How to cut tile without a wet saw:2 Easy Method

How to cut tile without a wet saw

The value of the wet saw goes higher each day. It’s left several while not a possibility instead of seeking out different tools to possess their cuts done. Tools resembling manual tile cutter, tile nipper, tile scribe, glass cutter angle beam, and a rotary cutter are substitutes of a wet saw once cutting tile.

A rotary tool is right for associating irregular cuts on a tile. It may also be accustomed to drilling holes on a tile. A tile scribe encompasses an inorganic compound tip that produces it spare for straight cuts on the tile. it’s an easy tool to work, therefore acceptable for 1st cutters.

The best approach to cutting tile while not a wet saw is by employing a glass cutter. It could be a versatile tool that’s pronto obtainable within the hardware. whereas victimization this tool you’ll like some apply for excellent skills, therefore have a sample tile. Allow us to discuss the steps of cutting a tile employing a glass cutter.

If you’re wondering how to cut tile without a wet saw then you are just the right place to know about it step by step. Just follow the guidelines carefully below.

Tools for cutting tile without wet saw:

Manual tile cutter

manual tile cutter

Tile Nipper 

tile nipper

Glass cutter

Glass cutter

Rotary cutting tool

Rotary cutting tool

Tile scribe

Tile scribe



Wet tile saw:

The wet tile saw consists of a blade coated in small diamonds, that spins quick enough to chop through the tile. For very arduous or dense tiles, a tile wet saw will speed up the cutting method. for giant jobs, wherever several tile cuts are going down, a tile wet saw may be useful.

The water within the wet saw is crucial once cutting through the arduous or dense tile, reminiscent of ceramic ware since it keeps the blade from heating up and setting out to smoke, making an excessive amount of friction to try to do its job properly.

When to use a wet saw:

Certain materials profit additional from the employment of a wet tile saw than others.

whereas all tiles are often cut on a wet saw, you’ll get the best results from using a wet saw on the following materials: stone tiles, cherish marble or granite; ceramic wear tiles; glass tiles, once the wet saw has been outfitted with a glass cutting blade; and business-grade ceramic floor tiles.

Methods to cut tile without a wet saw:

Make sure you have all of the following tools with you before starting cutting tile with a glass cutter.

Tools and Materials:

As we have discussed here 2 most usable methods. These can be used to cut small tile saw as well as large tile saw.

Method 1:

Step 1: Mark the Tile:

Place the tile on the cutting surface. employing a drip-dry marker and a straight draw straight lines on the points you wish to chop the tile. It’s suggested to verify the marked points to establish the quality of the cut, which reduces the wastage. An sq. ruler is crucial for straight cuts.

However, you’ll use a tool with a straight edge for precise lines. Just in case of any wrong marking, wipe away mistreatment of the damp artifact or associate degree implemented if you’ll be employing a pencil to draw the lines.

Step 2: Get the Safety Elements:

It is suggested to wear safety specs to stop the little items of the tile from finding they’re thanks to your eyes. Also, because of the extreme pressure, you’ll need to apply on the tile along with your palms, wear a cloth glove.

The material glove can do one smart by preventing any accidental cut on your palms.

Step 3: Score the Tile:

This step is to have a partial cut on the tile, which can be the rule of the particular cutting. The grading method seems like a crepitation noise. Place the square. below the cut, the line to act because of the guideline of the cutter to avoid any mistakes.

Hold the glass gutter firmly and press it down on the drawn line. Keenly drag the cutter on the road to try and do a partial cutting on the tile.

This step ought to be finished with heaps of soberness as a result of there’s no area for mistakes. It’s pronto accessible within the hardware, otherwise, you will build a web order.

Step 4: A wire placed underneath the tile to be cut:

This step is crucial once cutting tile while not a handheld wet tile saw. you’ll need a wire that is skinny enough to travel through the part cut line.

Take the wire place it alongside the cut and make sure that it’s long enough to travel through the whole line.

Step 5: Break the Tile:

Place the tile on a durable surface which will face up to a vast quantity of pressure. Also, make sure that you’ve got the material gloves on to avoid any accidental cut. Use your palms to press the tile with hands on the various sides of the wire.

Press arduous enough till the tile fully breaks. whereas applying pressure on the tile, increase it bit by bit to avoid breaking the tile, which might injure it or cause a cut on your hands.

Just in case the title doesn’t break, you’ll need to use the glass cutter to get it once more.

Step 6: Smooth the Edges:

Rough edges are potential once cutting the tile and should not be acceptable for fixing in your construction. so, use the accessible slackening tool to possess smooth edges.

The potential smoothening tools are rubbing the stone and a block of concrete. Whichever tool you employ, hold it befittingly on the perimeters and brush it slowly till you’ve got sleek edges.

Method 2:

Step 1: Draw the cut line of the tile using a tile marker:

The “front” of the tile is the fact that’s sleek or glazed. If you’ve got a circle templet or rounded edge you’ll trace, your line is a lot of correct. If you don’t have a tile marker, a pencil or crayon can work, too.

For a dark piece of tile, lay a strip of adhesive tape on the prime of the tile wherever you would like to chop and draw your line on top of the tape rather than the tile.

In this fashion, you’ll see the road and it won’t mix into the tile. This second method can be seen as an easy way to cut ceramic tile.

Step2: Secure the tile using a C-clamp:

The fringe of the tile that you’ll be cutting will drop off the facet of the bench only enough so that the cut mark isn’t on the bench. Loosen the clamp by twisting the highest screw counterclockwise.

Flip the screw dextrorotary till the clamp is tightly holding the tile in stilt’s best to try to do this outside as a result of the method creates such a lot of dirt. You will use another kind of clamp if you don’t have a clamp.

Step 3: Make your grinder ready by putting a rim blade:

Using this type of blade rather than one that’s divided makes for a way power tool cut. find the nut within the center of the blade disc and use a wrench to loosen it.

Once you take away the nut, pop the previous blade out and set the new one in position. Screw the nut tightly back on over the new tile saw blade. Keep the wheel guard down in the slightest degree times for safety.

Step 4: Cut through the tile using the grinder:

Slowly pull the angle grinder on your cut line. The primary time you chop, you shouldn’t attempt to go all the means through the tile. merely score it, then use that indent to guide your blade on your second pass for a deeper cut.

Do as several rounds of cutting as necessary. speeding the method can find yourself with jagged edges or AN inaccurate cut. The tougher the fabric of the tile, a lot of cuts you’ll have to be compelled to create. Wear protective glasses and a dirt mask once victimization an angle grinder as there is a great deal of dust within the air.

Final Recommendation:

In a nutshell, it’s attainable to chop tile while not wet saw with well-stated procedures on a way to cut tile without a wet saw. Reading this piece can do a wonderful job of providing you with the steps you wish to follow to chop the glass tile.

The steps are simple and extremely simple, so it’s acceptable for everybody who desires their tile cut. If you still have any questions in mind regarding cutting tile without a wet saw, please write to us in the comments section below.

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