to set up as it is to use.

Dewalt products are known for theirefficiency and durability, and this one doesn’t deviate from the script. It has a solid construction that ensures it stands the test of time. You won’t have to worryabout having to replace it soon after purchase.

They are significantly quicker and faster when you are working on the underside of your track. You will find it easier to secure the track with the Dewalt clamp when you are cutting.

The clamp will work by siding into the grooves under the track hanging below it. In return, that makes it easier and fasterfor you to use the saw on the track.

Although they are specified to work with DeWalt Tracks explicitly, you can try them out on Festool tracks.

Key Features

  • Mainly compatible with Dewalt track saw tracks
  • Easy and fast one-handed operation
  • It can also work for Festool tracks
  • Affordable
CompatibilityCompatible with Dewalt products
Model NumberDWS5026
Dimensions8.88 by 14.63 by 1.94 inches

2.WEN CT992F 7.5-Inch Track Saw Clamps (Two Pack)

The Wen track saw clamp is your best bet if you’re looking for a track saw clamp that will make it as straightforward as possible towork on your workpiece comfortably saw rail.

The Wen track saw clamp will help you prevent or minimize slipping and sliding the track whenever you saw with a track saw. It isrelatively easy to use and is underpinned by smooth installation and removal thanks to the quick-release buttons.

You will love the fact that you will get two clamps for the affordable price it comes with. That’s because it comes in a pack of two clamps that will provide some insurance for you if one fails.

With the universal design this clamp comes with, it will fit most tracks on the market. That being said, it will work best with Wen CT1065 and CT9980 eighty-inch tracks.

The squeeze grip triggers will ensue tight support and security when you are using it to add to the ease of use. For that reason, its performancewon’t leave too much to desire.

Key Features

  • Quick-release buttons for installation and removal
  • Compatible with Wen tracks
  • Has squeeze grip triggers for maximum support when in use
  • Features a universal design to fit most track saws
CompatibilityWorks primarily with Wen track saws
Added benefitsUniversal design that fits most other track saws
Dimensions13.62 by 8.62 by 1.85 inches
Model NumberCT992F

3.Makita 194385-5 Clamper Set

Makita has been in the market with quality tools for quite some time. This clamper set is yet another commendable tool that will change the approach you take to working on your track saw safety-wise.

This clamper set is easy to use and has a solid build that will mean it will serve you for quite sometime. The set will make it saw operating with your track faster and more straightforward.

With a throat depth of 5/12 inches, you will be able to cut a considerable length before it becomes problematic. That shows you how easy to use it will be, especially for your low-profile needs.

Their performance is admirable, especially when you are working with slippery or prefinished material. They will hold it still as you do your thing.

Key Features

  • Throat depth of 5/12 inches
  • Best for low profile use
  • With modification can work with Paulk style bench
  • Easy to use
Model Number194385-6
Dimensions5.91 by 1.18 by 8.66 inches

4.Powertec Quick Screw Guide Rail Clamp

The Powertech guide rail clamp is as efficient as they come. It’s versatile and will enable you to use to guide clampings on different track saws.

It comes with two quick screw clamps that work with a maximum opening of 53/8 inches and a throat opening of 2 3/8 inches. The throat depth enables it to work better with various track saws.

You will love the design of this guide rail clamp. The ergonomic plastic clamp handle grips enable you to do quick and comfortable tightening, minus the wood splinters.

It also has steel pressure pads and removable plastic to ensure they serve you better when using your saw.

Another thing you will love about this clamp is its versatility. It can be a portable clamp for your table saw or be the ideal MFT clamp for your home-based workbench. Additionally, they also fit into T-slots.

With the superior clamping force you can get with this clamp, you won’t regret getting it.

Key Features

  • Highly versatile and can work for various options
  • Has a throat depth of 2inches
  • It fits into a T-slot
  • Superior clamping force
Clamping Force      204.117 kgs
CompatibilityCompatible with various track saws
Throat depth23/8 inches
Clamping thickness           5-3/8 inches

5.Micro Jig DVC Track Saw Clamp

The Micro Jig track saw clamp would enable you to clamp almost anywhere, thanks to the dovetail groove. It has several features that will make it a joy to use and hasten your work.

It has a unique shape that easily slidesintogrooves and dovetail wood tracks for faster and easier clamping. It also is universally compatible with all 0.5 inches 14-degree dovetail with router bit profile

The Micro jig clamps are also compatible with ¾-by-¾ inches dog holes t enable you to make quick hold-downs. They will also allowyou to eliminate the need for overly expensive T tracks.

Performance-wise, this clamp will seamlessly slot into your retinue f tools. It will not only make work easier andfaster but will also save you a lot of energy.

Key Features

  • It comes with a soft grip handle
  • Universally compatible with all 0.5-inch14-degree dovetails
  • It has a unique shape to slide into grooves easily
  • It doesn’t need T tracks
BrandMicro Jig
ColourYellow and green
CompatibilityCan clamp anywhere
Clamping Range:0 – 5.25 inches (0 – 133mm).

6.Festool Quick Clamp

With a considerable clamping thickness, this clamp will give you the stability to do various cutting activities.

What makes it such a handy device is the ratcheting mechanism that makes it easier to lock and faster release the hold onto the workpiece. That enables you to go about your cutting quicker and more efficiently.

The clamping thickness of 168 millimetres is sufficientto allow you to work on a wide variety of workpieces. You can secure your workpiece for precision cutting, sanding among other applications.

You can also insert it on the underside T-slot of guide rails to enable you to accessvarious positions for your application. In addition to that, it can also work efficiently with an MFT table’s holes and channels.

The Festool Quick clamp will provide you with unrivalled performance across different Festool products, notably the MFT/3, KAPEX KS 120, TSC 55, TS 55, and TS 75.

Key Features

  • Mostly compatible with Festool
  • It has a clamping thickness of 168 mm
  • Versatile and canwork for various applications
  • Works with both MFT table and T-slot guide rails
CompatibilityMostly Festool
Clamping thickness168mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Do you need to clamp a track saw?

A track saw has exclusive features that make it stand out against its opponents and does not need clamping. The saw slides on a rail as it makes long and precise cuts.

2. How does a track saw stay in place?

On the downside, a track has a non-destructive, slip resisting rubber-like pad that keeps the track held to the workspace as you make cuts. The track saw slides along a sure track, which remain gripped in its place due to the non-slip, non-destructive rubber pad.

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