Best 8 inch Table Saw Blades

Do you want to move your woodwork to a more professional level? Then, the perfect types of equipment will take you a long way. Using a tool that provides an accurate and incredible cut is one of the necessities needed to achieve this feat. This is why I have compiled the best 8-inch table saw blades used by professionals. Using a table saw with the perfect blade gives your project a top-notch result beyond what you imagine.

best 8 inch table saw blade

In terms of purpose, we have the rip table saw blades,  crosscut table saw blades and the Dado blade. A rip table saw blade has fewer blade teeth than a cross-cut table saw blade. Rip blades cut along wood grains while cross-cut blades slash through wood fibers.

Here, I have for you the best 8-inch table saw blades based on the types of table saw listed above.All you have to do is to sit back and calm down your nerves.

Let’s go through them together!

6 Best 8-inch Table Saw Blades

1. Dewalt 8 -inch Table Saw Blade

Dado blade, tough, speed, stainless steel, laser-cut plates, 24-tooth table saw blade.

Product guaranty is a significant factor to consider when going for any technical equipment. That is why products from certified companies are the best choice. Among others, the Dewalt brand is known for producing tough and long-lasting tools.

Dewalt 8-inch table saw blade comes with 24 teeth blades that cut several materials at 7000rev/min. Besides, its 9.08 pounds weight gives it its heavy-duty function. It is best recognized for its high velocity and toughness.

Also, the laser-cut plate gives it its sharp-cutting effect. Added with its high-density carbide teeth, an accurate and exact cut is attained per time. Moreover, these features enhance the reduction in sawdust produced during woodcuts, leading to material maximization. Thus it helps to minimize production costs as a business owner due to a reduction in waste materials.

Interestingly, with its ⅝-inch arbor, 12-degree hook angle, six chippers with different inches, and 24 sharp teeth, expect nothing less than a par woodcut.

Dewalt 8-inch table saw blade also comes with a compact storage case to keep the blade when not in use. Just as you know, metals tend to rust when exposed to moisture. Therefore, with its storage case, you can be sure the blade’s teeth are consistently sharp.


  • Laser-cut plates.
  • Stainless steel shims.
  • Strong carbide teeth.
  • Gives perfect finishing


  • Heavy to handle.
Product specialtiesValues
MaterialStainless steel
UsageFor cutting wood.
Model numberDW7670

2. Oshlun 30-teeth Table Saw Blade

Wide thickness range cut, Dado set, lightweight, 16 dado set, 6-tooth chipper table saw blade.

Woodwork sometimes requires cutting woods with small thickness inches. Interestingly, the Oshlun 30-teeth table saw blade takes you off the stress of using a circular saw blade to cut this type of material. Uniquely, with its perfect choppers, which range from ¼, 3/32, and 1/16, it can cut wood from ¼ to 29/32 inches thick. It is also known for its wide thickness range cut.

It has a dimension of 8.46 x 8.07 x 2.56 inches and a weight of 0.5 pounds, and this table blade is best known for its lightweight.

It comes with 30 teeth and a ⅝ inch arbor for a precise woodcut. Added with its C-4 micro grains carbide teeth, this blade is designed to cut through all wood types. Without a doubt, this blade is the right choice for your woodwork and Diy projects.

It will interest you to know that this blade comes with a storage case that prevents the blade from rusting. Also, its chippers are designed to minimize vibration while working, fostering exactness while cutting.

The Oshlun 30-teeth table saw blade creates little score marks at the outer part to help eradicate fracturing and tear out, among other uniqueness. Interestingly, the table saw blade doesn’t need many technicalities to install. Just fix and start using.


  • Wide range cut.
  • Prevents splintering and tear-out.
  • C-4 micro grains teeth.


  • It cuts only wood.
Product specialtiesValues
Product modelSDS- 0630
UsageFor cutting wood
Cutting capacityMade to cut undersized.

3. Hitachi 60-teeth Cross-cut table saw blade

Carbide teeth, crosscutting, rapid cut table saw blade.

Unlike the two blades mentioned above in teeth number, the Hitachi 60-teeth table saw blade cuts with accuracy and exactness. Similar to other blades in arbor inches, which makes it cut through any wood.

With a dimension of 11 x 9.6 x 0.4 inches, it is easy to operate by anyone. This blade is designed for the perfect.

Its tungsten carbide teeth make it tougher and sharp while cutting, which is why it can cut through any type of wood irrespective of its thickness. Moreover, this carbide teeth feature makes it water and heat resistant.

Interestingly, this table saw blade is perfect for your woodworks and DIY projects. It is useful for other woodwork making like; molding, making laminates, and a lot more. Also, its o.087 kerf inch is responsible for its exactness while cutting. In turn, it reduces wood wastage while cutting.

Uniquely, it is best known for its affordability. It is cheap to purchase as compared to other products.


  • Tungsten carbide teeth.
  • A high number of teeth for effective finishing.
  • Presence of thin kerf.
  • They are designed with high tech professionalism.
Product specialtiesValues
BrandMetabo HPT
UsageFor cutting wood.
Product model998862

4.Freud 64 Tooth Crosscut 8-inch Table Saw Blade

Lightweight, crosscutting, Perma-shield coating, crystal-finishing, professional use, crosscutting table saw blade.

The uniqueness of this table saw blade is a thriller. Apart from its perfect crosscut, it gives you a neat crystal-smooth finishing. This factor eradicates the necessity for sanding. Besides, It has a unique side-grind feature that smoothes the material as you cut.

Interestingly, its particular anti-vibration slot provides minimal noise while working. This feature differentiates it from other table saw blades that vibrate while cutting. Moreover, its 8-inch blade, 116″ kerf, ⅝-inch arbor, 1-watt power, 98″ plate, 64-ATB teeth give materials that are one-quarter to 1⅝ thick an exact and impressive cut. It is best known to have the highest number of teeth.

Moreover, If you are looking for a lightweight table saw blade, this is also an excellent option to go for. Its 1 pound weight makes it unique among other table saw blades.

Also, just as you know, friction prevents the easy movement of locomotive materials. Freud 64 tooth 8-inch table saw it comes with a perma-shield coating that eradicates friction and thermal buildup. This, in turn, prevents binding and, therefore, increases the life of the blade. Besides, this coating prevents residue buildup, which maintains the table saw motor locomotion.

Its 64 ATP high-quality Carbide-furnished crosscut teeth enhance sharp and perfect cut. This feature makes it possible to cut thick materials easily; it is corrosion and heat-resistant.

Added to its components is its anti-vibration slot, which prevents the need for stabilizers. Many tables saw blades are designed to produce much noise while working. Besides, many others vibrate a lot, thus providing less than par finishing. Freud 64 tooth 8-inch table saw blade gives minimal noise while working with reduced vibration.


  • Crystal-smooth finishing.
  • High-quality carbide teeth.
  • Minimal noise while working.
  • No batteries are required.


  • Only for cutting wood.
Product specialtiesValues
UsageFor cutting wood.
Product modelLU85R008
Cutting capacityProfessional

The flawless cut this table saw blade provides is mind-blowing. But yet, maybe you are still in a doubt; I’ve got you covered! Let’s check this out!

5. Marathon Irwin Rip 8-inch Table Saw Blade

Durable, ripping, 24 high-quality carbide tooth, thin kerf, balanced table saw blade.

This blade’s durability and easy-to-use feature make it unique from other table saw blades, among other flawless features. It is best recognized for its outstanding stability. If you desire an accurate and perfect cut, this blade is an option to go for.

Its sharp 24 tooth blades are fitted for framing and ripping works. Added with its precise hook angle, it gives you an accurate and sharp cut.

The teeth are designed with high-density 400 grit carbide for a perfect cut. This characteristic gives it a strong tip for slashing soft and hardwood quickly. Besides, the high-density carbide makes it water-resistant and thermally resistant.

Its thin kerf prevents excess loss of wood and reduction in sawdust produced. Besides, This makes the blade cut the wood with exactness. Moreover, this reduces the strain on your motor. You will enjoy this characteristic if you are using a cordless tool because it improves battery life.


  • Durable to handle.
  • Perfect thin kerf.
  • Thorough hook angle.


  • Liable heating problems.
Product specialtiesValues
BrandIrwin tools
UsageFor cutting wood
Product model14050ZR

6. Dewalt Ripping And Crosscutting Table Saw Blade

Ripping, tough coating, thin kerf, high-density carbide table saw blade.

Similar to other table saw blades, this blade gives a fine and smooth woodwork finishing. With a dimension of 9.82 x 0.37 x 10.73 inches, this blade easily fit into the saw for a perfect woodwork experience.

Like other blades mentioned above, it has tough tungsten carbide teeth for a precise and accurate woodcut. Besides, this makes it tough and strong. The blade is designed for ripping and crosscutting processes.

The blade has a thick covering that prevents garbage from fastening to it. In turn, it makes it liquid and thermally resistant.

Moreover, its body slot added to its thin kerf gives a noiseless but excellent woodwork finishing. It is also a lightweight but effective machine delivering nothing less than par finishing.

Interestingly, Dewalt Ripping And Crosscutting table saw blade is easy to install. Therefore, there is no need to employ a mechanic before you work with it. The Marathon Irwin 8-inch table saw blade, Dewalt corded, and cordless table saw blade is highly durable.


  • Tough coating
  • No batteries are required.
  • Presence of anti-vibration slot.


  • Works for a limited job.
Product specialtiesValues
UsageFor cutting wood.
Product modelDWA181440

7. Freud Multipurpose 8-inch Table Saw Blade

For crosscuttimg and ripping, high-density carbide, anti-vibration table saw blade.

The Freud brand is an organization with over 50 years of delivering incredible woodwork tools. Among others is the Freud multipurpose 8-inch table saw blade. A table saw whose dimension measures 1 x 1 x 1 inch. Also, it has a weight of 1 pound, which makes it durable and easy to handle.

Its 48-tooth enhances its crosscutting and ripping effects on both hard and softwoods. It cuts through wood that is ½ to 2 – ¾ inch thick conveniently.

With its .087″ plate, 10-degree hook angle, and 126″ kerf, Freud’s multipurpose 8-inch table saw blade would give your project that excellent finishing.

The tip of the blade’s teeth is made up of high-density carbide and I.C.E coating that prevents attrition and thermal buildup. The blade comes along with an anti-vibration slot that minimizes noise while working.

Freud’s multipurpose 8-inch table saw blade is best known for delivering general-purpose functions. For woods that are ½ to 2-¾ inches thick, the blade can give a crosscut effect. The table saw blade can give a rip-cut effect on woods that are ⅜ to ¾-inch thick.

Freud’s multipurpose 8-inch table saw blade would doubtlessly give your project that hi-tech design you couldn’t have dreamed of.


  • Multipurpose blade.
  • Silver I.C.E covering.
  • Anti-vibration slot.
  • High-density carbide teeth.
Product specialtyValues
UsageFor cutting wood.
Product modelLU82M008
Cutting capacityProfessional
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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Table Saw Blade

1. Number of teeth

The fundamental truth is; the more the blade tooth, the smoother and perfect it cuts materials. Also, the more the material’s thickness, the higher the preciseness and sharpness needed to cut through.

Blades with fewer teeth require more aggressiveness to cut through some materials. The more the blade tooth, the higher the per/cut velocity released to cut through the material. One of the benefits of blades with more teeth is an exact and smooth cut.

Moreover, it is not enough to go for a blade with more teeth. The blade teeth must be made of a tough feature that aids it sharp and exact cut. That is why many blade teeth are made of tungsten carbide that enhances sharp cuts. It is not just about more blade teeth but more strong saw blades.

2. Blade Diameter

Just anything doesn’t work for everything. Having the proper equipment is what guarantees maximum output. Understanding this makes it expedient to note that the blade’s diameter is a significant factor you distinctly look out for.

A blade’s diameter is measured from the edge of one of its tips to the directly opposite edge.

Moreover, it is expedient you get the diameter of the blade designed for the table saw. Wrong blade diameter will utterly affect the table saw.

3. Blade Kerf

The Kerf of a table saw blade is defined by the width of the blade’s carbide teeth. This factor is a significant component to look out for when buying a table saw blade. Why? The Kerf determines the amount of wood wasted while cutting and the sawdust level produced while cutting your wood.

Just as you know, every business owner wants to maximize his/her materials for a perfect production cost. You will not want to cut material, and a lot has been wasted during the cutting process. Moreover, having large size wood on the ground while cutting can cause an industrial accident. To avoid this, go for a perfect blade with a good blade kerf.

Moreover, both the thin kerf blade and the full kerf blade are useful. The difference is the functionality distinction.

Thin kerf blades are useful for jobs that need much thin-strip ripping. Also, they minimize wood wastage while working. Hence, they help in maximizing the cost of production.

Full kerf blades aid exact cuts on thick pieces of wood. Their thickness makes them fit in table saws with three horsepower.

Therefore, a kerf blade’s choice to consider is a function of the project you want to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use an 8-inch blade on a 10-inch table saw?

There is a factor responsible for you to use it. Once the arbor hole diameter on the dado blade set fits the diameter of your table saw, this is a possibility. Also, the arbor must be long enough for the dado blade.

How many teeth should my table saw have?

The number of teeth is determined by the function and type of the blade. For example, a 10-inch ripping table saw a blade with 24 to 30 teeth, while a 10-inch crosscutting table saw has teeth. Therefore, the function and type of blade being used determine the number of teeth available.

What size blade does a table saw use?

Table saws using three different tables saw blade sizes; 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch blade.

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