6 Best blade for cutting fiberglass 2022(Tried&Tested)

Diablo by Freud"Freud D1050X Diablo 10"" 50-tooth ATB Combo...
Concord Blades ACB0825T060HP 8-1/4" 60 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous...
Oshlun SBNF-120120 12-Inch 120 Tooth TCG Saw Blade with...
Freud DS0909CGP3 Diablo 9" Carbide General Purpose...
BOSCH T141HM1 1-Piece 4 In. 6 TPI Carbide-Tipped Special for...
BAHCO 3906-300-32-10P 10 Pack 12 Inch Bimetal Hand Hacksaw...
Diablo by Freud"Freud D1050X Diablo 10"" 50-tooth ATB Combo...
Concord Blades ACB0825T060HP 8-1/4" 60 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous...
Oshlun SBNF-120120 12-Inch 120 Tooth TCG Saw Blade with...
Freud DS0909CGP3 Diablo 9" Carbide General Purpose...
BOSCH T141HM1 1-Piece 4 In. 6 TPI Carbide-Tipped Special for...
BAHCO 3906-300-32-10P 10 Pack 12 Inch Bimetal Hand Hacksaw...
Diablo by Freud"Freud D1050X Diablo 10"" 50-tooth ATB Combo...
Diablo by Freud"Freud D1050X Diablo 10"" 50-tooth ATB Combo...
Concord Blades ACB0825T060HP 8-1/4" 60 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous...
Concord Blades ACB0825T060HP 8-1/4" 60 Teeth TCT Non-Ferrous...
Oshlun SBNF-120120 12-Inch 120 Tooth TCG Saw Blade with...
Oshlun SBNF-120120 12-Inch 120 Tooth TCG Saw Blade with...
Freud DS0909CGP3 Diablo 9" Carbide General Purpose...
Freud DS0909CGP3 Diablo 9" Carbide General Purpose...
BOSCH T141HM1 1-Piece 4 In. 6 TPI Carbide-Tipped Special for...
BOSCH T141HM1 1-Piece 4 In. 6 TPI Carbide-Tipped Special for...
BAHCO 3906-300-32-10P 10 Pack 12 Inch Bimetal Hand Hacksaw...
BAHCO 3906-300-32-10P 10 Pack 12 Inch Bimetal Hand Hacksaw...
best blade for cutting fiberglass

The outcome you get ineffectively cutting fiberglass is dependent on the type of saw blade used for the job. From the manufacturers’ desk, fiberglass is best cut with carbide-tipped blades. They also considered that depending on your project, the blade for cutting fiberglass should be purchased for specific saw types for effectiveness. With this understanding, this guide provides you with the best saw blade for the different types of saws and reviews of the best saw blade for cutting fiberglass.

Types of saw blades for cutting fiberglass

Sawzall Blade

The best Sawzall blade for cutting fiberglass should be picked based on its abrasive property because fiberglass also has abrasive characteristics in it. For Sawzall, a carbide-tipped or carbide-grit blade works best for cutting fiberglass.

Jigsaw blade

Using a blade for cutting metals is best for a jigsaw. The choice of metal blade is because fiberglass is tough and a Jigsaw gives the flexibility to cut curves in fiberglass more than any other type of saw.

Hacksaw blade

 Hacksaw blades are fine-toothed blades. They will work to cut fiberglass being fine-toothed but will need a lot more time to accomplish a piece of cutting task on fiberglass. This makes them not that suitable for use if there is a need to do so much cutting of fiberglass.

Circular Saw

Circular saws are like general-purpose saws. This makes them also suitable for cutting fiberglass. They are the ideal choice if a straight cut is required. In addition, they are often the choice when a fine-tooth blade is available.

Types of circular saw blades for cutting fiberglass

Circular carbide-tipped blades

These are blades that are brazened with small tips of carbide on the edges while the main body is a steel component. They are useful for making precision cuts on fiberglass materials.

Abrasive carbide-grit

These blades are made of fiberglass-reinforced silicon carbide abrasive material and are toothless. A blade of this type is capable of slicing hard materials including stones and tough substances like fiberglass. 

Best blade for cutting Fiberglass

1. Freud D1050X Diablo Saw Blade – best circular saw blade for fiberglass

 For a variety of cuts on composites including fiberglass, the Freud D1050X Diablo blades are a good choice for many reasons. They are feature-packed and possess excellent qualities fit for fiberglass cutting jobs.

The saw blade is a 10-inch construction that is compatible with miter saws and table saws. To execute the efficient cutting prowess that this build is made for, the 50 teeth construction utilizes an alternate-top-bevel (ATB) pattern that smoothly rips through fiberglass materials.

The blades are not noisy when in use because of the through-cut vent implementation on them. It has the stabilizer vent (a laser cut vent) to curb noise and cut down vibration thereby cooling the blade and lowering the blade warp. The blade can expand owing to the heat expansion spaces in it to prevent heat build-up.

The Freud D1050X blades are designed to last long because of their durable carbide-made. The company’s proprietary shock-resistant TiCo Hi-Density Carbide composition shields the blade’s tough-built teeth lowers tear and wear and helps the blade retain its sharpness to about four times extra life.

The other protective coating on this blade is the Perma-shield coating that is non-sticky. This is aimed at preventing corrosion and heat-resistant property on the blade. This thin-kerf blade with a 5/8 inch arbor blade is excellent for smooth and neat crosscutting and ripping tough materials like fiberglass.

Key Features

  • The teeth are ATB configured
  • It is tough; strengthened by the proprietary blend of quality carbide and supporting features
  • Are shock-resistant, a feature made possible by TiCo Hi-density carbide
  • It is a combination blade, suitable to handle a variety of jobs
Brand NameDiablo
blade size10 inches
Grit MaterialCarbide
Teeth size50
Teeth Construction typeATB
Max speed7, 000 RPM
Arbor size5/8 inches
Kerf0.98 inches
Weight0.3 pounds
OthersIt is tungsten carbide blended for durability
BenefitIt is versatile, offering multi-purpose use

2. Concord ACB0825T060HP Saw Blade for Non-Ferrous Metals – best innovative construction

blade for cutting fiberglass

Concord Blades ACB0825T060HP is a design built on sophistication. This is an industrial standard aluminum and a nonferrous metal cutting blade that can go for cutting fiberglass materials.

The choice of the construction grade titanium carbide material for the teeth is just perfect such that it allows easy cutting into fiberglass and aluminum. It also gives it the ultra-sharp and tough quality to slice through materials easily. On top of that, teeth construction is a TCG format that enables quick and smooth cuts on fiberglass.

The negative hook angle of -5 degrees is just right for the fiberglass material because it is designed for brittle and difficult materials like fiberglass. This type of hook angle helps with smooth and slower cuts for effectiveness. 

A very thin kerf of 0.0945 and a 5/8 inches arbor with a diamond knockout helps to solidify its quality build for cutting fiberglass. Besides, it can also go for other non-ferrous metals including PVC, Flexi glass, acrylics, plastics, brass, bronze, and copper. It is compatible with table saws, miter saw, circular saw and the rare radial arm saw.

Key Features

  • Made of high durable titanium carbide
  • Has a very thin kerf of 0.0945
  • Has a diamond knockout to prevent slipping while cutting
  • The teeth is TCG configured for exceptional performance
Brand NameConcord blades
blade size8-1/4 inches
 MaterialTitanium Carbide
Teeth size60
Teeth Construction typeTCG
Max speed6, 690 RPM
Arbor size5/8 inches
Kerf0.0945 inches
Weight1.1 pounds
OthersComes with a limited warranty
BenefitIt is good for both metal and non-metal cutting projects.

3. Oshlun SBNF-120120 12-Inch Saw Blade -Most Premium

The Oshlun SBNF-120120 blade is a professional-grade build for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Though it is marked as an aluminum cutting tool, this blade is of industrial performance quality much like Concord ACB0825T060HP Saw Blade.

The manufacturer did a good job by implementing top-quality properties in this design. First, it is 12 inches saw blade with an extra-sharp carbide tipped with 120 teeth for the ultimate cut experience on fiberglass. As a professional-grade blade, it is toughened by a reliable material in C-1 micro-grained tungsten carbide. This is a good choice for precision cutting.

 The hook angle is a negative one that ensures smooth, slow but effective cuts on fiberglass and difficult materials. Much like the Concord blade design, the efficient and excellent performing TCG teeth configuration is the choice to deliver the expected cuts on fiberglass. For heat dissipation and protection against damage when in use, it comes with expansion slots that conduct heat away from the material.

 As with most 12 inches diameter blades, the customary 1-inch arbor completes this design structure. The three pounds is much like three times the average weight of most blades on this list. It will also not cut light materials like aluminum sheets. 

Key Features

  • Are toughened by C-1 micro-grained tungsten carbide
  • They can run on maximum speed of 5, 000 RPM
  • They are heavy-duty designs with 120 teeth capacity
  • Have a high 0.118 inches kerf
Brand NameOshlun
blade size12 inches
 Material Carbide
Teeth size120
Teeth Construction typeTCG
Max speed5, 000 RPM
Arbor size1 inch
Kerf0.118 inches
Weight3 pounds
OthersIt is recommended to apply wax or coolant on it when cutting non-ferrous metals like fiberglass.
BenefitIt has a lifetime guarantee for defects and workmanship.

4. Freud DS0909CGP3 Diablo Reciprocating General Purpose Blade -best Sawzall blade for fiberglass

Freud DS0909CGP3 Diablo blade is a reciprocating blade. They are general-purpose construction; you should be free to apply them to a variety of jobs. Some describe this quality as a beast for its high durability and cutting prowess on fiberglass.  

The Freud DS0909CGP3 Diablo nine inches blades are powerful on materials for their awesome features. They are built on solid carbide. They are durable as they can go 50 times in cutting life on metal and wood, making them a suitable fit for fiberglass cutting projects.

The blades are built using modern technology that enables faster cuts with less amount of vibration when in operation. The teeth come in plunge designs that make them easily cut through fiberglass. This is a superior advantage. On top of this, it comes with an extended cutting life. They are friction-proof as well. This is enabled by the coating of the non-stick Perma-shield on the product.

The blade can cut through difficult woods with nails in them as well as tubing, ferrous metals, plastics, and fiberglass. They are also highly efficient for demolition projects.

Key Features

  • They are general-purpose designs
  • Are perma-shield coated for better efficiency
  • implements variable tooth technology
  • They reduce heat considerably when in use
Brand NameFreud Diablo
blade size9 inches
Teeth size9 teeth per inch
Number of teeth81
Weight0.2875 pounds
OthersThey are for general purpose use
BenefitThey are ultra-long making them able to go into odd angles

4. Bosch T141HM1 Carbide-Tipped for Fiber and Plaster -best jigsaw blade for fiberglass

As the market leader in jigsaw blade manufacture, Bosch’s creation is uniquely built for quality with a high level of innovation. Without compromising standards, Bosch T141HM1 stands as one among the top designs for miter, curved and straight cuts on fiber and metals.

The Bosch T141HM1 Carbide-edged Jigsaw blade has a carbide-tipped edge optimized for cutting abrasive materials like fiberglass. It is durable with a 10-times longer life span. The design is six teeth per inch blade types that are specifically designed for T-shank Jigsaws.

As a result, this single jigsaw blade gives you the control to make precise cuts in hard materials. It has a thin kerf. A thin blade kerf improves efficiency by reducing material extraction, heat, and increases performance. This jigsaw blade is good at scroll cuts in hard and specialty materials. It also helps in the straight and curved bevel cuts on fiberglass materials.

The T141HM1 blade for a jigsaw is intended for plaster and fiberglass of about 1/4″-2-3/8″ deep materials. Unlike the Oshlun SBNF-120120 12-Inch Saw Blade which is a heavier design, this blade is much lighter with only 0.02 pounds.

Key Features

  • They are carbide tipped-edges blade
  • They are lightweight; are just 0.02 pounds
  • Are 6 teeth per inch design
  • Can cut to a depth of up to 2-3/8 inch in tough fiberglass panels
Brand NameBosch
blade size4 inch
 Material Carbide
Teeth size6 teeth per inch
Weight0.02 pounds
OthersAre suitable for T-shank jigsaws
BenefitThey are very efficient for specialty materials like fiberglass

6. BAHCO 3906-300-32-10P 12 Inch Bimetal Hand Hacksaw Blade -Best hacksaw blade for fiberglass

The BAHCO 3906-300-32-10P is one of the rare bi-metal saw blade designs on this list. It is a high-performing blade with top features that are fit for cutting fiberglass panels by using hacksaws. Alloy and spring steel combine to fortify the power in this cutting machine.

The BAHCO 12 inch bimetal hand hacksaw blades as described by the manufacturer are shatterproof and ruggedly designed to overcome breakage. As metal sawing blades, they are good quality for cutting fiberglass as well.

The composition and material used make this blade cuts like a knife in butter. There are 32 sets of teeth at every inch of the blade. The material of choice to enable the cutting proficiency is alloyed extra-tough steel. Steel remains the strongest metal in the world and this goes to say a lot about the durability of this design on hacksaws. The blade can keep sharp for long because of its bi-metal construction.

The blend of durable materials ensures this blade can resist wear and tear to an appreciable degree. The precision ground teeth and high flexibility capability wrap up the features that make this blade the right choice for use on hacksaws.

Key Features

  • It is a bimetal design
  • They are 32 teeth per inch configuration
  • They are compatible with 12 inches blade size
  • They are versatile, can be used for a variety of operations
Brand NameBahco
blade size12 inches
 Material Bimetal
Teeth size32 per inch
Teeth Construction typePrecision ground
Weight0.42 pounds
OthersIt is a very flexible design for a variety of uses
BenefitComes with a limited warranty
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1. What blade type is good at cutting fiberglass?

A Carbide-grit type of blade is suitable for cutting fiberglass including other hard materials like ceramic, cement board, and tiles.

2. What tool is the best at cutting fiberglass?

The Eastman chemical company recommends cutting fiberglass with a circular cutting blade. The blade is designed to crush and split materials containing glass fibers with ease. In addition, circular blades will cut fiber with less scattering than reciprocating blades.

3. Can you cut fiberglass with a grinder?

Yes. Using a metal cutting blade in an angle grinder is extremely fast but it is also has a very high chance of slipping and getting damaged during use.

4. Is cutting fiberglass dangerous?

It’s difficult to cut fiberglass without chipping, splintering, or tossing harmful fibers. While fiberglass is a safer alternative to asbestos, it still poses some health hazards. When fiberglass is disrupted, glass fibers form part of the debris and dust that flows in the air and collects on surfaces, much like asbestos.

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