8 Best Saw Blade for Laminate Flooring 2022(Tried &Tested)

1. Freud 7-1/4″ Saw Blade for Plywood and Melamine –best for crosscutting

The Freud 7-1/4″ Blade for melamine and plywood is a saw blade with sharp 60 teeth that cut through woods without leaving splinters. This valuable saw component makes your cutting easy with its two-degree hook angle, 5/6 Arbor, and Hi-ATB Grind teeth configuration components. The Hi-ATB guarantees clean cuts without splinters. The durability quality of the saw blade to last long and withstand tough impact is assured as it is manufactured from titanium cobalt carbide.

A unique product from a top brand in the industry, this thin kerf saw blade is good at making clean cuts on laminate floors and plywood. For a utility tool that is useful for cutting melamine, plywood, and laminate, cross-cutting hardwood is an area it excels the most. It can cut through a ¼ to 1-5/8 inch thick material.

It is stable and presents only a very minimal vibration during use when compared to others in its rank, a possibility made feasible by its anti-vibration feature. This feature assists the user during hand movement when cutting. A perma-shield coating on the component protects both the hands of the blade user and people closely. It reduces friction to reduce wear and tear tremendously. The shield also helps against corrosion and gives protection to the edges.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Possesses anti-vibration mechanism for stability during use
  • Comes under an affordable cost of just about $51
  • Adapted for crosscutting hardwood, a good cross-cutting tool for carpenters
  • Highly durable, made to last long using titanium cobalt carbide
Brand NameFreud (A top-ranked manufacturer)  
Teeth Capacity  60 teeth
Material  Titanium cobalt carbide
Color  Multi-color
OtherProduces less heat  
BenefitsIt is suitable for extended use without breaking

2. Bosch DCB1072 Circular Saw Blade – best in speed and cutting ability

This 10-inch saw blade comes with a TCG (Triple-chip grind) tooth configuration, Bosch C4 sets of carbide teeth that cut through the laminate, wood, and other abrasive materials. As a TCG tooth configured blade, it delivers excellent performance, ensuring clean cuts. In processed or wet lumber, the Speed Coat component adds greater speed by eliminating friction and noise while also preventing binding during a cut.

As a circular saw component, its thin-kerf, an extra-tough steel plate, in addition to an ultrasonic body slot enables minimal noise and vibration and as well improves cut efficiency. Exhibiting the unique features of the DareDevil circular saw blades, this accessory is built with an extra-hard body that never bends the blades. Equipped with the C3 micro-grain carbide, brute carbide, the blade will remain sharp for longer use before replacement is required. It has high resistance to impact damage.

The blade often features a regulation-cut component to minimize the kickback effect and intense heat. Furthermore, they have a thin kerf design that allows quick cuts and less waste.

The TCG teeth not only make an incredibly quick cut but also a flawless finish at all times. These blades have been designed with innovative expansion slots to prevent warping.

Key Features

  • Comes under an affordable price of $47
  • Has high impact damage resistance
  • Very durable and built for a lasting use
  • It offers quicker cuts and prevents wastage
  • Designed for extreme performance


Brand NameBosch (A brand associated with quality)  
Teeth Capacity  72 teeth
Material  Carbide
Color  Blue
Item Dimensions14 x12 x 0.31 (WxLxH) inches
OtherDelivers accurate cutting and is not known for bending  
BenefitsThese circular saw blades are available in a large choice of dimensions and packs, making them suitable for home use, specialist, or heavy-duty workers.

3. Bosch T128BHM3 14 Teeth Blades for Laminates – best in durability

This Bosch laminate Jigsaw blade is made out of carbide material for durability. A rugged design that is tough enough to survive any resistance to keep working, its high performance is ensured by a thin blade kerf which reduces the extraction of material, heat and contributes to its efficiency. A development style of the Jig Saw T-Shank blade type, it has a ground and taper ground back teeth implementation to enhance extra-clean cut on laminate.

Embracing carbide brazing technology for this design, the two rows of counter-directed teeth that are arranged at various angles enable its ability to cut through on any difficult material seamlessly with chip-free cuts on laminate. Laminates are abrasive materials that are rough on blade life, but for this blade, an enviable 10x more lifespan and performance is delivered relative to regular Bi-Metal blades.

And this goes to show why this Jig Saw Blade is used in a wide range of applications including laminated particle boards, melamine, laminate flooring, and high-pressure laminates.

Key Features

  • An extremely powerful and efficient cutting tool
  • It is a highly durable product offering 10 times longevity compared to conventional bi-metal blades
  • It provides extra-clean cuts with no chips
  • It is a high utility blade that can cut the most difficult material


Brand NameBosch (A top leader in the manufacturing industry)  
Teeth Capacity  14 teeth/inch
Material  Carbide Strip
Color  Blue
Item Dimensions6.6 by 0.4 by 0.35(LxWxH) inches
OtherComes from advanced design and quality engineering giving it the ruggedness that it offers  
BenefitsOffers great performance ability

4. Freud D1216LF PCD Laminate Flooring Blade – best in performance and for cutting laminate flooring

This Freud-made Diablo saw blade is specifically designed for cutting laminate flooring. In comparison with a carbide-tipped saw blade, this innovative new concept provides 75 times more in performance. The blade is the Pergo brand’s only licensed blade for cutting their products.

Made of the quality Polycrystalline Diamond material, the teeth design is in a special geometric arrangement to offer unprecedented cutting efficiency. Besides, the anti-kickback hi-tech architecture protects the teeth for longer shelf life.

A solid build with a Laser-cut anti-vibration design, its anti-vibration implementation decreases vibration, cuts down the noise, and stabilizes the blade when in use. Showcasing a high utility for cutting, its application spans across various uses including for cutting Pergo, laminate, hardwood, engineered hardwood, bamboo, and wood cutting applications.

Key Features

  • Falls under the $80 mark
  • It’s an utility chop saw blade suitable for table, miter and straight cutting
  • Has high cutting efficiency
  • Has a wide range of application, ideal for both small and large workshops


Brand NameFreud (A top manufacturing blade company in the world)  
Teeth Capacity  16 teeth/inch
Material  blend
Color  Multi-color
Item Dimensions16 by 14 by 0.25 (LxWxH) inches
OtherExcels inefficiency and adaptable for heavy use  
BenefitsCuts with no chips and has a long life span

5. Freud 10″ Thin Kerf Blade (LU79R010)

A product of advanced technology made by Freud, this thin kerf blade has the quality that every Freud saw blade line is made of. When cutting anything from varnished plywood to melamine floor tiles and hardwood, the 10-inch Freud LU79R010 is a heavy-duty blade that provides an accurate, chip-free finish.

This robust thin-kerf blade is designed to uphold Freud’s quality standards of a stable, rugged, and high-performing saw blade line. Their laser-cut, anti-vibration slot truly handles vibrations that are common with regular blades in the market to retain stability, eliminate heat, and lower pressure while cutting.

To improve high cutting efficiency, the 80 teeth blade is made out of TiCo high-density carbide tips to withstand tough surfaces. Formulated to help the blade retain a strong cutting edge in the face of challenging crosscut applications, this blend is extra-hard owing to the presence of the more high-density tungsten carbide which is stronger than most TiCo blends. The usual Freud’s Perma-shield coating helps minimize heat accumulation and friction to ensure precision while cutting. The thermal insulation provided by this coating prevents locking and blade warps to ensure lasting use.

In veneered woods, melamine laminates, and crosscuts in hardwoods woods, this blade offers smooth, chip-free edges after a cut session. These thin kerf blades promise to be the ultimate in cutting power, versatile in application areas, and give clean finishes courtesy of the Hi-ATB (high-alternating-top-bevel) teeth design. The 80-tooth, high-alternating-top-bevel design features a large number of small teeth facing both left and right, a setup that guarantees smooth crosscuts and splinter-free finishes.

Key Features

  • Comes under the $80 price mark
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of applications
  • Possesses high durability
  • It is strongly connected to high efficiency and performance


Brand NameFreud (One of the best in the saw blade manufacturing industry)  
Teeth Capacity  80
Material  Blend
Color  Multi-color
Item Dimensions1 by 1 by 1 inch
OtherTough enough to cut through difficult materials, an heavy-duty design
BenefitsVersatile, very useful for both small and large workshops  

6. Forrest T23526 – Woodworker Saw Blade – best for all-purpose

With Forrest T23526 saw blade, commonly called woodworker II, you can rip and crosscut softwoods and hardwoods to any depth up to 2″. An all-purpose blade for table saws, this saw blade can cut through plywood with no chip extraction. The 20-degree face hook gives it that exceptional crosscutting ability on woods.

A brand from the USA, Forrest T23526 Woodworker Saw Blades cut smoother, more effectively, and last longer than most blades before sharpening again or making a total replacement. This laser-cut design has super hard micro-grain carbide teeth to ensure high performance and ensure durability. With a very thin kerf of 0.001 inches, cutting efficiency is guaranteed to be at the optimum.

These top-quality blades rip and crosscut with a super smooth and chip-free finish. 10 inches in diameter design and 5/8″ arbors, this lower-powered machine favored blades encounters minimal resistance during woodcut. An excellent design for crosscutting and ripping soft and hardwoods that are about 1.5 inches thick, the saw blade is ideal for table saws.

Though maybe a bit noisy when compared with the Feud designs that have a protective perma-shield coating, this does not in any way take away the efficient and clean cutting power of this blade.


  • An exceptional design that works perfectly for both ripping and cross cutting
  • It is available under the $160 price limit but well worth the money
  • Cuts clean, very good for home and small workshops


Brand NameForrest (A brand from the USA that is known for  top quality)  
Teeth Capacity  48
Material  Carbide
Color  Multi-color
Item Dimensions11 by 10.9 by 0.35 (LWH) inches
OtherA certified frustration-free product
BenefitsVersatile, dependable rip and cross-cutting blade

7. DEWALT DWA3193PCD Laminate and Fiber cement Saw Blade

If a longer life and extended use is desired in a saw blade, the DEWALT DWA3193PCD Saw blade is a good buy for this purpose. Featuring a hard polycrystalline diamond (synthetic) tipped tooth, this blade cuts clean with no chips. A high-quality blade that cuts through woods like a hot knife on butter, it is a special design for cutting prefinished flooring, fiber cement, and laminate.

This 7-1/4″ diameter and 5/8″ arbor blade just fits well for most saws including circular saws to give the perfect cut on a material.

Key Features

  • Falls under the $42 price limit, very affordable
  • A rare diamond teeth design
  • Very durable, a long-lasting design for extended use


Brand NameDewalt (A quality brand from the USA)  
Teeth Capacity  4
Material  Synthetic polycrystalline diamond tip
Color  Variable
Item Dimensions.5 x 9.75 x 8.75 (LWH) inches
OtherWorks efficiently on fiber cement
BenefitsWorks with a variety of saws

8. DEWALT Jigsaw Blades (DW3712H)

DEWALT DW3712H U-Shank woodcutting blade is a jigsaw blade that is manufactured in the US. The 10 teeth saw blade has ground teeth that are designed for precision. They stay sharper after extended use. For its top quality, this blade cuts through wood material with clean and smooth cuts to the satisfaction of users.

Designed to be used in Dewalt jigsaws and another shank jigsaw in the industry, the blades have deeper gullets along with larger free spaces that remove materials to aid quicker cuts on woods. Not only is this saw blade useful for cutting laminate, but it can also cut through fiberglass and aluminum, a rare application that is not found in other saw blades available in the market.

Key Features

  • Very affordable, pack with under $15 range
  • Simple to make use of
  • It is very durable


Brand NameDewalt(A top-rated company in the US)  
Teeth Capacity  10
Material  High carbon steel
Color  Variable
Item Dimensions4 by 0.39 by 0.39 (LWH) inches
OtherAdaptable for scrolling saws  
BenefitsNot given to bending
We also have reviewed best blade for cutting fiberglass.

Buying Guide

When it’s time to buy a saw blade, the question of the type of saw at hand and the nature of the cut desired for a project readily comes to mind. Whether you own a table saw, a chop saw or a sliding model miter saw, there is no lack of saw blades in the market. However, the trouble is buying right and choosing from the many available.

Things you should consider before you buy:

Teeth count

  • The number of teeth a blade has is associated with the type of cut and the material in question.
  • If you wish to buy the best saw blade for cutting laminate flooring a teeth count with 40 teeth or more is sufficient for the cut.
  •  Blades with more teeth typically create a cleaner cut, and blades with lesser teeth extract material more easily during a cut.
  • Rip blades are known for material extraction, a cross-cut blade is designed to make a smooth cut into the wood grain, without splintering.

Blade size

  • Saw blades are designed for a variety of purposes. For heavy-duty projects, larger blades are usually required.
  • If you intend it for housing purpose, a smaller saw blade is ideal for the job – a 8-12 inches diameter is okay, flooring becomes irregular when you use a disproportionate blade size for the job
  •  Laminate saw blade should be well-matched with the saw. For a smaller miter saw, you will need a smaller blade. Eight inches fall in the range of small diameter.


  • Carbide and alloy steel should be your primary choice of material for saw blades.
  • They are the ideal saw blade materials for cutting laminate flooring because it takes longer for them to wear out compared other materials for the same purpose
  • They are good for clean cuts and are affordable

Arbor size

  • A blade’s arbor size ensures a good fit to the saw for stability during a cut.
  • Go with the standard 5/8 inch size for your laminate saw blades if you use a circular saw blade and other generic saws
  • Higher sized arbors of 7/8 inch size are designed for other highly specialized and larger saws


  • To be sure a saw blade will serve you much longer; buy a saw blade that the seller offers at least a one year warranty period.

Kerf size

  • The kerf size describes the amount of material the blade extract relative to the power of the saw
  • If you use low powered saw of less than three horse power buy thin-kerf blades, otherwise buy a full-kerf blade

Have you made a choice yet?

A general-purpose design type of saw blade is an ideal choice if besides cutting laminate flooring you hope to use the blade for some other material in the future. The Forrest T23526 – Woodworker Saw Blade offers a good choice and outstanding cutting capabilities for laminate flooring plus other materials.

For specific cutting processes such as ripping logs, cutting veneered plywood, and cutting laminate flooring, plastics, melamine, cross-cutting lumber, and cutting non-metals, you can go with specialized blades such as the Freud D1216LF PCD Laminate Flooring Blade.


1. Will I need an exceptional blade for cutting laminate?

Yes, you do. Different materials require equally different blades for efficiency

2. What kind of saw blade do you recommend as the best to use for laminate flooring?

 Carbide tipped blades work best for cutting laminate flooring and much harder surfaces

3. What is the best blade to cut the laminate countertop?

Laminate countertops are made of softer material. A fine-toothed blade such as a circular saw blade is best for this.

4. Can you cut laminate with a chop saw?

Yes, you can.

5. What way is the best to cut laminate flooring?

To avoid chipping during a laminate cut, lay masking tape on the path of the cutline. Saw along the tape path and remove it when done.

6. Can you cut laminate flooring using a Stanley knife?

 You can. Stanley blades are great utility knives that can be used to trim laminates

7. Will an angle grinder cut laminate flooring?

Though not specifically designed for the purpose, it can be a good alternative to cut laminate flooring.

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