best cordless circular saw

Best cordless circular saws of 2019

Best Cordless Circular Saw

best cordless circular saw

Do you need mobility and maneuverability in your woodworking tool? If so, you have come to the safe hand. You need the best cordless circular saw for your work. A great cordless circular saw is the perfect solution in that case. You probably know that circular saw offers accurate, straight, and smoothly finished cuts. But you have to find out the best cordless circular saw to get the best efficiency and effectiveness in work.

Know Before Buy:

Nonetheless, one thing will get you into a mess while working. That is when you get tangled with wires of a circular saw. Such situations slow down your progress only. This is why expert woodworkers prefer using the best cordless circular saw. Cordless circular saws are usually battery-powered. So you can quickly deal with light to medium-duty jobs.

Most importantly, you can pack the performance of heavy-duty circular saw into a battery-powered body. Cordless circular saw allows you with a more excellent range of motion and portability. That’s why it is becoming popular with times. If you are planning of buying one but are confused by the variety of options. Let our guide help you narrow the field.

Reviews of the Best Cordless Circular Saw: Our Top Picks

Why Trust Us:

If you are seeking the best cordless circular saw, you can check our top picks. In this article, we reviewed a few an excellent cordless circular saw. We’ll give you an insight into their functions and features.

Before making a list, we consider their speed, control, power output, and ease of use. I hope, you can now do your job safely and comfortably. Let’s find out what is waiting for you!

Ryobi P508 Cordless Brushless Circular Saw

Ryobi P508

best cordless circular saw

Are you here to find a reliable cordless circular saw within budget? Our first circular saw from Ryobi should be of interest. This cordless circular saw Ryobi P508 is one of the best valued saw available today.

This cordless circular saw is powered by Ryobi’s 18V batteries, which is compatible with other brands. Besides, it features a seven ¼” thin kerf blade that spins at 3800RPM. You can now deal with woodworking and other construction jobs anytime, anywhere.

With 56o bevel capacity, you can cut the woods at an angle. You can do this by adjusting your foot at the base of the saw. However, it comes with rubber molding handles to maintain a comfortable grip. You can get stable support even in a slippery condition.

Moreover, the saw includes a convenient LED lighting panel in front of the tool. It helps you to see the line while cutting the edges. The price is also extremely reasonable. So, give it a try.

What We Like

  • Powerful batteries with great compatibility
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Convenient LED lighting panel
  • Excellent Bevel capacity
  • Efficient blade

What’s not?

  • It may throw up sawdust
  • The guard seems flimsy

Milwaukee M18 2630-20 Cordless Circular Saw

Milwaukee M18 2630-20



You can now get immediate stop while performing woodcutting applications. Thanks to Milwaukee cordless circular saw. The Milwaukee M18 should be worth checking out if you prefer practical tools.

One of the top reasons that we add this to our list is its electronic brakes. It ensures immediate stop, so you don’t need to wait for slow down the job. Besides, the saw is compatible with Milwaukee M18 18V lithium-ion battery.

It allows you to adjust the cutting depth up to 1 ½” with an angle up to 45o. The saw provides excellent versatility in your cuts. Also, it includes magnesium guards on the top and bottom of the blade. So, you can confidently do your job as it protects the unit from impacts. This saw runs with a powerful motor which drives the blades at up to 3500RPM.

Furthermore, this compact and lightweight design include a softy-grip handle for user’s comfort. It also features an aircraft aluminum shoe which delivers excellent accuracy. There is no doubt that such a powerful system comes from Milwaukee.

What We Like

  • Great motor powered by a heavy-duty battery
  • Electronic brakes
  • Comfortable and soft-grip handle
  • Excellent bevel angle and depth
  • Impact-resistance
  • Great compatibility
  • Superior accuracy
  • Lightweight design

What’s not?

  • No LED light is included
  • Blade’s replacement is hard to find

DEWALT DCS391B Circular Saw



best cordless circular saw

Do you want to have more power along with mobility in a circular saw? There is no better alternative of DEWALT DSC391B circular saw. You can rely on DEWALT cordless circular saw, as DEWALT is the most popular power tool brand.

The first thing we appreciate is its most potent 460MWO, 5150 RPM motor. It provides the speed and power to perform heavy-duty cuts with ease. The saw includes high strength magnesium shoe, which provides Job-site durability. It also ensures long-term cut accuracy.

You can now perform aggressive bevel cuts up to 500 for a multitude of applications. Besides, it comes with a 6.5-inch carbide-tipped blade for cutting two-times material.

Moreover, the saw features an optimized rubber over-molded comfort grip. It delivers maximum balance and control while performing tough jobs. Overall, it’s a great combination of durability and weight. The design is compact and not so heavy to use.

What We Like

  • Offers plenty of power and speed
  • Magnesium shoe ensures stability and strength
  • Better bevel cutting angle
  • More balance and control on handles
  • Reasonably priced
  • Versatility

What’s not?

  • It takes time to charge
  • No safety switch is included

Makita SH02R1 Cordless Circular Saw

Makita SH02R1


best cordless circular saw

Makita cordless circular saw is perfect for those looking for more power and speed in an ultra-compact size. The Makita SH01R1 allows you to cut through MDF, plywood as well as melamine. It is designed for a range of cutting applications.

To deliver such power, it includes two 12V max lithium-ion slide-style batteries. It provides enhanced balance over pole-style batteries. Unlike others, it has an on-board LED charge level indicator for user’s convenience. Its built-in dust blower ensures easy maintenance.

Even after weighing just 3.5 pounds, it can rotate with speed up to 1500RPM. Besides, its 3 3/8″ blade provides a maximum cutting depth of 1″ at both 90o and 45o. The saw has a tilting base for bevel cuts up to 45o.

Overall, it’s an excellent solution for use in tight spaces. Due to lightweight, you can take it anywhere your job demands. The best part is it comes with a lithium-ion charger and a tool case. You should go for it.

What We Like

  • Lightweight yet compact design
  • Delivers more power
  • Ensures faster cutting
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle
  • Adjustable cutting depth
  • Multifunctional
  • Powerful blade with 20 Teeth
  • Easy to find spare parts

What’s not?

  • Not suitable for heavy material

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Circular Saw (BDCCS20C)


best cordless circular saw

Another affordable yet powerful option brought to you by BLACK+DECKER. This BLACK+DECKER cordless circular saw is best for smaller jobs you need around your home. You can perform a variety of cuts with the high torque motor and fast cutting blade.

The noticeable part of this cordless circular saw is its powerful high-torque motor. It includes a 5 ½ inch fast cutting blade which offers a variety of cuts. With the tool-free depth of cut, it ensures easy depth adjustments.

You can cut with bevel adjustment with detents at 45 and 90 degrees. Also, this 12T carbide blade is good enough for a variety of materials. It comes with a charger so you can do your job without any break.

In short, it could be a wise pick if you need a flexible tool for smaller home projects. The saw offers tool-free adjustment for assuring quick and easy change. It’s a justified choice as it comes almost right out of the box.

What We Like

  • Lightweight and manageable design
  • A good option for beginners
  • Easy to change tools
  • Sufficient power for smaller jobs
  • Affordable
  • The fast and smooth cutting blade
  • Better bevel adjustment

What’s not?

  • Not suitable for larger jobs
  • The battery takes time to charge

DEWALT DC390B Cordless Circular Saw


best cordless circular saw

Whether you are designing a deck or kitchen cupboards, you need the right saw. The DEWALT DC390B cordless circular saw is perfect for tackling these projects. It becomes popular among hard-core DIY enthusiasts for being robust and durable.

The first thing we like is its fan-cooled motor, which comes with replaceable brushes. It ensures optimum power and durability. Also, the saw operates at 3700RPM, which allows both cross and rip cuts. Thanks to its 6 ½ inch carbide-tipped blade.

You can now perform cuts at 900 and 450 according to your job’s requirements. Like other DEWALTs, it includes high-strength magnesium shoe and upper guard. These ensure better stability and enhanced durability.

Moreover, its adjustable bevel capacity delivers additional capacity for a range of applications. You can cut with a cutting capacity of 2 ¼” at 900 and 1 5/8″ at 450. Also, it includes a vibration-dampening rubber-grip handle for better grip.

Above all, you can cut through any 2-by lumber due to its two times cutting capacity. Although the pack doesn’t include batteries, still it uses 18V XRP batteries. The price is also within budget. You should check the store before the stock is OVER!

What We Like

  • Optimum power and durability
  • Operates at 3700RPM
  • Sharp carbide-tipped blade
  • Maximum cutting capacity
  • Magnesium shoe for stability
  • Offers a multitude of applications
  • Vibration-dampening rubber grip handles
  • Comfortable to use

What’s not?

  • Doesn’t comes with battery and charger
  • Safety might be an issue

How to find the best Cordless Circular Saw?

Now comes the main point. Before making any decision, you should know the plusses and minuses of the cordless circular saw. It’s a long-term investment in your woodworking collections. Make sure you know what to look for while purchasing a cordless circular saw. Hence, read on the following factors and buy the right one for your job.

Battery Lifespan

The main concern of the cordless circular saw is its runtime, which depends on the battery. Make sure the battery last for long before it dies. Hence you can work on your projects without any break. In short, you should choose the circular saw with a powerful battery.

Blade Size

While choosing a cordless circular saw, blade size is another must-consider factor. Blades are found generally in 7 ¼ inches, which can cut material with 3-inch thickness. If you find anything better than this, that would be a bonus point. Also, check the maximum cutting depth considering your projects.

best cordless circular saw


Cutting Capacity

Since a cordless circular saw comes in a smaller size and with a shorter blade. You may not get cutting capacity like the corded one. However, the cutting capacity varies from 3000 to 4000RPM in a corded circular saw. It is better to get anything in between or better than this.

Charging Time

The best cordless circular saw should take minimum time while charging. If it charges the battery quickly, you don’t have to wait for long. Most saw takes under three hours, whereas others take up to four hours.


The machine’s weight is another crucial thing to consider. If you buy a heavy one, it will only give fatigue, nothing else. You are likely to carry it from job sites to job sites. Hence, it has to be lightweight enough to handle it.

Bevel Angle

Your selected cordless circular saw should be capable of cutting your desired angle. The most saw offers bevel cuts at 45o, others at 50o and more. Choose one that suits your project.


One of the common concerns for any kind of saws. As you get better mobility, make sure it is safe as well. Carefully check all the safety features like an electronic brake, control, blade guard, and footplate. These circular saws are best to use in crowded workspaces.

best cordless circular saw



Obviously, your picked cordless circular saw has to be sturdy and durable. Don’t compromise with the cheapest and low-quality options. It is better to invest in a tool that lasts for many years.

So far, we believe that you can now find out which one suits your project. Now we are going to add more about the cordless circular saw. So that you can understand what you are going to buy.

How A Cordless Circular Saw Works?

Like we mentioned earlier, batteries power cordless circular saws. When you powered the machine, it turns the blade at a certain speed. This rotating blade allows you to cut the wood, plastic, or metal. To get efficiency in work, you have to choose the right blade.

However, it has on/off switched on handles, which ensures better control. It also includes an arbor that has a guard to protect the user’s hand.

Corded or Cordless: Which One to Choose?

Great Question! We are glad that you have asked! Well, it depends. Both of them are effective and powerful in their ways. Most woodworkers get confused while choosing between a corded and cordless circular saw. They both have pros and cons. However, to minimize your confusion, we’ll discuss their plusses and minuses below. So you can understand which one you need.

best cordless circular saw

Cordless Circular Saw

A cordless circular saw is a tool that you should have at least one. It brings a lot of convenience to your Jobsite. You can easily use it without getting tangled. Let’s know its benefits and drawbacks.


  • Ease of Use: One of the top advantages is that cordless circular saw is easy to use. You don’t have to worry about the trouble of wires. Even after being in a remote location where there is no electricity, you can use it. These are most convenient to use in places without electric outlets.
  • Versatility: Due to the small size, you can use it for any projects. It allows you to perform more cuts compared to others.
  • Portability: Cordless circular saw is likely to be lighter, which makes it more portable. In short, you can take the saw anywhere and anytime.


best cordless circular saw

  • Value for the money: Most cordless circular saw come in a bundle with charger, blade, and extra batteries. You don’t have to buy separately, which is a good value for the money.
  • Storage: With batteries inside, you don’t have to pack wires for storing. You can store it with ease, thanks to its compact design.


  • Since most saw drives with the lithium-ion battery, which has a power limit. It won’t work like a corded circular saw, in case of power. Cordless circular saw may not deal with thickest materials.
  • Comparatively, cordless circular saws are more expensive due to its sophisticated design.

Corded Circular Saw

The corded circular saw is comparatively most popular as it ensures more power in your jobs. It is preferred for those jobs that have an electric outlet near the Jobsite. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of the corded circular saw.

circular saw



  • More Power: Since it takes power from a power outlet, you can get maximum power. This circular saw has a heavy-duty motor inside. It ensures that you can provide as much energy needed for your project.
  • Affordable: Due to the simple design, these saws are cheaper than the cordless one. You can get any best model within budget.
  • Superior Cutting Power: With such enormous power, you can deal with thickest pieces of wood. It has large blade tips which move faster. Therefore, you can cut materials like steel and masonry.
  • Lightweight: Corded circular saw doesn’t have any battery inside. So they are relatively lighter than a cordless circular saw.


  • One of the crucial disadvantages is its cord, which may interfere with your projects. It makes things messy and complicated.
  • Since you have to work with a long power cord while using a corded circular saw. So, it may take more time to complete a task.
  • The electricity breaks down is another issue. It affects your job if power is down.

However, if you ask which one to buy or which one is the best? Our vote will be the same for both cordless and corded. You can have both in your tool inventory. If your job requires mobility.

You can go with a cordless circular saw. Conversely, you can go with the corded circular saw.

If your job requires more power. The decision is up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Brushed or Brushless, which motor is best for a cordless circular saw?

A: Honestly, cordless circular saw with brushless motor is technically better. The brushless design minimizes the friction related to brushes. It delivers more power and ensures extended battery runtime. These motors cost more, still a good option.

Q: What is a cordless circular saw good for?

A: Cordless circular saw is suitable for cutting thinner and smaller material like plywood. It can work for drywalls as well. The lithium-ion battery used in the cordless circular saw is relatively robust. Besides, it can compete with corded versions.

best cordless circular saw


Q: Can cordless circular saw be used to cut laminate, stone or metal?

A: A big NO! We highly recommend that you should not use it for cutting metal or stone. These are meant for cutting wood. In the case of laminate, you can use a corded circular saw with 100 or more teeth.

Q: Can I use one company’s batteries on others?

A: Not really. Most company’s batteries are not cross-compatible. So, you cannot use one company’s battery on others.

Q: Can I use a cordless circular saw for heavy-duty works?

A: As we mentioned above, it is tough to do heavy-duty works. Still, if you don’t have access to electricity, you can keep spare batteries. In case of emergencies, you can do your job using more batteries.

Q: What are the standard ways to store cordless circular saw?

A: Since it uses batteries, so the temperature should be the first consideration. Do not keep your saw in a room less than 40oF and higher than 105oF. Otherwise, it can cause the permanent failure of the battery. Also, keep the batteries away from metal conductors which can produce sparks. All these things can be dangerous.



Indeed, the cordless circular saw is a must-have in both DIY enthusiasts and professional’s toolbox. Even if you are out of power, it will not stop your DIY projects. Before you make any purchase, you should go through our reviews. All our recommended saws are of good value for your money.

Here is a crucial suggestion for you from our experts. Whenever you go for buying power tools, you should know your requirements first. If you know what you are going to use it for, you can easily pick the right one. We believe that you can make it from our top recommendations.

Have you found the desired one that offers excellent value for your money? We are waiting for a big ‘YES.’ Has it served your purpose? Share your experience with us in the comment box below.Which one is the best cordless circular saw according to you? you can also visit best circular saw blades to chose the best one for your machine.

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