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Whether you need an undercut saw for personal use or as an entrepreneur, you want to buy the best. So if you find it difficult to choose, check out the best undercut saw I have found on the market. They are ranked the best by buyers for various reasons, and we will go through them in detail.

When you are looking for an undercut saw, you sure have a specific use for it in mind. Like maybe you need this tool for precise and neat cutting door jambs. Or, you are tired of manual labor, so you prefer to upgrade to an electric saw. Be that as it may, you are in the right place.

If in a hurry, my most recommended electric undercut saw is the brand new Crain No. 835. While IRWIN Dovetail Saw for a hand saw.

Without further ado, join me and learn why I am confident that these are the best jamb saw today.

6 Best Undercut Saw review coming up next:

1. Crain No. 835 Heavy-Duty Saw—Best Overall Undercut Saw

I picked this as the best overall jamb saw if you want both value and clear-cut through door jambs. This newly improved Crain undercut saw runs a much powerful motor with 6,500 rpm and much easier to adjust. Furthermore, this tool has a lower rpm in which it throws off lower dust than the other brands. This undercut saw has its vacuum cleaner, making it easy and safe to cut door jambs.

Here is my best take. Crain focused on giving this model the powerful steel blade ever had in the market. The cutting height and depth are easy to adjust. In fact, this jamb saw can finish a task in under ten (10) seconds. So if you are that person who likes less trouble and yet an efficient job, this jamb saw is for you.

Many purchasers will agree that this is the perfect tool for their home-improvement company if you are looking for lasting service. Crain never fails to produce a highly efficient undercut saw for long-lasting use. The only drawback of this tool is that Crain could have added new engine brushes and enhanced the cord.

Key features:

Tool DurabilityVery durable
Blade DurabilityVery durable
TypeCorded. No batteries needed
SpeedAdjustable Up to 6,500 rpm
Cutting HeightUp to 1 inch
Cutting DepthAdjustable from 1-5/8″
 InclusionProtective hard case


Powerful 13 AMP motor, Ultra-strong steel blades, Easy to adjust angles, Very durable, Excellent quality product, Comes with a hard case


The brand used the same cord and motor brush from the previous model, Heavier


Does Crain No. 835 undercut saw come with blades?

Answer: Yes, it comes with masonry and wood blades. It is perfect for these types of jobs.

2. Roberts Q.E.P 10-56 Longneck Jamb Saw

This tool is another option if you are in search of the best door jamb cutter today. The Roberts jamb saw is only 6 inches long, which is very handy. However, as the famous saying goes, small but mighty, this model runs a powerful motor at a maximum of 8,000 rpm. The fastest electric jamb saw there is. It is perfect for cutting door jambs, framing, and trimming baseboards.

Buyers will say that they are using this tool for woodworking only. Even so, with the right concrete blades, you can use this jamb saw on masonry too. With this design model, you will find it easy to cut full inside corners up to 1/2 inch thick and avoid the wallboards. That is why I consider this as a portable jamb saw in comparison to other brands. And professionals will agree that this electric jamb saw makes their work easier and faster.

The only complaint you will hear from users is that it cuts quickly, and that is why it is very messy. Overall, you will really like this tool and one of the best investments for home improvement enthusiasts.

Key features:

Tool DurabilityVery durable
Blade DurabilityVery durable
TypeCorded. No batteries needed
Up to 7,000 rpm
Cutting Height1-1/16″
Cutting DepthAdjustable Up to 1/2″ thick
InclusionProtective carrying case


Handy, Has protective case, Multi-purpose, Powerful motor, Fast cutting, Extra sharp blades


The jamb saw needs special blades to use for masonry


Does Robert jamb saw come with blades?

Answer: Yes, and wood blades only.

3. IRWIN Dovetail Saw–Best Affordable Hand Saw

If you are okay with manual labor inasmuch as the tool is efficient, the IRWIN hand saw is for you. The best feature is that this is the jamb saw for anybody on a budget. Even so, this is very efficient in undercutting door jambs, framing, and trimming baseboards.

Let me tell you why you will love this. The jamb saw blades are reversible, which makes it easier to cut baseboards in any direction. It has sharp steel blades and is easy to handle. It has neat and clean cuts. Besides, while cutting through door jambs, I can say that this tool is very sturdy and has comfortable grip handles.

What stands out to me is that it features an ergonomic grip. The only thing I dislike is that it does not come with a case or bag. Nevertheless, this is an incredible and very affordable handsaw.

Key features:

Blade durabilityDurable for several uses
TypeManual No motor
Cutting DepthCan cut through deep areas
Blade14-pt tooth count 10 inches in length
WeightVery light


Sharp steel blades, Very handy, Reversible, Cheap price


Can easily break if not properly handled


Does it come with extra blades?

Answer: No. It comes with only 1 reversible steel blade from the manufacturer.

4. DEWALT Oscillating Tool Kit—Best for Multi-Purpose Tool

If you want a tool that can serve more than one purpose, you are looking right at it. The DEWALT Oscillating tool is a versatile tool for cutting, sanding and scraping. It is a battery-powered tool with a 3 AMP motor and operates up to 22,000 opm. What you will like about it is that the heads are easy to replace. Additionally, it has its LED flashlight to illuminate the area you are working.

For the record, DEWALT always comes with its beautifully made head blades and protective casing. You will like that compared to a bag that gets messy and ripped over time. What of its performance? You will never regret it because it cuts deep and precisely on the section you are working. It cuts fast and efficiently, leaving thorough work.

I wonder if there are any flaws with this multi-purpose tool? As far as performance, durability, accessibility, and many more, it is perfect. Every penny is worth it. That is why this is the best multi-purpose tool you can ever have.

Key features:

Tool DurabilityVery Durable
Blade DurabilityDurable for many uses
TypeCorded. No batteries needed
Speed: Oscillation per minute (opm)Ultra speed cutting, Adjustable, From 0 up to 22,000 opm
Cutting HeightAdjustable
Cutting DepthAdjustable
BladeVarious types
WeightLightweight Dual handle
InclusionMulti-purpose blades of different shapes, Protective hard casing


Multi-purpose, powerful motor, Built-in LED light, The blades are very sharp, Fast cutting, Precision in cutting, Excellent durability, Incredible product quality


Replacement blades are quite pricey.


How good does it work with sanding and scraping?

Answer: It is excellent. DeWalt is top of the line professional tools.

5. Rockwell RK5132K  Sonicrafter F30 Oscillating Multi-Tool—Best for Rip-Cut

Next up is also one of the best undercut saw today. Similar to DEWALT, Rockwell brought us their version of oscillating multi-tool. It stands-out for rip cutting aside from its multiple uses, such as undercutting, sanding, and scraping. It comes with various blades and very adjustable angles, which makes it super easy to use.

Many users love this oscillating tool because it is fast cutting that can run at 20,000 opm with precision. This model will not vibrate much, even on heavy-duty compared to the previous brand. Because they input an easy push and pull lock, you will not find trouble changing the blades any time. Who doesn’t want a tool that helps your work faster?

Lastly, this tool is so versatile that you will use it in all kinds of woodworking projects. The only down part is that it is not very efficient for sanding works. All in all, Rockwell made sure that this tool is worth every penny you will spend.

Key Features:

Tool DurabilityVery durable
Blade DurabilityVery durable
TypeCorded. No batteries needed
Speed Oscillation per minute (opm)Super speed cutting, Adjustable, From 0 up to 20,000 opm
Cutting HeightAdjustable
Cutting DepthAdjustable
BladeVarious types
InclusionMulti-purpose blades of different shapes Protective bag case


Fast cutting, Best for rip cutting, Easy to adjust angles for cutting, Multi-purpose, Extra quality product, Very durable


The bag casing easily gets dirty.


Can I use this tool to cut steel?

Answer: Yes. It is excellent in cutting thin gauge metal. You need to use the half-moon shaped steel blade for this task.

6. Kraft Tool FC518 Undercut Door Jamb Saw—Best for Versatility Hand Saw

Thank you for reading this through! I guess you are curious about the final best undercut saw in this list. You will not regret it because this is the perfect jamb saw if you are on a very tight budget. Kraft FC518 undercut saw is suitable for both personal and professional use.

What I really like about this tool is that it can cut through unreachable areas compared to the other brand. Its 12 inches long blade has a very sharp double-edged blade. So you will not have a problem cutting on any angle. Despite their thin steel blades, they are highly durable. So you do not have to worry about buying a replacement yet.

Moreover, you can use this hand saw for multiple purposes as well, such as masonry. This is caused by the versatility of the design of this tool. That is why purchasers will say that this is the best portable undercut saw. What I don’t like is that I have to make an extra effort to do the job.

Key features:

Blade DurabilityDurable for several uses
TypeManual No motor
Cutting DepthCan cut through unreachable areas
Blade10 point teeth blades on both sides 12 inches in length
WeightVery light


Durable and lightweight hand saw, multi-purpose, very cheap, sharp and double-edged thin blades


Easy to break if used for heavy-duty.


Can I use it to cut metal?

Answer: No. It works efficiently for woodworking only.

We also have reviewed best saw for cutting plastic.

Buying Guide:

I am sure you are overwhelmed that you finally know the best undercut saw or jamb saw today. So before you decide to buy your next tool, allow me to highlight something to guide you.

I am confident that you already know what you want. But as the golden rule says, thou shall not make haste decisions without thinking it over. So, what factors do you have to consider before buying an undercut or jamb saw?

1. To what need you will use the undercut saw

We have different purposes in buying a jamb saw. You have to consider if you need it for several purposes or one-time use only. If it is for personal use or business related.

2. Your skill or expertise

To ensure your safety, you must consider if you are capable of handling an electric or hand saw without injuring yourself. A hand saw is a perfect choice for beginners as you learn different cutting techniques.

3. Budget

After you consider if you need one for personal or business use, you think of your budget. To what extent are you willing to spend? Also, think of the miscellaneous you need to buy such as:

  • Blades – you need to consider buying extra blades if you are planning to use the undercut saw for heavy-duties. Even if these are highly durable blades, they may break if not properly used.
  • Casing or Bag – this is an important component to keep your tools intact and protection against spilled water, etc.

4. Are you after comfort or willing to grind it out?

To decide whether to buy an electric or hand saw, you must consider if you want an easy way or put extra effort. Please take note that if you grind it out, it also affects time. The easy way will always help you get things done immediately.

5. Load work

The amount of work is another factor you consider buying an electric jamb saw. Be sure to check if the tool is capable of running for many hours of heavy-duty without heating much.

6. Cable

It is wise to consider the length of the capable too. If there is no available outlet near the area that you are working, you may need a hand saw instead.

7. Inclusion

Always take note of the inclusions because some tools come with its protective casing. You may need to buy your bag or case to keep the tools intact. What is more is that it protects them while you are away, especially from kids.

Undercut or jamb saw is one of the best investments if you are in the field of woodworking, home-improvements, and DIY crafting. So be sure to consider this review and guide carefully. You have my confidence that I experienced them firsthand. I totally understand what you are after when you hit search for the best undercut saw, and you are on the right page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What is an undercut saw used for?

We need the undercut saw for cutting through door jambs, framing, and trimming baseboards. It is to make sure that we can properly install the flooring.

2.What tool do you use to undercut a door jamb?

The best tool to undercut a door jamb is the Crain undercut saw. And the IRWIN hand saw for manual labor.

3.How do you cut the bottom of a door jamb?

You need to use the best undercut or jamb saw in the market for this job.

4. Are the undercut and jamb saw the same?

Both by definition and usage, yes, undercut and jamb saw are the same. Its purpose is to create a space beneath the door jamb to install the flooring properly.

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