How to measure band saw tires and install it?

how to measure bandsaw tire

The Bandsaw has two wheels and both the wheels actually operate the bandsaw. The wheels are covered with the tire so that the blade can run smoothly and there is friction between the bandsaw blade and the wheel. It also increases blade life. After working for a long time, the tires get damaged like other tires. The tires can have a deep groove or can release chunks or may lose smoothness after working a lot. So the tires need to be changed to run the machine smoothly.

For changing the tires you need to know the measurement of the tires. The wrong measurement of tires can kill both your time and money. So it is very important to take the measurement in a proper way so that you don’t have to face extra headache.

No worries! It is very easy and simple. We are going to guide you through everything related to bandsaw tires changing. Let’s follow.

How to measure band saw tires:

You just need to measure the diameter of the wheel and deduct 2 inches from that measurement. You can measure the diameter of the wheel with a measuring tape.

Example: It the diameter of the wheel is 18 inches, you need a tire of 16 inches.

Types of bandsaw tire:

There are two types of bandsaw tire usually used in bandsaw wheel.

  1. Rubber tire
  2. Urethane tire

Rubber tire:

The rubber tire is cheaper than the urethane tire. It’s also quite harder to install in the bandsaw wheel than the urethane tire. So if you don’t have enough power in the hand, you may feel exhausted to install it.

Another big issue with the rubber tire is it needs 18 to 24 hours to dry after attaching with the wheel by sticky. So you cannot work with the machine for the next 24 hours. So that is a big problem if you need to work instantly after installing a new tire.

Also, rubber tire is not as friction resistance as the Urethane tire. Moreover, rubber tire gets crack quickly than the urethane tire in the hot and dry environment. You need adhesives and clamps to install the rubber tire.

Urethane tire: There are so many positives in the urethane tire than the rubber tire. Although urethane tire usually 5$-$10 costly than the rubber tire. The urethane tire is much more friction-resistant than the rubber tire.

It doesn’t get rotten in the hot and dry weather. That means it lasts longer compared to the rubber tire. It is also quite easy to install than the rubber tire. It doesn’t require adhesives to install like the rubber tire.  Also, you don’t need so much power to install it.

More importantly, you can work instantly after installing the tire. You don’t need to wait for 24 hours like the rubber tile. So it is a great advantage if you are very busy with your bandsaw. Also, you don’t need much instrument to install it.

How to install urethane tires on bandsaw wheel:


Before installing the urethane tire you need to have a little preparation. You need three things.

  1. Hot water(not more than 120 degrees)
  2. Clamp
  3. Dish soap

The water should not be hotter than 120 degrees. Because once the elasticity increases too much, it won’t decrease. So you have to confirm that hotness of the water stay under 120 degree. You can use a thermometer to be ensured.

Now you need to add dish soap in the water and soak the urethane tire in the water. Make sure all part of the tire sink underwater. Keep the tire for five minutes in the water. Be careful while touching the water as it is hot. You can use gloves in your hand for safety.

After 5 minutes take the tire out of the water and start installing. Installing the urethane tire is quite easy because it has more elasticity than the rubber tire. So you only need 1 clamp to install the tire. After attaching 1 clamp any particular side of the wheel, just pull the tire to the edge of the wheel and fit the tile all over the wheel.

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How to install rubber tires:


Firstly you need to remove the old tire before installing a new tire. So whether it is a rubber or urethane tire take a screwdriver and put it between the wheel and tire. Then, start removing the tire from the wheel.

Before installing the new rubber tire, you need 3 things.

  1. two clamps
  2. Adhesive
  3. 3 quarter-inch pipe

Hold the tire one side of the wheel and attach with the clamp. Add another clamp to the opposite side of the wheel in the same way. Then pull the tire to the edge of the wheel and attach over the wheel. Now take a pipe and slip it between the wheel and the tire by using a flat screwdriver.

Now you need to roll the pipe through the wheel diameter. Finally, for adding the adhesive the pipe gives you the room to add. Put the adhesive under the tire on the wheel and press the tire to be attached with the adhesive. Roll over the wheel again with the pipe by putting adhesive gradually and pressing the tire.

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