Best Radial Arm Saw Blade

A radial arm saw is a versatile tool that every woodworker loves to have. Whether you are working in a small compartment or a large workspace, they are effective. They are primarily used for crosscutting, but they can also bevel, rip cuts, and miter cuts.

A major feature of the radial arm saw is its circular blade, and you must pick the right saw blade for your radial arm saw. The wrong saw blade can greatly limit the efficiency of your radial arm saw, making it important that you get the best radial arm saw blade for your work.

What is the ideal blade for your Radial Arm Saw?

In determining the ideal blade for the radial arm saw, we must consider what kind of wood we want to use it on, and what kind of cut is to be made. Usually, the radial arm saw possesses a carbide-tipped, 40-tooth blade that are generally useful.  However, certain blades are more effective for specific tasks

For example, in ripping hardwoods, or even ripping in general, it is better to get ripping blades that have fewer andlargerteeth (normally 24-tooth), than the usual 40-tooth blades. Fine cabinet work, on the other hand, will require blades such as a planner, a fine cut blade, or a special hollow ground. These kinds of blades normally possess 80 teeth.

Despite this, some blades are generally not the best blades to get for the radial arm saw. For example, a positive-hook-angle blade cuts more aggressively and pulls itself along. This kind of blade is usually not the best for a radial arm saw. Blades that are not well- balanced, and do not have designs that reduce noise are not ideal as well.

Seeing the importance of getting the right blade for your radial arm saw, we have compiled a list and description of some of the best blades out there that would be perfect for your Radial Arm Saw.

Best Radial Arm Saw Blade Review

  1. Freud 10″ x 60T Thin Kerf Sliding Compound Saw Blade
best radial arm saw blade

The first on our list of suggestions is the Freud Kerf Industrial blade. We reviewed this blade and it is our top pick because of its features and efficiency.

The blade possesses a Negative Hook Angle that guarantees smooth finishes. This hook structure also ensures that the blade pushes workpieces down. This creates increased accuracy.

Furthermore, the blade features laser-cut and anti-vibration slots that ensure longer blade life. It also ensures reduced noise during work and reduced chatter. Plus, the blade is also well balanced for accurate cuts under heavy loads. The blade is ideal for crosscutting wood that is 1/2 to 2-3/4 inches thick. It can rip wood, does well in laminates, and can be used with chipboard and plywood.

Another reason why we love this blade is that it features a Perma- SHIELD coating. This limits heat buildup and friction. The coating serves as lubrication that enables the blades to spin freely while limiting the stress factor on the rotor. The thermal insulation also prevents binding when utilized for high-volume cutting.

Another major feature of this blade is that the teeth of the blade are made from TiCoHigh-Density Carbide. This ensures a sharp edge even after a lot of cutting. It also ensures heat resistance, corrosion resistance, as well as impact resistance.

These features guarantee great performance by the blade especially when ideally used.

Key Features

  • Negative hook angle to ensure smooth finishes.
  • Heat and friction resistance due to Perma-Shield Non-Stick Coating.
  • TiCo HI-Density Carbide ensures stability, and the ability to hold up for large volumes of cutting.


ManufacturerFreud (known for quality)
Other benefitsRequires less horsepower to produce equally good results as other blades
  • Oshlun SBW-120072N 12-Inch 72 Tooth Negative Hook Thin Kerf Finishing ATB Saw Blade
radial arm saw blade

This next blade that we have picked is famous for being affordable yet extremely effective. The negative hook feature ensures that the blade is not overly aggressive. Plus, the thin kerf guarantees faster cuts. With precision micro-carbide tips and anti-vibration slots, the blade produces smooth finishes and reduced noise.

Another key features of the blade are the C-4 carbide guaranteeing that the blade doesn’t wear out easily. It is designed to cut all forms of plywood, hardwood, and softwood.

We also love the blade because it makes very clean cuts, and it doesn’t only function effectively on the Radial Arm Saw, but on other saws as well; making it incredibly versatile.

From our reviews, we can say that there is no real disadvantage to this product.


  • C-4 Carbide ensuring that the blade doesn’t wear out so easily.
  • 1-Inch Arbor for Sliding Miter and Radial Arm Saws.
  • Negative Hook Angle for fine finishes and to prevent excessive aggressiveness.
  • It is designed to cut all forms of plywood, hardwood, and softwood.


Size72 Tooth Neg Sliding Miter
Thickness0.1 inches
Other benefitsIt works well for cross-cutting applications, especially where a smooth cut is wanted.
  • CMT 219.060.08 Industrial Sliding Compound Miter & Radial Saw Blade
radial arm saw blade

The third blade in our list is here because of its effectiveness. Many woodworkers testify to its amazing performances.

This blade possesses a 5˚ negative hook that reduces splintering thereby allowing for smooth finishes. There is also an anti-vibration design that limits noise, alongside micro-carbide teeth that ensure that the blade lasts longer and produces smooth cuts.

With a laser-cut heavy-gauge plate, the blade is optimized for powerful sawing and cutting. The presence of PTFE coating also keeps the blade cool while running and ensures that it is corrosion-resistant.

The blade is ideal for cutting soft/hardwood, plywood & laminates.

This blade is famous for its super performances such that customers have stated that you will only get a poor result with this blade if you received it faulty or if someone dropped it while you were not paying attention (Amazon Customer Review).

Key Features

  • Corrosion-resistant due to PTFE Coating. This coating also keeps the blade at a cool temperature while running.
  • Laser-cut heavy gauge plate produced with German Steel, ensuring great cutting performance and powerful sawing.
  • Expansion slots and anti-vibration design to help reduce noise.
  • The blade is ideal for cutting soft/hardwood, plywood & laminates.


SizeD 8-1/2 216mm | T 60 | B 5/8 | K .118 | P .098
Other benefitsThe manufacturing process of this blade ensures that is well- balanced. It is also delivered in a unique CMT plastic case.
  • Freud LU72M018 18″ General Purpose Blade
freud radial arm saw blade

Next up on our list of superstar blades is this general-purpose blade by Freud.The blade features premium TiCo High-Density Carbide to ensure Maximum Performance.

Other features that earn this blade a place in our top pick include a thick kerf blade and plate. These guarantee a prolonged life span of cutting. The blade also features Silver Ice Coating that makes it corrosion resistant and limits pitch building.

Several reviews by customers prove that the blade is a great tool for crosscuts and other general purposes. The blade is ideal for production sizing of hard or softwood up to 3-1/2 inches thick.

The positive hook angle that the blade features will result in increased aggressiveness but guarantees fast cutting and easy feed.

The blade is our top pick when it comes to performance for industrial use.

Key Features

  • TiCo High-Density Carbide to ensure maximum performance.
  • Corrosion-resistant due to Silver Ice Coating. This also reduces Pitch Building.
  • Great for cross-cut on hardwood and softwood.
  • The blade is ideal for production sizing of hard or softwood up to 3-1/2 inches thick.
  • The blade features a positive hook angle which causes aggressiveness but guarantees fast cutting and easy feed.


ManufacturerFreud (Legendary reputation for quality)
Other benefitsThe blade spins very fast. The blade is designed for extra long life when put to industrial use.
  • DEWALT 10-Inch Miter / Table Saw Blades, 60-Tooth Crosscutting & 32-Tooth General Purpose, Combo Pack (DW3106P5)
best radial arm saw blade

The final item on our list is a combo pack from Dewalt. This pack is made up of a 10-inch DW3106 60-tooth fine-finish blade and a DW3103 32-tooth general purpose saw blade.

The blades are slim kerf blades, therefore, ensuring even and fast incisions with limited wastage or debris. This item is ideal for plywood, hardwood, softwood, or chipboard. The blade is computer- balanced ensuring that vibrations are limited. This improves accuracy and the quality of finishes.

Another major feature of this item is the presence of tougher tungsten carbide that ensures the blade stays sharp for a long period.

However, some customer reviews have mentioned that the blade ought to remain sharp for a longer period than it already does. This doesn’t affect its performance when sharp.

Key Features

  •  Presence of tougher tungsten carbide that guarantees that the blades stay sharp for a long period.
  • Computer-balanced blades that limit vibrations, improve accuracy and guarantee better finishes.
  • Kerf blades that ensure quick cuts.
  • This combo pack is ideal for hardwood, softwood, plywood, or chipboard.
  • The blade dulls a little quicker than others, though when sharp it is highly efficient.


Other benefitsPatent wedge shoulder ensures additional steel in the back of every tip. This helps to maximize strength and guarantee precision.
                   We also have rewviewed best 4 1/2 inch circular saw 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Best Blade for a Radial Arm Saw?

The best blade for a radial arm saw depends largely on the surface you want to put the blade to use upon, and the kinds of cuts you want to make. However, there are certain features you should usually look out for. These features include: The hook angle of the blade, how long it would take the blade to dull, and what level of resistance to corrosion and heat the blade offers.

In making your choice on the best blades for your radial arm saw, we can guarantee that any of the blades that we mentioned above will do a great job for you.

  • Are Radial Arm Saws Obsolete?

The simple answer to this is No, they are not. Indeed, there are several saws today which have grown in popularity, especially because they are hand-held and more portable, yet, the radial arm saw still enjoys following among major wood shops and “old-timers”.

The fact is that radial arm saws still work very effectively, and their versatility remains a great plus. All you need to do is get on sites like Reddit, and amazon and you still several woodworkers dropping reviews on using their radial arm saws. There are even YouTube shows that still make use of the radial arm saw.

Like a blog post stated, the Radial Arm Saw is “thetool that won’t just die”

  • Is a Radial Arm Saw Worth Having?

Yes, it is. There is hardly any saw as versatile as this saw. It also guarantees very powerful and accurate cuts. It is often compared with the Miter saw, however, while the Miter saw is more accurate, the Radial Saw is far more serviceable and incredibly more versatile.

The implications of these are that you are not doing the wrong thing in getting a radial arm saw.

  • Which is Better? The Table Saw or The Radial Arm Saw

This comparison will be made based on the following criteria:

  • Cuts’ accuracy and variety
  •  Space management

When it comes to cut accuracy, the Radial Saw wins the contest except when it comes to ripping cuts where the Table saw is the clear winner. The accuracy of the Radial Saw is because you move the saw blade, unlike the table, saw that requires moving the wood.

The Radial Saw also wins easily at the variety of cuts that can be made with crosscutting, miter cuts, etc. It is not as though the Table Saw can only make rip cuts, however, it cannot make other cuts with accuracy without the need for supporting accessories.

Lastly, in the area of space management, the Radial Saw wins hands down since it less bulky and consequently takes less space than the Table Saw.

From these comparisons, it is clear that the Radial Saw has the advantage.

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