5 Best Concrete Saw Blades 2022(Tried & Tested)

best concrete saw blades

A wide choice is yours and the decision remains.  Which is the best concrete saw blade for you? First, decide on the needs of your job. Do you intend to cut steel pipes, slice through ceramic tiles, chase through screeds and walls as you build? Are you needing to remove concrete, or cut it to repair the cracks? Whether your concrete saw blade is needed for a hobby, DIY around your home, or for industrial uses at work you can find the best concrete saw blade reviewed right here.

Next research the different types of Concrete Blades and their uses Read reviews, look at pros and cons for each blade, enabling you to make the right decision on the best concrete saw blade for your job. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best concrete saw blades on the market today. 

5 Best Concrete Saw Blades Review

1.DEWALT Concrete Diamond Masonry Blade DW4712 B

This blade has increased cutting speed with the thinner kerf.

The thinner kerf, generates less dust, keeping the environment cleaner for allergy sufferers. 

Weighing in at 0.68 pounds, the silver blade measures 7x7x0.12 “

This is the best concrete saw blade, renowned for high performance due to the diamond matrix.

A feat of engineering design, containing a diamond matrix, drill crown metal set with hardened diamond chips.

Vibration is reduced, cuts are smooth and straight due to the ultra-tensioned plate. 

Precision cutting is possible with the masonry blade, perfect for more intricate cutting such as glass tiles. 

This blade, containing abrasive diamond chips, is longer lasting, 200x’s longer than the blades made with customary abrasives.

A friend at material removal, this all-purpose blade is both quick and powerful to cut and remove curbing and pavers. 

All contractors value the concrete diamond masonry blade used wet or dry, it is perfect for wall chasing.

Product Review

BrandDEWALT Concrete Diamond Masonry Blade DW4712 B
DescriptionWeighs 0.68 pounds  silver blade  measures 7x7x0.12 “
Material   Hardened diamond chips set in the metal of the drill crown. 
Other BenefitsThin kerf increased cutting speed Ultra-tensioned plate reducing vibration  Can be used wet or dry Powerful enough to cut curbing
Pro’s                                                                                            Easy to use Lasts 200’xs longer than other blades (wear resistant saves  money) Creates less dust ( keeps work area cleaner  prevents allergic reactions) High speed (quicker, cleaner cutting) Precision cutting (Can do more intricate and detailed cuts) All-purpose and powerful (clears material, cuts paving) Multi-purpose (use wet or dry) Value for money

Cons Made in China

2. WHIRLWIND USA LSS 14 “Diamond Saw Blade

Get ready to be blown away by the 14” Whirlwind higher-grade diamond saw blade, which measures 14x14x0.1” and weighs in at 4.3 pounds. Used wet or dry, these concrete saw blades make light work of cutting marble, granite, concrete, bricks, and even pavements. 

The hot-pressing process of diamond steel has created sharp, long-lasting, wear-resistant blades.

With a broad masonry cutter head, cutting Ceramic tiles will be a breeze. 

These diamond saw blades add to their value by working well on Angle Grinders and Marble Cutting Machines.

Gone are the days of deafening work whilst cutting pavements, the Whirlwind LSS blade, being hot press created, ensures performance at high speed, using low amplitude and with low noise. These economical blades are multipurpose, with segmented tooth design rims, they whirr through, reinforced concrete, pavements, and brickwork

Product Review

BrandWHIRLWIND USA LSS 14 “Diamond Saw Blade
DescriptionWeighs 4.3 pounds  gold blade  measures 14 x14 x 0.1 “
Material   Diamond steel blade cuts through the hardest of materials with segmented teeth on the blade rim.
Other BenefitsBroad masonry head cuts Ceramic tiles making this blade versatile Quieter during use. Faster cutting. Great value for money.
Pro’s                                                                                             Segmented blade rim cuts marble and hardest of materials. (powerful blade won’t burn out) Less dust ( keeps work area cleaner  prevents allergic reactions) High speed (quicker, cleaner cutting value for money) Precision cutting (Can do more intricate and detailed cuts) Multi-purpose (use wet or dry) Quieter during use (other blades can be noisy) Blades fit onto Angle Grinders (versatile value for money)

Cons   Must be used wet for dusty materials.

3.ALSKAR Diamond USA ADLSS 14 “Blade

If high-speed cutting is what you need, then this is the blade for you. For wet or dry use this 14 x14 x0.1 “ diamond steel saw blade suits light or medium-duty cutters. When it comes to fast smooth cutting of concrete and stone brick masonry, these blades shine.

The high performance gives you a blade to treasure, with the highest diamond grit.

Layers of diamond chips are sintered and then diffusion bonded into the concrete diamond blades, so as the alloys wear away, the new diamond chips are exposed for fresh sharp cutting. 

This high-quality blade is one of the Alskar Diamond Segmented Lighting Series, 

These blades are a gem, long-lasting and durable they are valued for money.

The blades use a heavy-duty bushing, like a bearing, securing them in place. 

The segmented blades suitable for cutting brick, block, pavers, concrete, and stone, are a  popular choice for General Contractors.

 Product Review          

BrandALSKAR Diamond USA ASLSS 14 “Blade
DescriptionMeasures 14 x14 x 0.1 “
Material   Diamond steel blade set with high volume of high-quality diamond chips making them long-lasting. Arbor with knockout prevents slippage
Other BenefitsSmoother cuts with secure blades, more efficient Versatile, great value for money.
  Pros and Cons                                                                                              Extra density of high-quality diamond chips exposed through wear (keeps blade sharp and durable)  Exposed diamond chips cut glass (smooth cut adds extra value and versatility ) High speed (quicker, cleaner more efficient) Secure blades, non-slip (precision cutting ) Multi-purpose (use wet or dry) Segmented blades (suitable for rough work on hard surfaces)

  Cons    Rotational arrow not easily visible

4. COUGAR HS 14” Diamond Blade

This versatile concrete saw blade measures 14x125x 1” and can be used wet or dry on brick, block, pavers, cured concrete, bluestone, and flagstone. The hot-pressing process used in the manufacture of the cougar blades increases their efficiency for smoother cuts and reduces the level of heat generated during dry cutting. 

Increasing the value of this versatile blade is a good fit with most masonry saws and hand-held machines, (with a maximum of 5,460rpm). A Stihl Power Saw can harness the power of a cougar blade, with the use of 20mm bushing included with the blade. 

Designed with 12mm tall diamond keyhole segments, to indicate the cutting depth to the operator. The keyhole segments naturally cool and remove the dust during cutting.

As memorable as the Cougar is this cougar blade which carries a 100% lifetime warranty and if damaged the blade will be replaced free of charge

Product Review

BrandCOUGAR HS 14” Diamond Blade
DescriptionMeasures 14” x125 “x 1”
Material   Hot pressed blades, reduce heat during dry cutting. Designed with 12mm tall diamond keyhole segments, to indicate the cutting depth to the operator.
Other BenefitsPowerful for cutting all types of stone and cured concrete and other hard surfaces Use wet or dry. Blades fit Stihl Power Saws and other handheld machines. 
Pros   Lifetime warranty (value for money) Blades fit Stihl Power Saws and other handheld machines. (versatile blades) Use wet or dry (multi-purpose) 12mm tall diamond keyhole segments, indicate cutting depth to the operator (easy to use)  Stays cooler during dry cutting Lifetime 100 % warranty( free replacement if damaged )                                                                                        

Cons   Not as durable on harder materials

5. All Purpose Diamond Saw Blade 18”

This all-purpose blade can be utilized using a wet or dry method. Superior in appearance and performance, this 18” diamond saw blade is silver with a blue center weighing 9.33 pounds.

The versatile all-purpose blade is powerful enough to cut hard reinforced concrete, asphalt, and granite. This versatile blade will also cut Terrazzo tiles and ductile iron piping.

Convenient and easy to use, it alleviates the need to change blades, being multipurpose. You save money, no need to purchase an assortment of different blades. 

The Laser welding in this superior blade guarantees you high performance every day. 

Segments 10mm high and ⅛” wide allow dust and slurry to clear, and allow natural cooling during use. Segmented blades of superior quality assure you of the flexibility of the blade, avoiding cracks and chips whilst cutting hard materials.


All-Purpose Diamond Saw Blade 18”
DescriptionWeighs 9.33 pounds Silver blade 18 “ 
Material   Laser welded blades stand at high temperatures. 10mm high and ⅛” wide segments allow dust and slurry to clear
Other BenefitsPowerful for cutting granite, stone, and iron piping and Terrazzo tiles Stay cooler for longer life. Flexible blades, preventing cracks or chipping. Multi-purpose blades


Blades are all-purpose ( no need to change when cutting different materials). 

Laser welding guarantees a high-performance blade (superior design withstands high temperatures, lasts longer)

Segmented blades are flexible (prevents cracks or chips)

  Cons   Edges are rough
We also have reviewed some of the best blades for cutting granite.

Buyers Guide :

When it comes to buying a concrete saw blade there are a number of things that need to be taken into account :

  • Size of arbor
  • Diameter of concrete saw blade your concrete saw can accommodate
  • The type of concrete you are cutting (containing metal/rocks/asphalt?)
  • Wet or dry cutting (is water available if you need to wet cut?)
  • Durability
  • Speed
  • The strength of your concrete saw (how much horsepower)

Once you have determined what you are cutting and the rest of your requirements which may hinge on the concrete saw you have available, you can then look at the most suitable blade. If you look at the blades reviewed you will also get a good feel for speed versus durability.  If price is a consideration, you may have to look out the amount of use you can get out of a blade versus the original price.  Value for money may be more of consideration especially when it comes to time lost on the job having to change blades or go purchase more.  Choose a blade suitable for the job that will offer you a reasonable amount of use for the price you are paying.  Sometimes it is worth paying a bit more, especially if you are cutting tough material, to ensure you can get the job done with fewer interruptions.


1. How long does a concrete saw blade last?

Non-stop cutting with a low-quality diamond blade should last approximately 12 hours. Low-quality diamond concrete saw blades will have fewer diamond chips of lower quality. High-quality diamond concrete saw blades will last approximately 120 hours. Higher quality is achieved in diamond concrete saw blades with the addition of more diamond chips of harder quality in the diamond grit on the cutting surface. 

2. How deep will a 20 concrete blade cut? 

The 20 ” diameter concrete blade will cut to a depth of 7 5/8”. The 20” diameter concrete masonry blade will cut to a depth of 8”  

3. How deep will a 14 concrete saw cut? 

The 14” diameter blade of a cut-off saw can cut up to 4” deep  

4. Will a grinder cut concrete? 

A grinder can cut concrete but won’t perform well as it is dry and will heat up. A diamond saw is water-cooled and performs better.  

5. Will a carbide blade cut concrete? 

Yes, carbide blades do cut concrete. This is a cheaper but less durable option for diamond blades.

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