Can I use a chainsaw in the rain?

Chain saws are helpful in a myriad of easy tasks around your home, including cutting trees or splitting some wood for fuel. If your location receives rains occasionally, or you suddenly get caught up in the rain halfway through your wood cutting job, of course, the primary concern at the moment would be whether it is safe to use your chain saw in the rain.

Is it safe to use a chain saw in the rain?

chainsaw use in rain

Well, your chain saw will not stop running due to showers, but that is a risky affair. It also depends on the user, and the power source for your chain saw. While some people have years of experience and are good at it, the tool is still dangerous whether in the rain or good weather.

There is no reason to fear when using a gas chain saw in showers. Only be careful not to immerse your tool in the floodwaters as it may get into the power system leading to engine failure. But, of course, that will now lead you to spend for a matter you had no budget for when you could prevent it.

Using electric chain saws in the rain is possible too, but you place yourself at a higher risk of electrocution and engine failure due to contact with water. The same applies to cordless chainsaws.

Overall it is possible to use chainsaws of all types in the rain. However, you need to observe extra caution to avoid slippage brought about by wetness that may lead to unfortunate accidents. Also, using chainsaws in the rain may result in the tools’ inefficiency due to blade oxidation and lots of sawdust build-up because of cutting wet wood.

Beware of less ground traction and wood wetness.

One main concern is that during the rains, the ground loses traction and becomes very slippery. The wood you are cutting will also get difficult to handle due to wetness. It’s going to be challenging unless you have proper weather shoes for stable footing.

Get rid of any waste materials in the working space that would increase your chances of stumbling and falling.

You don’t want to imagine slipping and tripping over the ground with a running chainsaw. That would injure your foot, hand, or any other part of your body.

Nonetheless, if you work on the non-sloppy ground, have proper footwear, and remain cautious, you should complete the task just fine.

Consider the Type of Chain

If the chain on your machine is a multipurpose one, you might consider another type. Given that you will be working on wet wood, there will be quick debris build-up, and semi-chisel or (rounded teeth) could save the day. That will, of course, slow down your pace but will save you from having to pause for sharpening.

Wear Protective Gears

Working in the rain means you are likely to freeze cold, but pulling through will be an easy job with the proper clothing. Here are some of the safety and protective items you will need:

Wipe and Oil The Chainsaw After Use in The Rain

Thoroughly wipe the tool dry using a piece of cloth and oil it to prevent rust on the chainsaw blades.WD40 is also very effective in keeping water at bay from the tools, electrical system, and other parts, and you should consider buying some for such occasions.

We also have reviewed the best 2 stroke oil for chainsaws. Take a look.

Overall, light showers won’t harm the chainsaw. However, when showers are heavy, there is a higher risk of water getting into the inside of the tool to its motor. That would spoil it and cause it to stop functioning until you open it and have it fixed. 

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