Best Hole Saw for FiberGlass

If you are a craftsperson or a DIY enthusiast dealing with fiberglass, you admit that a hole saw is a must-have to help you drill holes of specific depths and for different purposes. The grade of your project depends on the drill bit you own.

Fiberglass is a tough and delicate material. Today we will discuss the five best hole saw for fiberglass features, functionalities, and other specifications to assist you to find the perfect hole saw for your fiberglass project.

What type of hole saw is best for fiberglass?

Either Diamond or carbide grit style hole saw cuts through fiberglass materials with ease. The grit style grinds smoothly through the surfaces effortlessly than toothed hole saws that usually tear the cutting surface. These deliver more cutting power to the hard or abrasive surfaces to produce perfect holes.

Best Hole Saw for Fibreglass Reviews

TACKLIFE 6-50mm Diamond Glass Hole Saw – Top Pick

best hole saw for fiberglass

The Diamond hole saw is a great value and well-performing Tacklife product. It’s is easy to use, fast and affordable.

It comes in 10 drilling sizes ranging from 6mm – 50mm for drilling fiberglass, tile, bottles, block jars, and many other materials.

This versatile hole saw features a rust-free, durable nickel surface. The granular diamond coating guarantees proper drill speed and a more sharp bit.

Tacklife diamond hole saw drilling bits have no center pilot drills and are crafted from carbon steel solidified through enhance electroplating. The carbon steel and diamond coating render it suitable to hold drills.

It features a side flute-like opening, which helps clean away waste to maintain a clean drill bit. The laser marking helps to make clear and lasting size marks.

You may notice a burning smell if you use high speed or too much pressure. Add water during drilling to avoid overheating, cracking as well as keeping dust down. Use low drill speed and the inner pressure and make sufficient water lubrication for drill bits protection.


  • Diamond coating for top performance and durability
  • Carbon steel drill bits
  • Side opening for waste removal
  • Ten pieces each with different drilling size
  • Laser marking for clear and lasting size marks
MaterialHigh carbon steel and Diamond coating
Drill bit sizes50, 40,35,22,18,16,14,10,8 and 6 mm
Package ContentUser’s manual,1 Tack life Diamond drill bit, 1 Kraft package bag
Best for use withHammer drill, AC drill and many others

Diamond Baban 10Pcs Hole Saw Drill Bit – Run-up

hole saw for fiberglass

Second on our list is the great value Baban Diamond Drill bit that works fast and easy.

The Baban Diamond hole cutters are 10 in number with different ranges of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 22, 26, and 32 mm. These diamond drill bits construction is high-quality and lasting steel for long service and outstanding performance and making accurate holes.

This hole saw drill bit is ideal for cutting holes on tough materials like glass, stone, rock, ceramic, tiles, and very hard wood.

It is worth mentioning that smaller drill bits made from diamond feature very tough ends and an extensive surface area that makes them more durable than diamond core drills. They are not fast in drilling holes but every strong for extra-hard materials. It’s therefore advisable to have a combination just in case you have tough materials to cut. As the case with diamond drilling bits, always apply water to act as a coolant and lubricant to prevent burning. Do not use on depths beyond ½ inches.

This high diamond hole saw is makes sharp and smooth cuts with precision and without broken edges. To cut down wear and tear for a longer lifespan, remember to use low pressure and speed drill speeds and water lubrication.

The hollow part lets water flow in the drill bit’s inner core during operation to remove debris and prevent burning.

Begin cutting holes diagonally, create a circular trace and hold the drill straight.


•        10 drill bits for cutting different sizes

•        High-speed quality steel material

•        Diamond coating for sharp and smooth cuts

•        Hollow space to remove debris

MaterialStainless Steel
Dimensions3.54 by 2.76 by 1.18
Weight0.02 pounds
No. of Pieces10
Package ContentLittle plastic bag
Drill bit sizes32,26,22,18,16,14,10,8 and 6mm

Diamond 5 Pack 12 1nch Drill Bit Hole Saw – Value for money

fiberglass hole saw

This five-pack, 1/2 inch hole, saw by Newsfana is a top choice if you are on a budget.

It comes as a 5 set, each with a different size commonly used at home and professionally. We loved the rust-resistant diamond coating that maximizes performance while maintaining a sharp cutting edge compared to other typical hole saws.

The side opening makes it easy to remove dirt after the operation.

If you need a perfect hole saw to make holes with accuracy, you can consider these diamond drill bits. It cuts easily through multiple ranges of materials, including ceramics and fiberglass.

The nickel plating helps in maximizing the tool’s durability. Remember that the electroplated coating will soon wear off if you let it get hot. That’s why you must keep lubricating with water as you continue working.


•        Diamond coating for maximum performance

•        Side holes to remove waste

•        Five sizes to cut different materials

•        Nickel plating for corrosion resistance and durability

MaterialAlloy steel
Size½ inch
No. of Pieces5
Dimensions4.5 by 2.75 by 0.5 inches
Weight1.59 ounces

Twin Blade  Hole Pro Adjustable 230 Hole Saw  –  most Premium

best hole saw for fiberglass

The Hole Pro twin-blade hole saw is a unique tool with extra performance features for smooth cutting and speed.

This hole saw does not use drill bits as it is with the 1/2″ Inch Diamond 5 Pack Drill Bit Hole Saw, Uxcell 140mm Diamond Coated Glass Hole Saw Drill Bits, Diamond Baban 10Pcs Hole Saw Drill Bit, and 1/2″ Inch Diamond 5 Pack Drill Bit Hole Saw.

The Hole pro saw features balanced twin blades that help in fast and smooth cutting. You can also use this saw to make holes on plaster ceilings for recessed lighting. Allow the blades to cut without applying excess pressure, only sufficient to maintain blades in contact with the plaster.

It comes with a robust and transparent shield to trap clippings and dust. All dust remains trapped on the shield for fast disposal. Apart from that, it ensures that the hole cutter stays perpendicular on the working surface, even when holding the drill with one hand cutting upside down and supporting the drill with only one hand.

The Hole pro-twin-blade hole cutter has a tensioning knob that helps you control the cutting depth. This control knob for depth prevents the cutting of wires or even pipes accidentally on ceilings or walls.

The content box includes a robust carry case and replaceable blades suitable for cutting plywood, sheetrock, plaster, veneers, cement board, ceiling tiles.


  • Adjustable twin blades for quick and precise cuts
  • ·        Tension knob controls depth to avoid cutting cables accidentally.
  • Strong carriage case and a replacement blade
  • Dust collecting mechanism
  • Replacement blades
BrandHole pro
MaterialSteel with a chrome plating, carbide, composite, ABS  and plastic,
Dimensions16 by 5 by 16
Unique FeaturesDebris collection
weight2 pounds
In the PackageTri-Slot Shield, hole cutter, Carry case, two hex wrenches, replacing blade, One set of tungsten carbide blade, 1 HSS set.

Uxcell 140mm Diamond Coat Hole Saw Drill Bits

drill bit for fiberglass

Uxcell Diamond coated hole saw is an easy to use, durable 5.5-inch hole saw drill. It is perfect for drilling holes of 0.4-inch shank diameter on various materials.

The diamond coating improves its drilling speed and retains the bits’ sharpness. It also features a nickel-plated surface that helps to extend the lifespan and resist surface corrosion.

The side opening removes waste to maintain the drilling bit clean. However, it would be best to use it at a low speed of 800-1000 Rpm. Always control the heat by adding cooling fluids or water when drilling.

The Uxcell 140mm diamond hole saw is excellent for making holes in fiberglass, tiles, block jars, marble, and many other materials.

Always begin cutting the holes diagonally, create a rounded trace, and hold your drill straight.


  • Nickel-plated surface for long-life
  • AAA Grade diamond particle coated tip provides precise and efficient cutting
  • Side opening for easy debris removal
  • 140mm drilling diameter
MaterialsDiamond and metal
Dimensions6.69 by 5.12 by 2.76
size140 mm
ApplicationCeramic tile, porcelain, ceramics, Marble etc
Speed1000 RPM
               We also have reviewed best blade for cutting fiberglass.

How to make hole on fiberglass


1. Do you require a special drill bit for fiberglass?

High-speed steel (HSS) drill bits are the best for wood, polyvinyl chloride, and fiberglass. These types of bits are tough, heat resistant, and cut at a higher speed.

2.How do you cut a round hole in fiberglass?

Step 1: Create an indentation on the exact location you intend to drill a hole using a sharp object. The indentation prevents the drill bit from veering off and scratching the surface of your fiberglass.

Step 2: Using low speed and no pressure, drill a small hole smaller than the final size you want and allow the drill bit to do the work.

Step 3: Make a (chamfer-edged) hole the exact size you desire. Ensure the chamfer has a 1/16inches edge slope.  Again without pressure and at low speed, run the chamfer bit. Let the bit cut through the fiberglass surface gently and at a slow pace.

Step 4: Using a sharp and clean drill bit, cut the final hole you want, still at low speed and without any pressure. Hold the drill perpendicularly on the surface to make sure the bit cuts on the exact chamfer edges. Patiently let the bit do the drilling.

Step 5: Take your time to drill right. It may sound a little hectic, but if you mean a perfect chip-free hole on fiberglass, follow this way.

3. What is the best tool to cut fiberglass?

A circular saw is among the best tools for cutting fiberglass if you use the right blades for the job. It is safe, has high cutting power, precise, and produces accurate outcomes.

4. Is cutting fiberglass dangerous?

Fiberglass produces fine dust-like particles when as you cut along its delicate layers. The fine particles blow in the air and can cause irritation or pain when inhaled or gets into contact with your skin. Wear protective gear that includes a face shield, heavy gloves, and long sleeves. Stay safe.

5. What kind of saw blade to cut fiberglass?

Fiberglass is abrasive, and carbide-tipped blades produce great results. Use a saw blade with aggressive saw tooth configuration and high-tooth count.

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