Best Angle Grinder Wheel for Cutting Metal

The best tool delivers the utmost experience in the course of executing a project. This is also true for metal cutting using angle grinders. Not only will the consideration be for a good angle grinder wheel but the best angle grinder wheel for cutting metal that fits well for the project be desired. In making a choice, you need to know the types of angle grinder wheels you can choose from based on factors such as safety, power, size, and speed.

Types of Angle Grinders Wheels

Grinding wheel

A grinding wheel comprises an abrasive compound. It is used for abrasive cutting or grinding operations. They are disc-shaped and the most common types of angle grinder wheels that have ripped edges. This type of disc is built to remove rough metal edges at a fast pace. They are needed in metal fabrication jobs that require smoothening.

Grit discs

These angle grinder wheels have thinner sizes of about 6 mm and are used majorly for cutting metals and stones. They are cheaper and can cut at a much faster speed when compared to others on this list. They are also lightweight designs, making them a desired tool for jobs.

Diamond Disc

Diamond discs have superior power when compared to grit designs. They are more durable and are also affordable types of wheel grinders. They are safe to use for jobs as the discs are tightly fitted together.

Wire Wheel

Unlike other grinder wheels which are used for cutting and grinding, the wire wheels are used for removing paints and rust and also for polishing. They are used on hard objects to avoid breaking the materials they are used with. There are equally different types of the wire wheel, the twisted wire wheel which is the most efficient, and the cup brush which is the least effective.

Wood discs

They are discs used for cutting wood. As the name suggests, the limitation of this angle grinder wheel is that it cannot be used to cut any other material besides wood.

 Cut-off wheel

 These are wheels used for cutting into round and flat metals stocks with ease. They are thinly built discs with tapered edges which enable them to slice deep into forged metals. They are tough wheels that can cut into plate metals, bolts, rebar, etc.

Strip discs

These discs are made of poly-fiber material.  Unlike the wire wheels that scuff up an underlying surface of a material when removing paint from an object, strip discs do it better to remove epoxy, glue, and paint from a material. They are more efficient, firm and gentle when used.

Ceramic sanding discs

These discs are the most durable designs. When talking about their functions, the ceramic discs can do virtually anything that a flap disc could do(flap discs are wheels for metal finishing). There ceramic built enables them to be able to overcome any overheating during the period of use. They possess the most sanding ability than the metal counterparts. Though they are the most durable designs, they are not as popular as the rest of the designs.

Best Angle Grinder Wheel for Cutting Metal

This list comprises a compilation of the top angle grinder wheels from the top best to the least.

1. DEWALT(DW8062B5) General Purpose Metal Cutting Wheel – bestgeneral Purpose

The DEWALT Cutting Wheel (DW8062B5) is a general-purpose cutting wheel. By this, it can go for a wide range of application. It is designed for burr-free cutting. They are described as a high-performance cutting wheel based on outstanding features.

The thickness of the 4.5 inches diameter wheel is a thin 0.045 inches. This enables fast and clean cutting on metals, ensuring burr-free cutting. As a high-performing cutting wheel, it can run on a high speed of a grinder with 13,300 RPM and with an arbor size of 7/8 inches.

To ensure an aggressive cutting power for use in any workshop or engineering field, it is made of aluminum oxide grain. The manufacturer describes it as a durable cutting wheel that can serve the user for long owing to its proprietary material mix of aluminum oxide grain. Besides, it comes with two sheets of fiberglass to further increase its life span and ensures safety.

As a general purpose angle grinder wheel, they can be compared to the Benchmark’s 5″ Stainless Steel Cutoff wheelwhich is capable of cutting any metals. You can use it to cut any steel shaft or galvanized steel. A good thing working for this wheel is its fast-cutting ability. Perhaps this gives the reason they also wear out faster than other wheels in this list.

Key Features

  • Possesses an aggressive cutting power
  • It is designed with a proprietary material mix
  • They are thin wheels for faster cutting
Brand NameDewalt
Construction TypeCut-off wheel
Grit materialAluminum oxide
Wheel thickness0.045 inches
Wheel size4-1/2 inches
Speed13, 300 RPM
Weight0.32 ounce
OthersPresents a 60 grit cutting wheel
BenefitsHas a 30-day moneyback guarantee

2. WORKPRO Metal Stainless Steel Cutting Wheel – cheapest pack ever

Workpro stainless steel cutting wheel is a cut-off wheel for cutting metals. This thin metal cutting disc is packed with premium values. It cuts through stainless steel and metals seamlessly without breaking. A rare durable material is used to enforce a long-lasting build. It is bonded with white alundum and corundum grain. This material is strengthened by using double fiberglass mesh, much like the DEWALT (DW8062B5) General Purpose Metal Cutting Wheel. This helps to improve safety.

The cut-off wheel is a 4-1/2 inches diameter disc with a 7/8-inch arbor size. It is designed for efficient cutting with a precision feature enabled by the ultra-thin size and fast burr-free cutting ability of the wheel with minimal material loss. This makes the cutting process more predictable and accurately delivered.

They are built to run on high-speed angle grinders with a maximum speed of 13, 000 RMP to deliver accurate cuts in metals. It has a wide range of applications for cutting stainless steel, pipe, copper, iron, and carbon steel, and other known ferrous metals.

Though they are the cheapest anyone can buy for a grinding wheel, yet they perform excellently well in durability and compares favorably in quality features like the Makita Cut off Wheels for Grinders. The rate at which they wear out cannot be compared to the value they offer eventually.

Key Features

  • It is an ultra-thin design
  • It can fit most angle grinders with 7/8 inch arbor.
  • They can be used on fast speed grinders despite their thin designs
ManufacturerHangzgthou Greatstar LLC
Wheel size4-1/2 inches
Max speed13, 000
Construction TypeCut-off wheel
MaterialCorundum and white alundum
Weight1.30 pounds
Arbor size7/8 inches
OthersThey are reliable
BenefitsThey are very cheap for the quality they bring

3. Benchmark’s 5″ Stainless Steel Cutoff wheel- best value for money

The benchmark abrasive cut-off wheels are angle grinder wheels that offer a lot of functions. They are wheels that are self-sharpening, high performer and possess aggressive cutting abilities. No other angle grinder wheel on this list is able to match the self-sharpening feature that this wheel possesses.

A high level of efficiency is at the center of these metal wheels. They are different from others as they possess a unique self-sharpening ability. This built is a 5-inch design with a thin cut-off wheel for cutting metals and stainless steel materials. It is compatible with any angle grinder of 7/8 inches arbor and 5 inches disc diameter.

These bonded abrasive discs have the highest strength, high cut-rate, and are used to cut metals such as steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. The cutting disc is made with double-reinforced and tough fiberglass that protects the metal from fracturing and improves its strength.

It is a cutting wheel with 12, 000 RPM, providing a high-speed efficiency during a metal cutting process.

The heat-treated premium aluminum oxide grains aid in cutting speed and ensure long-term durability. The ultra-thin design is good for maintaining balance when working on metals with grinders, resulting in precise metal cutting and a painless metal cutting experience.

 There is so much to take away from this purchase looking from the angle of the amazing features in the pack.

Key Features

  • It is self-sharpening
  • It is an aggressive cutting wheel
  • It is designed for 5 inch angle grinders
Brand NameBenchmark Abrasives
Wheel size5 inches
Grit MaterialAluminum Oxide
Construction typeCut-off wheel
Max speed12, 000 RPM
Arbor size7/8 inches
Thickness0.045 inches
OthersIt works with 5 inch grinders
BenefitIt is a premium quality that can cut all ferrous metals

4. BHA Depressed Center Metal Grinding Wheels for Angle Grinders- best durable design

BHA Depressed Grinding Wheel is uniquely built for durability and efficient cutting on tough metals. The Black Hawks Abrasive company designed this cutting wheel to last long, enough to surpass the usual life span of other products in this list.

The wheels are built on amazing features. They are made to fit into the 4-1/2 inch angle grinders with 7/8 inches arbor holes. They are extra strong discs that are made of A24T aluminum oxide grains material with sharp cutting edges to rip through metals. The choice of this material enables aggressive cutting ability. They are coarse and tough enough for high stock material removal.

This disc is built with the safety of users in mind. They have fiberglass mesh integration to enable this. For this disc, a measure of a ¼ inch thickness is the construction and is compatible with the 4.5 inches grinder. For a durable construction of this design, they can work efficiently with angle grinders that have maximum speed of 13, 300 RPM to deliver quick and accurate cutting power.

Besides its value for cutting metals of various kinds, this angle grinder wheel is a versatile angle grinding wheel that can also be used to sharpen a lawnmower.

Key Features

  • They are aggressive and so cuts pretty well
  • They last for extended use owing to their coarse nature
  • They are versatile, offering diverse applications
Brand NameBlack Hawk Abrasives
Wheel thickness1/4 inches
Maximum speed13, 300 RPM
Construction TypeGrinding wheel
Wheel size4-1/2 inches
MaterialA24T Aluminum Oxide
Thickness0.25 inches
Weight1.56 pounds
Arbor size7/8 inches
OthersHas an extra coarse grit
BenefitsIt is a design that goes for long use

5. Makita Cut off Wheels for Grinders – Aggressive Metal & Stainless Steel Cutting Wheel- top premium quality

Makita remains one of the finest producers of top-quality angle grinder wheels. This particular Makita cut-off wheel is designed to speed up any metal cutting process. This cut-off wheel cuts through metals effortlessly and swiftly with minimal debris. The 4-1/2 inch cut-off wheel is 0.045 inches thick and fits well with angle grinders of a 7/8 inch arbor. They are thinly built with a 0.045-inch thickness.

It can cut through metals of all kinds with angle grinders of 13, 290 RPM to deliver a smooth and quick metal cutting experience.

For the choice of good quality grain grit, the Makita cut-off wheel can go about 3 times more with efficiency when compared to other thin wheels on this list. Because of Makita’s high-performance aluminum oxide grain and patented hard bond matrix, it cuts through all metal and stainless steel sections quickly and easily, including rebar, galvanized steel, structural steel, structural tubing, wire, and other materials.

The premium white aluminum oxide and Phenol Resin are bonded by Makita’s artificial Resinoid Bond matrix. This enables the extended life span of the cutting wheel, efficiency, precision, stability, integrity, and faster cutting. They are great for stainless steel material cutting among other metals.

These angle grinder cutting wheels are free of contaminants with only less than one percent of sulfur, iron or chlorine. This helps to prevent rust and corrosion of the wheel.

Key Features

  • It offers a brand quality that can go for a long use
  • It is a thin design for clean and smooth cutting
  • It has  a wide range of application
Brand NameMakita
Wheel size4-1/2 inches
Maximum speed13, 290 RPM
Construction TypeCut-off wheel
MaterialAluminum Oxide
Thickness0.045 Inches
Weight0.8 ounces
Arbor size7/8 inches
OthersUses Resinoid bond matrix to reinforce aluminum oxide
BenefitsThey are high utility wheels
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1. Can a grinding wheel be used to cut metal?

You can, only that it can be a bit difficult. The reason is that the grinding wheel is designed majorly for grinding purposes and not cutting. Using grinding wheels for cutting will be difficult because the user will need more time to remove materials in a cut which often takes a long to execute.

2. How much thick of metal could you cut by using an angle grinder?

An angle grinder can cut to a depth of material based on the choice of angle grinder wheel used for the job. For instance, a 230 mm angle grinder can cut to a depth of 70 mm in metals.

3. Can you use an angle grinder as a cut-off tool?

Since cut-off tools are basically for cutting purposes, angle grinders are versatile tools that can be used for a variety of operations including sharpening and cutting. So, yes, they can.

4. Can an angle grinder cut concrete?

Yes, an angle grinder can be used for cutting concrete, bricks, tiles, marble, and granite materials.

5. What difference is there between cutting and grinding wheels?

The difference between them is in the size of their thickness.  A cutting wheel is thinner when compared to a grinding disc. The general thickness you’ll find for a grinding disc is a 1/4’” thickness at least.

6. Can someone use the cut-off wheel construction type on aluminum?

Yes, you can. You can use cut-off wheels such as aluminum oxide, an abrasive grain to cut metals.

7. How long do grinding wheels last?

It is recommended by Saint-Gobain that Resinoid bonded grinding wheels should be used for no longer than 2 years.

8. When should a cut wheel be replaced?

The best time to replace a cutting wheel is when the wheel’s diameter becomes too thin that you can no longer cut efficiently with it.

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