5 Best Dethatching Blade 2022(Tried & Tested)

If you have a lawn, dethatching once in a while is essential. This exercise involves ridding off a thick mesh of organic debris lying between growing grass and soil surface. It not only maintains your lawn in good health but also keeps it beautiful. That is only possible if you have the best dethatching blade for your thatcher.

Best Dethatching Blade

A dethatching blade is attached to a vertical mower deck to enable you to break up thatch. You want a blade that will effectively remove thatch, save energy, but at the same time not affect the growth of your grass.

Where do you find such blades, though?

You can start here.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Dethatching Blade

To get the dethatching blade worth the money you are ready to spend, you will need to look at several things. As with any other product, there are specific things you’ll want to see in the ideal blade.

  1. Mower Compatibility

By compatibility, we mean the number of lawnmowers that the blade can work with. For instance, some blades won’t work with Toro’s lawnmower but will efficiently work with other models.

A good dethatching blade should be able to adapt to different mowers and function without any issues.

That is the reason you need to consider the blade’s compatibility. Remember to look at the specifications before purchasing the blade. You don’t want to end up with a blade that isn’t compatible with your lawnmower.

  • Durability

You don’t want to get a blade that you will need replacing often. Most of us would love a product that we will own for longer compared to one that can’t stand the test of time. Before buying a dethatching blade, carefully think about the lifespan of the blade.

That means looking at the blade’s material and judging whether it can stand the test of time. Stainless steel is usually the material most associated with durability, although aluminum can also be long-lasting.

  • Versatility

You need a dethatching blade that can perform multiple functions. Anyone will tell you how much they love a tool that can do so many different things. An ideal blade should loosen, remove dead grass and mulch your lawn.

That’s why a blade with a single function will not appeal to most people, so why should you choose it?

  • Additional Benefits

You will also need to look at some additional benefits that the blade comes with. Such benefits include springs. Springs will make the blade more adaptable since you can now use it with different mowers without it butchering the grass on your lawn.

However, not all blades will come with the springs making it compulsory to consider those features before purchasing the blade.

5. Accessories

Most of these blades will come in a kit. Some might have several accessories within the kit, such as a dethatching line or a hardware pack. Such accessories make the blades more straightforward to use, in addition to them being adaptable to most lawnmowers.

Therefore, if you are buying a dethatching blade, it is only fitting that you look at some of the accessories it will come with.

5 Best Dethatching Blade Review

Now that you know what to consider before purchasing a dethatching blade, what are the best dethatching blades on the market right now? We have several options you can compare and choose from.

1.Arnold Dethatching Blade(490-100-0056)

Kicking off our list is the Arnold dethatching blade. Arnold prides itself on the durability of its products and compatibility with a wide range of products. That makes the Arnold blade one of the best options you can get for your walk-behind mower.

The Arnold dethatching blade boasts compatibility with any lawn mower with a 21-inch and 22-inch cutting width deck. The Arnold blade will not only dethatch grass but also cut and mulch.

Besides the blade, this kit will come with several accessories, including a dethatching line and a hardware pack. It is compatible with several brands, notably Craftsman, Husqvarna, Toro, Snapper, to mention but a few.

With the universal center hole, it isn’t that surprising that it can work with most walk-behind lawnmowers. The blade’s sharpness and thickness mean you can trim down the thatch on your lawn faster and more efficiently.

What you won’t like about this blade kit, however, is that it won’t work with all walk-behind lawnmowers. Even for those with the correct deck width (21 and 22 inches wide), it is only compatible with several.

Key Features

  • It works with most 21 or 22-inch-wide deck walk behind mowers
  • It can cut, dethatch, mulch and bag
  • The kit comes with the blade, dethatching line, and hardware pack
  • It has a universal center hole
BrandArnold Corporation
CompatibilityMost 21 and 22-inch-wide deck walk behind mowers
Center hole Pattern3/8 inches, 7/16inches,and5/8inches
Blade ConfigurationFlat
Weight12.8 ounces

2.Oregon Universal Dethatching Blade

The Oregon dethatching blade differs from the Arnold in one significant way: it comes with the Oregon spring. That means it can work with lawnmowers with curved mounting plates provided they have a deck 20 inches wide.

It has bits that make it adaptable to different mowers, although it is best for removing moss. That, however, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be good enough for mulching or cutting grass.

The springs ensure this blade doesn’t destroy the lawn but removes the thatch fast. If you know the right setting for your lawn, this dethatching blade should have you covered whenever you want to reduce thatch on your lawn.

The solid steel build means you will own it for quite some time. The various washers that come with it add to the range of mowers you can use this blade on. That marks it out as relatively versatile.

However, what will not impress you with this blade is that it could butcher your lawn if you get the setting on your mower wrong. That is evident when you go for a low setting. On the other hand, a higher setting on some mowers will only mow instead of dethatching.

Key Features

  • Works mainly with clamshell mowers
  • It comes with an adapter kit
  • It has a center hole of 1 inch
  • It comes with a dethatching spring
Center hole1 inch
CompatibilityWorks mainly with clamshell mowers
Additional BenefitIt comes with a spring

3.Arnold 16-inch Dethatching Mower Blade (490-100-0111)

If you are looking for a reliable blade to replace the one on your mower, you can do no wrong considering the Arnold 16-inch dethatching blade. Unlike its predecessor on this list, this one comes with springs that add to its versatility.

The springs mean you can fit it onto a sixteen-inch rotary mower. The springs will also make it easier to dethatch as you can set your mower to a low setting without fearing for your lawn.

This dethatching blade also guarantees you versatility since it can loosen and eliminate dead grass in addition to dethatching. It can also mulch leaves as well. By removing the dead grass, it allows it to breathe, thus improving its growth rate.

It fits several mowers starting with Craftsman and even Lawn-boy. The mowers need to have a deck that is 16 inches wide. It, however, won’t work with Toro mowers with an atomic blade.

Key Features

  • It is a 16-inch blade
  • It fits most lawn mowers
  • It comes with springs
  • It can mulch as well as loosen and remove dead grass
CompatibilityIt can fit most mowers with a 16-inch deck
Item Weight1.8 pounds

4.MaxPower Lawn Mower Blade

The MaxPower lawnmower blade is a US-made metal blade that can fit any 21-inch-wide deck lawnmower. It boasts a golden mulching blade that has been sharpened to give clean and fine cuts.

It also comes with an expansive cutting surface that allows it to increase the amount of mulch it can move. Therefore, if you have a lawn with overgrown mulch, this blade will be an excellent fit.

Another thing that will impress you with this blade is the centrifugal airlift design it comes in. Why is that design important? It allows for uniform distribution while chopping grass for maximum efficiency.

The one-inch center hole makes it a universal fit for mowers. The reducing washers of varying sizes also increase the variety of mowers the blade can work with. That also reduces the chances of it being incompatible with your mower.

One thing you will not like, however, is that the center hole is round. That means it won’t work with some mowers, more specifically John Deere mowers. However, that doesn’t discount the other features that make this blade be among the best dethatching blades.

Key Features

  • It has a one-inch roundcenter hole
  • Expansive cutting surface
  • Centrifugal air lift design for uniform distribution
  • Compatible with 21-inch lawnmowers
CompatibilityUniversally compatible for all 21-inch mowers
Item weight2 pounds

5. New Stens Power Rake Dethatching Blade

The New Stens dethatching blade will enable you to turn your regular mower into a dethatcher without buying a new machine. You will thus be able to loosen and remove dead grass.

It is compatible with most mowers that are 16 inches wide. The blade also comes with attaching adapters that make it possible to connect to most mowers.

You will also love its ability dethatched to work with the 370-011 rake spring. That means it would be kind on your lawn and wouldn’t uproot grass.

The metal material also means this is a relatively durable blade. You don’t want a blade that you will have to replace after just a few uses.

However, you will have to be careful about the round center hole that makes it nearly impossible to use with some types of mowers. That may need you to fabricate adapters so that the blade can work for some star mowers.

Apart from the few drawbacks, this is quite a decent dethatching blade that will help your lawn flourish.

Key Features

  • It has a round center hole
  • It comes with attaching adapters, making it compatible with various mowers
  • It can work with rake springs
  • It fits most 16-inch mowers
CompatibilityCompatible with most 16-inch mowers
Item Weight2.1 pounds
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it better to dethatch or aerate first?

Dethatching promotes root development and allows seeds to grow faster and thus should be first. It will, however, depend on what exactly is afflicting your lawn. If your lawn has a compaction issue, it will be best to aerate it first before dethatching.

2. How often should you dethatch your lawn?

The average lawn will need dethatching at least once a year. However, if you have fast-growing grass on your lawn, then detaching every time the grass gets to a length of 0.5 inches would be a wise move.

3. Can Dethatching hurt your lawn?

Yes, it can. Dethatching can hurt your lawn, especially if you use a dethatching blade that isn’t compatible with your mower. If you set the blade wrongly, you could also end up damaging your lawn.

4. Does Dethatching work?

Dethatching works. There are so many benefits that come with dethatching your lawn. The grass will grow better since the dethatching will have removed dead grass after loosening it.

The seeds will also take to the soil faster after dethatching due to the removal of debris. The debris could have been preventing the seeds from attaining enough air to allow the grass to sprout.

5. Can I Dethatch in spring?

The best time to dethatch is when the grass is actively growing. Typical lawn grass will grow most either in the spring or in early fall. Therefore, spring is an ideal time to dethatch.

Since dethatching removes the top layer of grass, you should do it when the grass is actively growing. That means the grass can recover faster after dethatching.

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