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VBENLEM 110V Bone Saw Machine, 850W Frozen Meat Cutter,...
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KWS B-210 Countertop Model Commercial 1900W 2.5HP Electric...
VBENLEM 110V Bone Saw Machine, 850W Frozen Meat Cutter,...
KWS B-210 Countertop Model Commercial 1900W 2.5HP Electric...
Customers Rating
Top Pick
VBENLEM 110V Bone Saw Machine, 850W Frozen Meat Cutter,...
VBENLEM 110V Bone Saw Machine, 850W Frozen Meat Cutter,...
Customers Rating
Best Budget
Customers Rating
Premium Choice
KWS B-210 Countertop Model Commercial 1900W 2.5HP Electric...
KWS B-210 Countertop Model Commercial 1900W 2.5HP Electric...
Customers Rating
best meat bandsaw

You can’t but agree that every butcher has a friend in a power tool. It makes his meat cutting process seamlessly easy. That’s why a meat band saw is today’s butcher’s most useful power tool. Indeed it’s a delight to see how machines can truly help in all industries. However, with many companies flooding the market with this cutting tool, ever asked what the best meat band saw for the money currently is?

On the top of the list are the VBENLEM 110V Commercial Bone Machine 850W Butcher Bandsaw, and the BLADE UL Meat Bandsaw  Plus Grinder. Why do these fall on the best spot among the very many in the market? Specific metrics make them rank high. Let’s see what counts for each and why they are currently the best in the market.

3 Best Meat Bandsaw Review

1. VBENLEM 110V Commercial Bone Machine 850W – Best for Rib Cut and Buyer’s Favorite

VBENLEM 110V Commercial Bone Machine 850W comes first on this list for many reasons. Its flawless performance makes it the buyer’s favorite as it continues to receive positive reviews from users.

VBENLEM 110V Commercial Bone Machine 850W is a top-quality electric saw machine with a fine build. Designed using long-lasting aluminum, this electric bone saw is very durable and a high-duty performer. Crafted using high-quality copper, the 850W engine of the motor offers high speed, low noise, and reliable power.

 The neatly constructed workbench that supports cutting is made of the standard 304 stainless steel. The table is equipped with a precision scale. Users can accurately cut meat and bones according to their demands using the scale. The choice of the steel material makes corrosion impossible, helps its firmness, and prevents rust. It makes it very easy to clean as well.

 If improving cutting efficiency is desired, an adjustable Saw knob helps with this. With the inclusion of an adjustment Saw blade knob at the top, you can determine how tight the blade is and make adjustments to meet your needs.

Protecting the machine and user, closely fitted at the side is a safety switch that serves as a power-off protection switch in an emergency.

For its high value, this meat saw machine can be used for different purposes. It is the ideal meat saw for use at home, in the meat store, and in processing plants. Its main purpose is for cutting poultry, ribs, frozen meat, massive bones, and fish, very adaptable for commercial use.

Key Features:

High Powerful motor: 850W
Moderate Voltage usage: 110V/60Hz
Diameter of Saw Wheel: 210 mm
Saw Blade Length: 65.0″ (1650 mm)workbench measurement: 15×14.5 inch(380x365mm)
Product Dimension: 18.5″x16.0″x35.0″ (470x405x890 mm)
Weight of Product: 70.5 lbs (32 kg)304 standard stainless steel workbench    
Casting aluminum body has a wide range of applications durable construction corrosion-proof as an adorable design has high efficiency very easy to clean after use works with less noise heavy-duty commercial meat and bone cutter


  • Easy to operate
  • Has high efficiency
  • Works smoothly with less noise
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Has a 30-day return policy


The workbench is too small to handle large pieces of meat at a time


  1. Is this machine both a meat cutter and a grinder?

 No, it is only a meat cutter

2. What capacity of meat can it handle?

It is heavy-duty meat bandsaw that can handle heavy use

3. How long will the blade last?

How long it will last depends on how much use you give to it.

4. What is the efficiency rate of the saw?

It is capable of cutting 200kg of meat/hour

2. KWS B-210 Countertop Model Commercial 1900W – Best Electric Motor

WS B-210 Countertop Model Commercial 1900W excels in power superiority and performance compared to those on this list.

The WS B-210 Electric Meat Band Saw is the ideal meat and bone cutting machine for home and commercial use. It proves to be the best in power with a high 1900W motor installed. Besides, it offers good accuracy, and ease when cutting frozen meat and bones.

Its strong Saw blade is made of good quality steel. Also made of quality stainless steel, the workbench is firm and cleans perfectly well after use. For high durability, the body is built using the strength of aluminum.

The electric motor of this Saw is in a separate compartment, making it so easy to clean. It has an inbuilt waterproof safety device that stops the machine automatically from working when its outer cover is uncovered.

Though this meat bandsaw may not be the cheapest in the market, its superior power makes it very good for use in supermarkets, meat stores, and processing plants.

Key Features

Motor Power: 1900W 2.5HP 20A
Heavy Duty Commercial Bone and Meat Saw Machine Aluminum Body High-Quality Italy Saw BladeRotary Speed: 1420r/min1 Free Italy band saw blade certified by CE
Blade length:   65″      
Cutting thickness:        0.2″ – 6″
Cutting height: 0 – 7″ 
Fixed working table dimension: 15.5″ (L) x 19.25″ (W)          
Product dimension:     20″ (L) x 19.25″ (W) x 33.5″ (H)             


  • Easy to operate
  • High efficiency saw machine


Expensive replacement blades


1. What level of meat thickness can it cut?

The KWS B-210 can cut as high as 7 inches and as thick as 6 inches of meat.

2. Will it work with a 120V?

Yes, it will.

3. Where can I buy replacement blades?

 You can buy replacement blades from the official website of the manufacturer.

4. Can I carry out blade replacement myself?

 Yes, you can. It is fairly simple to do so.


If buying an affordable yet highly functional Saw machine is your desire, Blade UL 3/4HP meat saw is your best buy. This electric meat band saw is also a sausage maker! No doubt, BLADE UL MEAT SAW is higher utility meat saw machine when compared to VBENLEM 110V Commercial Bone Machine 850W.

It is generally revered for its dual function, a rare 2-in-1 design (both a meat slicer and a grinder). It’s just perfect for everyday commercial use. The attached two grinding plates- fine and rough grinding plate give users options on grinding choices. Made of tough T-304 standard stainless steel material, it’s durable and also very easy to clean just like the VBENLEM 110V Commercial Bone Machine 850W.

It is a good meat slicer that cuts smoothly and then grinds when needed. The steel sliding tray ensures safety when in use while also assisting accurate cuts. Call it a 3-in-1 design if you choose to because it comes with a sausage-making compartment. The meat grinder has a sausage stuffer attachment for sausage making. The wide loading throat makes it convenient for the machine to handle a large capacity of meat.

While Blade UL may not be a high-powered electric saw meat cutter like the WS B-210 Countertop Model Commercial 1900W with 2.5HP, it is a unique design that offers many uses.

Key Features:

Runs on 550W, 3/4Hp 120V/60HZIt’s a 2-in-1 design – meat grinder and a band sawT—304 stainless steel construction equipped with a stainless steel sliding tray to grinding plates sausage makingattachmentRPM: 1,750Maximum Cutting Depth is 9-7/16″Maximum Cutting Width is 9-7/8″Saw Band Size: 82″(L) by 5/8″(W)Table/workbench Dimensions: 18.5″ x 23.5″Has 15’6 ½” blade 97/8” throat 91/2” cut depthMeat grinder + sausage stuffer attachment design comes with 4-1/4 mouth, and 1 ¾” auger and grinder plate that has 5mm holes blade overall Dimension: 35” x 58 x 27” Wide loading funnel CE and UL certified


  • Affordable product
  • A high utility product
  • Very easy to use
  • Serves dual purpose plus other uses


  • It has a low motor power
  • Constant blade slips
  • No visible warranty or return policy


1. Can the saw be used to cut bones?

Yes, bones can be cut with the saw

2. Does the cutting table clean easily?

 Yes, it does clean easily with a damp cloth

3. Can I replace the blades using DIY?

 Yes, you can conveniently replace the blades when needed.

We also have reviewed some are the top cheap band saw.


Now you’re set to buy a meat band saw. But what meat band saw should you buy?

When buying any product, the choice of the quality of the product readily comes to mind. People also look out for the type of material used in the design. Factors of durability, the flexibility of use, compactness, and the specific brands are some other considerations that influence a buying decision.

Similarly, whenever you decide to buy a meat saw machine, you can compare standard features of the band saws available.

 Compare standard features

You can look at the standard features that make it a suitable meat bandsaw machine you are looking to buy. Examine the type of design frame whether it is made of cast iron or a totally solid steel frame.

Compare the bandsaws on capacity or size which gives insight on how much cutting the bandsaws can handle per period. Compare the power rating of the motor. A 2.5 HP band saw works at a higher rate than a ¾ HP. Safety of the bandsaw and how easy it is to use and clean up after use are yet other considerations. Are the spare parts readily available and affordable? These major factors will assist you in buying the best bandsaw for you and your business.

Where and How to Buy the Best Band Saw for the Money

1. Do your research

Of course, there are two ways you can make a purchase. It can either be from the physical store or online. If you’re buying from a physical store, your initial research will guide you to know the price range when you eventually visit the store.

Go over the internet and search out who is selling the product you want to buy. If you are not sure what product, type “meat bandsaw” or “Cheap meat bandsaw” in Google and start from there. You may want to check on Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. Make sure it is the exact product you want to buy considering the factors above.

Your research can go deep into investigating the manufacturer to discover their track records. To find the best meat saw machine for the money, you can do further consultation by asking family and friends.

The recommendation has always been a good help. Remember that whoever has recommended a product for you has used the same product before. Read reviews of similar purchases to discover the pros and cons of a product. Amazon is a very good platform for this.

2. Compare Prices

 Everybody wants value for his money. Keep in mind that a product may sell cheaper in another store. Why buy the same product at an expensive price? Only make sure it is the same product from a manufacturer. You can use price comparison websites like CamelCamelCamel and PriceGrabber to automate the whole process.

3. Make your purchase

If you’re buying from an online store, you may need to do a lot more research. These include putting a call through to confirm if the product is in stock. Know more about their delivery time and efficiency.

Hopefully, this guide will help you to make the best purchase of meat and bone saw machine.


1. What is the best meat saw?

The best meat saw is dependent on what you want in a meat saw. Those above are in the list of the best.

2. Can you use a regular band saw to cut meat?

You may use a regular band saw to cut meat but it won’t be as effective as a meat band saw.

3. What tool does a butcher use for bone and meat cutting?

 A butcher uses knife meat and bone band saw for this purpose

4. Can you use a hacksaw?

A hacksaw may work to cut bones but won’t work efficiently as a meat band saw.

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