Best Angle Grinder for Concrete In 2021

Let’s explore which is the Best Angle Grinder for Concrete.

It is not just about the price, as the features are essential to help you to decide as well. Whether you are after the convenience of a portable battery-operated angle grinder or the powerful grounded plug-in tool, both are available. Everyone knows that cutting concrete is not an easy task, therefore choosing the best power tool for the job is crucial. Bearing in mind which tasks you intend to tackle, will feature in your decision and ultimately influence you to opt for a versatile tool, ensuring value for money.

1.Best Ratio of Power to size: Dewalt Angle Grinder Tool DWE402 

The power of this small angle grinder is determined by the ratio of the weight to the size. You can choose between two positions for the easy grip side handle with less vibration plus it has a safety feature of the guard with one-touch rotation of 360 degrees to shield debris . New improved long brush life is guaranteed, extra thick extra-large brushes. No need to worry about causing tool damage through worn brushes though, as another feature of this grinder is the protection of the Auto-off brush shut down.

No accidental start-up shocks on this plug-in model ,with the paddle switch safety lock in place. Dust and debris are ejected during use preventing damage and adding life to the motor, better for your health, dust is caught up in the dust collector leaving your working area cleaner. When it is necessary to remove the wheels, no need for a tool with this model, designed with a wheel release. A spindle lock button is mounted on top maximising the depth of the cut. 

This plug-in grinder is comfortable to use, with a 72” long cord.

BrandDewalt DWE402 Angle grinder
Capacity11Amp AC/DC 11000RPM motor
Material Plastic / Metal.Yellow& Black
SizeLength 12”wheel diameter 4 ½ “
OtherSpindle size ⅝”-11”,1400w


  • Best power for weight / size ratio. 
  • AC/DC power supply.
  • Guard / one touch 360-degree rotation
  • Dust ejection system.
  • Choice of two positions for side handle 

2.Best for Daily use: Bosch 4 ½ “ Angle Grinder 1375A

If you are doing metal work, plumbing or some other daily work, this lightweight grinder is the one for you. This powerful 6-amp motor producing 11000RPM allows you to cut through steel or concrete with ease. Fitted with a policing Bosch Service Minder Brush System which alerts you if a brush is worn and stops usage until maintenance is done. 

This hard working, yet compact angle grinder will stay looking good with epoxy coating and a sealed switch to prevent dust from penetrating into the switch mechanism. Feel secure holding the well-designed grip, with a lock-on slide switch, plus the option of a two-position side handle to make this powerful grinder convenient for a full day’s work. Ventilation openings keep your power tool from overheating during operation. 

The 6-amp motor utilises a small field diameter making grinding easy. Fitted with a ⅝” to 11” threaded spindle and lock for easy attaching of grinding discs, diamond cutting wheels and sanding discs this is a versatile angle grinder. A wire brush will fit on this angle grinder, handy for removing rust or paint from surfaces.

BrandBosch 4 ½ “Angle Grinder 1375A
Capacity6 Amp 11000RPM motor
Material Epoxy coated.Blue & Grey
SizeLength 10.5” wheel diameter     4 ½ “
OtherSpindle size ⅝”-11”,680 w


6 Amp 11000RPM motor powerful cuts concrete or steel all day .
Bosch service minder brush system protection.
Lock-on slide switch, plus two-position side handle.
Comfortable grip 
Side ventilation and small field diameter.

3.Best for Value for money: Makita 9557PBX1 4 ½ “ Paddle Switch Cut-Off/Angle  Grinder

Do not be fooled by the light weight of 4.5 pounds this 7.5 AMP motor is powerful generating 11000RPM. If grinding, polishing or cutting is needed, this grinder will breeze through it.

The extra-large paddle switch and a lock on/off switch are great features when working for a long stretch, and the AC/DC switch makes this a popular choice . The handle can be moved either side which you will find most convenient as you work and the barrel grip  of 2.5” comfortable to hold. Great value all round is yours, from extra thick coils wound closely to reduce heat and conserve loss of energy, to durability from the metal gear housing with ball bearing design.

The wheel guard adjustment clamps easily without requiring tools.

The attractive cut-off grinder made in turquoise blue, black and silver is protected by a zig-zag varnish. Rotating gear housing by as much as 90degrees either left or right is an asset when cutting.

This 9557PBX1 is a good buy being a kit consisting of a metal tool case filled with all you need. Angle Grinder ,a Makita Diamond Blade, 5 4 ½ “ grinding wheels and their cut-off wheel guards. Whilst using the turbo rim edged diamond blade, on both wet and dry materials, you will be able to achieve a faster, smoother cut.

BrandMakita 9557PBX1 4 ½ “ Paddle Switch Cut-Off/Angle  Grinder
Capacity7.5 Amp 11000RPM motor
Material Turquoise blue, black and silver plastic protected by a zig-zag varnish.
SizeWheel diameter 4 ½ “ Weight 4.5 lbs
OtherKit consisting of a metal tool case filled with Angle Grinder , Makita Diamond Blade, 5 4 ½ “ grinding wheels and their cut-off wheel guards. 


7.5 Amp 11000RPM motor powerful and compact.
Rotating gear housing, moved left or right by 90degrees.
2.5” barrel grip and choice of left or right-side handle. 
Value for money set of angle grinder, diamond blade, and 5 4 ½ “ grinding wheels ,cut-off wheel guards in metal tool case

4.Best for Durability:SKIL 9295-01 6.0AMP 4 ½ “ Angle Grinder. 

Weighing 4.03 pounds and 13.1” in length this attractive grinder is red and silver, with a black handle. The powerful 6 AMP 11000RPM corded angle grinder is made of steel for long lasting use

Ready for you and the tougher jobs, the gear housing is made of heavy-duty metal . During use you will find the comfortable grip gives you good control of the grinder, and the handle reduces vibration. A handy feature is the time saving tool-less guard. The adjustable guard deflects the sparks.

SKIL 9295 grinder is designed with unique storage space in the handle for the lock nut wrench. Conveniently placed the sliding on-off switch, designed with the lock option will be useful during long grinding jobs. This versatile grinder comes with a threaded spindle  ⅝”-11” accommodating grinding discs, diamond cutting wheels, sanding discs and wire brushes. The side handle is moveable on this model installed on either the left, right or on top, to suit your needs during operation.

BrandSKIL 9295-01 6.0AMP 4 ½ “ Angle Grinder. 
Capacity6 Amp 11000RPM motor
Material Red and silver steel
SizeLength 13.1” Wheel diameter 4 ½ “  Weight 4.03 lbs
OtherSpindle size   ⅝”-11” 


6 Amp 11000RPM compact motor .
Versatile spindle fits all accessories.
Durable made of steel; gear housing made of heavy-duty metal. 
Adjustable tool-less guard Time saving tool-less guard easily adjustable

5.Best for Concrete: Hitachi G12SA3 4 ½ “  8-AMP Angle Grinder

Even the toughest grinding jobs will go quickly with this 1900W 8 AMP motor. Suitable for cutting concrete, deburring die-cast products and the toughest job, the powerful motor and cooling mechanism are the best. This efficient grinder is designed to resist burnout and is favoured by professionals. Ready for harsh conditions, the improved dust protection keeps the motor clean and your grinder lasting longer. This angle grinder has an Auto-off brush shut down, alleviating tool damage through worn brushes.

Quick and easy disc changes are possible on this model with the spindle lock. Whether you are left or right-handed you can operate this tool with ease, as the on /off switch is conveniently placed on top of the grinder in the center.

An added safety feature is the quick off one- touch mechanism.

Designed for comfort during long hot jobs, the air is drawn in from the rear to cool the angle grinder and discharged from the front, away from the user. Your frustration will be lessened using this power tool, with the short compact body you get the manoeuvrability you need and can attach the side handle to either the left or right to suit your needs. 

BrandHitachi G12SA3 4 ½ “  Angle Grinder 
Capacity8Amp 1900-watt output motor
Material Green and black plastic with silver die cast
SizeLength 11.14” Wheel diameter 4 ½ “  Weight 4.2 lbs
OtherSpindle size   ⅝”-11” 


8 Amp 1900-watt motor cuts concrete and tough jobs. 
Cooling mechanism stops burnout ,air drawn in at rear and discharged in front.
Compact grinder body ,side handle installation options for precise cutting
Auto-off brush shut down through worn brushes
On/off switch on top with quick off one-touch safety feature

6.Best for Comfort and Convenience: BLACK +DECKER Angle Grinder Tool 4 ½ “  BDEG400

This black and orange corded power tool weighs 4.51 lbs and is 12.5 “ in length.  You will get long life out of this durable angle grinder made with a metal gear case. The 6AMP motor generates 10000RMP perfect for sharpening, grinding ,removing rust or cutting. This tool is designed for maximum comfort and control with a side handle that has a choice of 3 positions and a narrow compact body easy to grip and manoeuvre.

Changing accessories is made easy on this grinder with a spindle lock. Good value is available with the purchase of this Black and Decker angle grinder which includes a spanner wrench and metal grinding wheel.

BrandBLACK +DECKER Angle Grinder Tool 4 ½ “  BDEG400
Capacity6Amp 10000 RPM motor
Material Orange and black metal gear case
SizeLength 12.5” Wheel diameter 4 ½ “  Weight 4.51 lbs
OtherSpindle size   ⅝”-11” 


6 Amp 10000 RPM motor cuts steel, sharpens tools, grinds and removes rust. 
Side handle with choice of 3 positions, compact easy grip for comfort and control.
Versatile spindle with spindle lock fits all accessories.
Metal grinding wheel and spanner wrench included. 
We also have reviewed some of the best large angle grinders.


When looking to purchase an angle grinder for concrete or other uses it is important to decide on the features that you will be wanting.  Some of the most important things to look at are whether or not you want portable or plugged in and the amperage needed for the jobs you want to tackle.

Comfort is often a consideration as well.  Safety such as having a guard and a slide switch is often extremely important to ensure the safe operation of the grinder.  Bonus features such as dust ejection and cooling may also be an important aspect for those who will be using the tool extensively and for dusty projects such as cutting concrete or tile.

For budgeting reasons, you may want to purchase an all-in-one set that gives you everything you need to get started.   To determine the best product to suit your needs you would first need to assess the job to be done.  Is it close to a power outlet? Would you need it to be battery operated? Will a portable angle grinder give you enough power for what you need to do? 

Test out the grip on some of the machines to get an idea of comfort and weight. You might also want to ensure the machine offers safety precautions such as a safety guard. Is it going to be a dusty job? Dust ejection may be a big factor in that case.  Once you know what you need for the job, shopping for an angle grinder is that much simpler.


1.Can I grind concrete with an angle grinder?

Yes, you can. Angle grinders polish, clean and smoothen concrete, as well as cutting it.

2.What is the best concrete grinder?

You will need a 4 ½ “ angle grinder with motor drawing  5-9 amps with dust collector as a minimum for working with concrete.

3.What can I use to grind down concrete?

You will need a Diamond cup wheel with a diamond matrix of hard diamond grit.

4.Can you use a metal grinding disc on concrete?

No, not if it is made with aluminium oxide grain. You need a grinding disc made with silicon carbide grain for concrete.

5.What is the best blade for cutting concrete?

Segmented diamond blades are best, they eject dust and cool the blade through the segmented teeth.

6.Can you polish concrete with an angle grinder ?

Yes, after grinding with a diamond cup wheel, use a diamond polishing pad with fine grit.

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