6 Best Edger Blades 2022(Tried & Tested)

MTD Genuine Parts 3-Side Edger Star Blade - Pack of 2
4 Pack, Heat Hardened (longer life) Edger Blades Replace...
Stens 375-525 Star Edger Blade, 8" L x 1" CH,Black
BLACK+DECKER Edger Replacement Blade for Edge Hog (EB-007)
4 Pack, Edger Blades Replace Ryobi 613223, Echo 720-237-001,...
MowerPartsGroup (5) 8" X 2" Oregon Gator Edger Blades Fits...
MTD Genuine Parts 3-Side Edger Star Blade - Pack of 2
4 Pack, Heat Hardened (longer life) Edger Blades Replace...
Stens 375-525 Star Edger Blade, 8" L x 1" CH,Black
BLACK+DECKER Edger Replacement Blade for Edge Hog (EB-007)
4 Pack, Edger Blades Replace Ryobi 613223, Echo 720-237-001,...
MowerPartsGroup (5) 8" X 2" Oregon Gator Edger Blades Fits...
MTD Genuine Parts 3-Side Edger Star Blade - Pack of 2
MTD Genuine Parts 3-Side Edger Star Blade - Pack of 2
4 Pack, Heat Hardened (longer life) Edger Blades Replace...
4 Pack, Heat Hardened (longer life) Edger Blades Replace...
Stens 375-525 Star Edger Blade, 8" L x 1" CH,Black
Stens 375-525 Star Edger Blade, 8" L x 1" CH,Black
BLACK+DECKER Edger Replacement Blade for Edge Hog (EB-007)
BLACK+DECKER Edger Replacement Blade for Edge Hog (EB-007)
4 Pack, Edger Blades Replace Ryobi 613223, Echo 720-237-001,...
4 Pack, Edger Blades Replace Ryobi 613223, Echo 720-237-001,...
MowerPartsGroup (5) 8" X 2" Oregon Gator Edger Blades Fits...
MowerPartsGroup (5) 8" X 2" Oregon Gator Edger Blades Fits...
best edger blades

Your search for the best edger blades brought you here, right? Trust us. You have landed at the right place. Every homeowner desires to maintain an eye-catching scene in their yard. That’s why you must practice edging after mowing, and for satisfactory results, you have to secure the right edger blade for an easy and smooth edging exercise.

Edgers have vertical rotating metallic blades designed to maintain edges that spill onto walkways forming a thin, neat, and noticeable grass strip. You may have a high-end lawn edger, but its performance is determined by how good the blade is.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Best Edger Blades

As mentioned earlier, your edger performance is as good as the blade unit. In this section, we aim to save your time by discussing the significant factors you must keenly look at to ensure you get value for your money.


Ensure to locate a good quality blade made from quality material and a robust build. Remember, you will be hitting on some hard objects like stones or cement that would expose the blade to severe damage.

If the components used to manufacture the blade are high quality, you can be sure that your blade will withstand even the harshest conditions.


By durability here, we mean the length of time the blade will last with consistent and optimum performance. No one wants an edger blade that bends, cracks, or wears out inches in a short moment of use. Get quality blackened steel blades that can resist oxidation and corrosion.


Select a suitable blade for the model of your edging machine. Quite a number of blades can work well with almost all edgers. Some manufacturers, however, make their products compatible with products of their own.

Blade Type

Edger blades come in three different types, each meant to serve a different purpose. Your choice, therefore, depends on the kind of job you need to do.

•           Flat Rectangular Blades

These have a straight and sharp cutting edge with converse corners. They are easy to use and make for easy raising and lowering to cut various grasses. This type performs best when on gas or electrically powered edgers since spinning them manually through thick dust can be an overwhelming and draining task.

 •          Star-Shaped Blades

Star-shaped blades come with multiple cutting points, either 4 or 8 points. They perfectly trench and make angular cuts around flowers on a raised bed. For proper control of shrubs and hedges near pavements, this is the blade.

You can as well use it as a lawn aerator. Run it in your yard to make holes before broadcasting new seeds and fertilizer to allow free airflow. Adjust the blade height to make deep or shallow holes.

  • Flat Blades With Scoop-Cut Ends

For a lawn near a flowerbed that has mulch, this is the blade type you need. The blades burrow through the mulch, creating a well-pronounced edge between grass and your flowerbed.

They are convenient for controlling grass from spreading into your flower bed and further into the mulch.

Scoop-cut flat blades are an excellent selection to help you eliminate weeds that grow between pavers arranged on a driveway. Set the lawn edger at its slowest speed and dig out the weeds on the pavers.


Imagine the frustration of buying an edger blade you cant use for more than an hour. Look for an edger blade that will help you achieve desired results with minimal time wastage and the least expense. Sharpness is the primary factor that determines the efficiency of your blade. It is impossible to guess how long the blade can keep its sharpness, but at least it should accept sharpening or replacing.


Mind the weight of the blade before any purchase. If the blade is too heavy, the edger may not withstand and end up breaking down. You may also find it hard to push and maneuver around during an edging session.

Best Edger Blades Product Reviews

1.MTD Genuine Parts 3-Side Edger Star Blade

Leading on our review list is Arnolds 3-sided star-edged edger blade. This two-pack blade is best suited for edging a paved walkway or driveway with weeds or grass invasion. Away from the shape, the blade has soo much covered. It is compatible with most edgers from various companies. An edger that fits a 9-inch blade and a 1.59mm diameter center hole is compatible with this blade.

If you have an edger originating from Troy-Bilt, MTD, White Outdoor, Huskee, Yard Machines, Bolens, or Yard-man, rest assured that you will not struggle to get a match.

For being a two-pack, it is suitable for individuals who do extensive edging in a single or more seasons.


  • Compatible with most edgers from various manufacturers
  • Easily fits in any edger with a 1.59cm center hole that takes 9inch blades
  • Quality build for more uses
Weight1.98 pounds
Blade Configuration3 sided star
CompatibilityFits edgers that require a 22.9cm blade and 1.59cm diameter.

2. 4 Pack, Edger Blades Replace Ryobi 613223

Have you been searching for good edging blades for your sidewalk? Well, here is your blade. We found this as one of the highly-rated types of the blade during our research.

This rectangular flat-shaped edger measures 73/4 long, 2inches wide, and has a thickness of 0.996” – 0.150”. Ryobi 613223 has one center hole that perfectly fits in Ryobi edgers, Toro unit, and many other brand edgers.

These blades are heat treated and made from hardened steel, useful for easy edging tasks. Consider this four-pack for seasons when you need a lot of edging; they will make your sessions easy and enjoyable.

The blades need sharpening before use. Sound like an inconvenience? Not really. You will increase its performance. Lastly, we think this is a decent 4-pack; however, its low cost reflects its durability.


  • Compatible with many brand edgers
  • Perfectly fits and easy to mount on the edger
  • Resistant to corrosion
Blade ConfigurationFlat
MaterialHardened Steel
Center hole1 inch
Weight1.8 ounces

3. Stens 375-525 Star Edger Blade

On top of the list is Stens 375 -525 edger blade that has gained popularity for supplying top-quality lawn care equipment. This four-pack star-shaped edging blade is the best choice when you want to do heavy-duty yard edging.

The four star-shaped blades powerfully cuts through tough grass effortlessly without blowing much debris in the air or your face. It produces smooth and neat edges all the time. You can easily track closely on sidewalks for precise cuts owing to its star shape.

This heat-hardened blade is unsharpened and comes with a 0.90inch thickness, while the center hole has a diameter of ½ inch. It perfectly fits the Stihl edger and many other edgers, but you need to double-check the edger’s size before purchase.

Installation of this blade is straightforward and performs better than typical straight blades.For heavy-duty edging along hedges and across walls and other barriers, look no further Stens 375 – 525 blade is your match.


  • Heat hardened for longer life than only a single season
  • Easy installation and compatibility with many edger models
  • Offers clear, neat, and professional edges
Blade configurationStar shape
Thickness0.090 inches

4. BLACK+DECKER EB-007 Edge Hog

Black and Decker’s blades are some of the best performing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement blades for the edge hog LE 750 edger. This steel-made blade is sharpened right at the factory for easy and precise cuts. It comes with two replacement washers

The center hole is ½ inch and perfectly fits various edger models from Black +Decker as is expected of OEM products. The compatible models include LE 750, LE710, and LE760. Swapping the blades is very easy as well.

The EB-007 Edge Hog blades measure 7-1/2 inches and feature a wear indicator. It is lightweight, and you don’t need to worry about adding extra weight to your edger.

One of the stand-out features is the serrated lead corners for improved cuts. In our research, we learned that this blade’s performance is superior to the original tool blade.

You don’t have to be that tight; get this replacement blade to stop working hard and work smart.


  • Lightweight
  • Made from hardened steel for durability
  • Compatible with a few other Black + Decker edgers
  • Features various cutting depths
  • User friendly
  • Serrated lead ends for improved cuts
Weight8 ounces
BrandBlack + Decker
CompatibilityLE 750,LE710 and LE760

5. 4 Pack, Heat Hardened (longer life) Ryobi

The Ryobi edger blade is a heat-hardened option if you’re looking for a replacement rotary edger blade. It comes in a pack of two pairs of edger blades that will enable you to use it to replace the Echo, Ryobi, Ryan, and Maruyama brands.

They are quite thick and will thus serve you for a longer time due to the reduced wear and tear. Additionally, they will fit any edger with a one-inch center hole. That will ensure it is adaptable to any standard edger.

Installation is easy as long as you adhere to the instructions as written in the user manual. It also comes with a list that will enable you to know what different brands it is compatible with.

With these edger blades, you won’t have to worry about their origin. They are genuine rotary replacement parts that won’t disappoint. They are also quite affordable for the quality they offer you.

Key Features

  • It has a one-inch center hole
  • Genuine rotary replacement parts
  • Compatible with a wide range of products
  • Easy installation
  • Commendable thickness and durability
Number blades4
CompatibilitySee on the user manual
Center hole1 inch
Item weight1.65 pounds

6. Mower Parts Oregon Edger Blade Fits

If you are looking for a replacement for your edger blade, there is little you can do wrong choosing this edger blade fits. They have a proper enough length of 8 inches to make them a good fit for any rotary replacement.

The one-inch arbor hole also adds to the number of brands you can use with these edger blades. With 105 inches of thickness, this edger blade replacement will serve you for quite some time. That’s because the thickness reduces the effects of wear and tear.

Installation is relatively easy as long as you follow what the manual outlines to the latter. If you install them in the wrong way, then it could have consequences for you as you use them as they might tear up concrete.

These mower parts will also enable you to make the proper trenches at the best angle. They again fling out dirt from a pavement or sidewalk edge to create the perfect edge that will impress you.

Key Features

  • It has a diagonal length of 8 inches
  • Compatible with different brands
  • It has a thickness of 105 inches
  • The Center hole of one inch adds to compatibility
Thickness105 inches
Center holeOne inch
CompatibilityCompatible with several brands
Length8 inches
Item weight1.9 pounds
                     We also have reviewed best Dethatching Blade

Check how to change and choose edger blade

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does an edger blade last?

It depends on the quality and the frequency with which you use it. Best edger blades should take you through a whole season without the need for replacement. Edger blades tend to get dull and wear out quickly because they are often digging through sand and soil and rubbing against sidewalks and driveways.

  • Should I sharpen my edger blade?

Yes. Dull edger blades rip and cut grass instead of making a clearly defined cut on your lawn. Use a sharpening file to restore sharpness for a comfortable edging experience. You can employ professional service or sharpen it yourself.

  • What kind of steel are edger blades?

Edger blades are made out of carbon steel, which is a combination of carbon and iron. Carbon steel is solid, rust-resistant, and durable. It makes a good choice for edger blades construction as it is also very safe to handle

  • Do you really need an edger?

Yes, you need it. Edging your lawn takes a little more of your time, but it is worth it. But why? Edging creates a neat, attractive, and professional appearance. You get to cut grass and weeds creeping to your pavements. If you edge your lawn monthly, a noticeable distinction between yards will be formed, and you will also gain a weed-free edge all around your garden.

  • Is gas edger better than electric?

The two types of blades are both effective in edging. However, each of them has benefits and drawbacks associated. It is, therefore, advisable to select the type depending on your position and needs.

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