How to cut Concrete with an Angle Grinder?

To effectively cut through concrete, a lot of things are needed, some may say a well-skilled and professional person. Skills and professionalism are alright but you also need the perfect tool – an Angle grinder.

how to cut concrete with angle grinder

Contrary to popular belief, an angle grinder is not only suited for grinding. They can serve other purposes too. One of the many uses of an angle grinder that will be discussed is – cutting concrete.

An angle grinder is a handheld power tool originally designed with an abrasive disc. It can be used for grinding, polishing, sharpening, and cutting both metals and concrete. 

What are the Tools and Preparation Required for cutting Concrete?

Whether you are in the safety of your home or on a construction site, the following tools and equipment will be needed to cut concrete with an angle grinder.

– Due to the amount of flying debris that may occur when cutting, it is essential to use protective goggles.

– Ensure that your ear is protected from the noise of the angle grinder. So using an ear protector is recommended.

– Employ the use of a nose mask to protect yourself from inhaling concreted dust.

– Depending on the kind of concrete you will be cutting, whether stationary or detached concrete, it is advisable to use the specified cutting disc and ensure that every bolt is fixed and in place.

– Ensure that your workspace is tidy and free from cables and cords that may cause you to trip.

– You may need a measuring tape to gauge the preferred length of the concrete you are cutting.

– Marking is a necessary step before any cutting practice. You may make use of chalk, particularly one with a contrasting color to the color of the concrete. Some may prefer to use the angle grinder itself for marking.

– For the cutting of bricks and detached concrete, clamps can prove to be quite useful.

– To make cutting easier, you can wet the surface of the concrete before cutting.

– Make use of a dust shroud to effectively collect dust while cutting.

How to cut Concrete with an Angle Grinder?

Here’s a step-by-step tip for first-timers and even old-timers on how to cut concrete with an Angle grinder.

  1. Take Proper Safety Precautions

Before starting the main event, you have to ensure that all the safety practices are adhered to. Asides from putting on the required protective gear (eye goggles, noise blocker, nose mask, and protective gloves), you must avoid wearing loose clothing and if you are on a construction site, inform those around that you are working with a handheld power tool for their safety.

cuttiing concrete with angle grinder
  • Install the Cutting Wheels and Disc

After you must have selected the appropriate cutting wheel and disc for the angle grinder for cutting concrete; there are certain diamond blades used for cutting dry or wet concrete. Install your cutting wheels and disc appropriately using the manual.

  • Test the Equipment

Before using your angle grinder, especially if you are using it for the first time, test the grip of the equipment and the weight. This is to check how comfortable it will be because of the vibrations while cutting. It is crucial to try it out with your dominant hand or if you prefer to hold it with both hands.

  • Marking

By using chalk or other kinds of measuring tools e.g divider for marking circular cut-outs, mark the designation portion you propose to cut. If you intend to cut an extended portion, you may make use of a measuring tape or meter rule. Depending on your mastery and how complicated the cutting may be you may use your angle blade to mark cut the area.

It is essential to have extra sets of blades on hand during extended cuts because when a diamond blade gets loaded up with too much debris material, it may get dull. 

  • Cut the Concrete

First, ensure that the angle grinder is plugged into a power source and switched on before actual cutting. Your method of cutting concrete will most likely depend on the thickness of your concrete. The cutting depth of most angle grinders is at least 35mm. so the key is to start slowly and maintain steady hands while cutting.

The trick to cutting thicker walls is to plunge your angle grinder into half the desired depth and cut through your proposed length. This will allow you to finish the cut efficiently with less debris.

While cutting detached concrete, it’s best to mark and cut from both sides until the cutting is finished. Some may even cut from one side and make use of a hammer to break off the rest. This method is effective for those who do not desire a clean cut.

Ensure that the angle grinder is unplugged from the power source after work or if there’s a need to stop.

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