Best Saw Blade for MDF

MDF stands for Medium-density fiberboard. As the name denotes, MDF is manufactured from wood fibers from the breakdown of hard or softwood residue. You then mix these fibers with wax and resin binder under certain conditions to form a denser wood product. 

Simply put, MDF is sawdust mixed with binders and made into boards of different sizes. It is a versatile wood product that you may use for various household and office projects like cabinets, wardrobes, office desks, and so on. 

Cutting MDF might be a little tricky. This is why you need the right cutting tools to get accurate and neat cuts without ruining your blade. This article will review some of the best saw blades for MDF to get at the best prices. 

What Type of Saw Blade is Ideal for Cutting MDF

Cutting MDF with the wrong blade can be disastrous and frustrating. This is because the binders in MDF boards blunt regular blades very quickly. Within a short time of use, you will begin to notice the blade does not cut neatly again. It ruins both your board and blade. You have to resharpen frequently. You can avoid this by using the right kind of blade. 

If you want to cut MDF, you need a blade that will last long enough and give you neat cuts without much stress. This is why the best saw blade to cut MDF is a tungsten carbide-edged blade. The carbide-edge tech gives you a cutting edge as it does not let your blade blunt fast. It reduces the frequency of having to send your blades for sharpening.

For straight cuts, you can use a circular saw with any of the blades reviewed or a hand-held saw (which will be considerably more difficult). The blade must have a carbide tip. The higher the number of teeth, the higher the dust produced and the lower the board chipping chances. 

An important consideration is the kerf line. MDF dust is nasty, especially if you do not have a good dust collection system. Using a blade with an ultra-thin kerf line will reduce the dust and health risk.

Review of the Best Saw Blades for MDF

Now to the meat of this article. We have curated a list of the best saw blades for your MDF to guarantee you quality results. They vary in prices, brands, and the number of teeth. They also have various features that give them an edge over other blades in the market. Let’s dive in!

1. Freud D12100X 100-tooth Diablo Blade

After cutting, many blades leave you with an edge that needs reworking. That blade is not the Freud D12100X 100-tooth Diablo Ultra Fine Circular Saw Blade. It is one of the finest blades from Diablo that leaves your MDF with a smooth edge that you do not have to rework. This makes your work neater and a lot faster. 

The ultra-thin kerf line helps you cut with high precision and less waste. This is important while cutting MDF because MDF dust can be messy if you do not have an effect dust collector. The 12-inch blade has 100 teeth that make it slowly and elegantly slice into the board. 

For this blade to be on this list, its micro-grain tips are built with carbide. This ensures your get the best out of the blade before you have to sharpen it again. The Perma-SHIELD is a non-sticking coat that protects the blade from the glue in the board. It also protects the blade from rust and corrosion. This adds to the blade’s durability.

Having 100 teeth means the blade will generate a lot of dust. However, its ultra-thin kerf ensures this is not the case. The blade cuts thinly to avoid waste and improve your accuracy while reducing the dust the cutting generates. The blade also has expansion slots that help it adapt to the heat generated during cutting. This ensures your cuts remain accurate and straight even when you have been cutting for long hours.

Key Features

  • Ultra-thin laser kerf line
  • Perma-SHIELD non-stick coat
  • Stabilizer vents
  • Tri-metal shock resistance
  • Carbide blades


Blade diameter10 inches
Other BenefitsNon-stick coating to protect from glue and rustCan be used on sliding or non-sliding miter sawExpansion slots

2. Bosch DCB1072CD Circular saw Blade

Do you have a lot of boards to run through a saw? You avoid waste and obtain your cuts faster when you use this Bosch circular saw blade. This is thanks to its thin kerf. This 72-tooth steel blade is also built to avoid bending and deflecting. This ensures you have straight and accurate cuts on your MDF boards. 

Versatility sets this blade apart from most other blades. You can mount the blade on small table saws or miter saws. When you use it with a miter saw, you can cut your MDF boards at different angles. You can also use this blade to cut composite decking (wood fibers and plastic) because it has a triple chip grind (TCG) tooth geometry. So, it has no issues running through MDF without the fears of abrasion. 

The modern C3/C3 micro-grain tip is fortified with carbide to extend the life of the blade. The blade also has protection from friction and corrosion with its SpeedCoat finish. It also guarantees a stress-free cutting experience alongside the thin kerf that significantly reduces waste. The blade is built to withstand bending or deflection to ensure your cuts are straight and accurate. 

Key Features

  • Cordless
  • Brute Carbide-tipped triple chip (TCG) teeth
  • Thin kerf
  • Nail demolition
  • Anti-friction finish


Blade diameter12 inches
Other BenefitsCan be used for abrasive materialsResists bending or reflections to give true cuts

3. Diablo 10-inch 50-Tooth Combination Blade

Do you need to rip or crosscut your MDF with a very fine finish without changing blades? This Diablo combination circular saw blade is an excellent option for you. Big gullets demarcate the 50 teeth of this blade into groups of 5. This modification allows the chip removal space you need when you are ripping an MDF board. The groups of teeth are close enough to give you good results when you crosscut also.

This easy-to-use Diablo blade has heat expansion slots to allow it to adapt to the heat from cutting for so long. This means you can use the blade for a very long time without fears of getting crooked cuts due to heat expansion. The blade’s stabilizer vents ensure less vibration and minimize the noise while you work with the saw. 

It is a long-lasting blade with carbide-tipped teeth and a reinforced unyielding steel plate. Its Perma-SHIELD feature also augments this longevity. The coat protects the blade from the binding resins in the MDF. It also protects the blade from corrosion and rusting under bad weather conditions. You technically do not have to change the blade or resharpen for long.

The laser tech gives this Diablo blade a very thin kerf for every cut. This helps you conserve your board, reduce the wood dust, and have a more accurate cut. You also get to enjoy its 50 alternative top bevel teeth that give you a good range of control over the blade position. 

Key Features

  • Combination circular saw blade
  • Easy-to-use
  • Perma-SHIELD coating
  • Carbide blades
  • 50 alternative top bevel (ATB) teeth


Blade diameter12 inches
Other BenefitsUsed for ripping and crosscutting Stabilizer vents to reduce noise and vibrationSuperb blade controlHeat expansion slots

4. DEWALT DWA171460 7¼-Inch Circular Saw Blade

Do you need a blade that can work both cordless and corded circular saws to cut your MDF? The DEWALT 60-tooth circular saw blade perfectly suits that need. You can use it with a corded or cordless saw and get similar quality results. Another peculiarity is its reinforced shoulder. This helps you work on nail-embedded wood. The strength and durability ensure there is enough resistance to get this done.

The blades come with various tooth counts. We, however, recommend the 60-tooth blade. The 7¼-inched blade is an elite choice for various cutting functions. You can use it for crosscutting, framing, and fine finishing. You also get to do this in a less noisy environment. This is because the blade has body slots to minimize vibration and noise, giving you are a more conducive workshop.

Have an extended blade life with the tungsten carbide tips that reduce wear and tear. The blade has an anti-stick coat that protects it from the binders in the MDF that tend to stick to regular blades. It also decreases friction and increases the resistance to corrosion and rust. The kerf is thin enough to guarantee fine and accurate cuts while reducing waste.

Key Features

  • Reinforced shoulder
  • Tungsten carbide teeth
  • Anti-stick coat


Blade diameter7¼ inches
Other BenefitsFor nail-embedded woodNoise and vibration reductionCan be used to frame, crosscut, and fine finish

5. BOSCH T308B 5-Piece Jig Saw Blades

Need something affordable but guarantees good results for your curved MDF cuts? The BOSCH 5-Piece 4½ -inched jig saw blades are very pocket-friendly. This does is not a big compromise on the quality of your cuts. It is the best jig saw blade out there to make curved cuts on your MDF.

The range of this blade’s use goes beyond MDF. You can also use it for curved cuts and shapes on hardwoods, softwoods, particle boards, and so on. For every material, you get accurately straight and very fine cuts. Its 12 TPI (teeth per inch) high carbon steel blade is strong and durable, guaranteed to last you a good time without bending or deflecting. This ensures you have straight cuts.

Each pack has five blades, allowing you to change the blade at any time necessary. The design of the T-shank handle allows you have an optimal grip and extra stability when you cut. The blade has 42 teeth in all, covering a length of 4½ inches. 

This BOSCH jig saw blade is the best you there is for MDF. It is an excellent and convenient tool for cutting your MDF into shapes or curves. 

Key features

  • Five jigsaw blades
  • 12 TPI
  • Carbon steel body
  • T-shank handle


MaterialHigh carbon steel
Blade length4½ inches (total) 3½ (useable length)
Other BenefitsAlso for Curved cuts and shapes on hardwoods, softwoods, particle boardsGood and stable grip
                              We also have reviewed best saw blade for bamboo flooring


What is the best way to cut MDF? 

The best way for cutting MDF is to use a blade with carbide tips and a thin kerf that reduces the MDF dust. The Freud D12100X 100 Tooth Diablo Ultra Fine Circular Saw Blade is perhaps the best saw blade for MDF. It gives you well-finished edges after cutting.

For curved cuts, use the BOSCH T308B 5-Piece 4½ In. 12 TPI Extra Clean for Wood T-Shank Jig Saw Blades.

Does MDF dull saw blades?

Yes, MDF makes saw blades dull. This is thanks to the synthetic resin for binding the wood fibers. You would have to change the blade frequently or send it for resharpening often. You can avoid this by using a carbide-tipped blade. It takes significantly longer to get dull. 

Can you cut MDF with a knife?

No, you cannot get a good cut on your MDF with a knife. You may be able to score a laminated MDF with a utility knife, though. It is, however, challenging. You would need to put a lot of power into it. Mark out the line you are cutting through. Put a metal edge on the line to ensure your scoring is straight. You can then cut with a saw after scoring. 

Can you cut MDF with a saw?

Yes, you can cut MDF with any hand-held saw, or a circular saw for straight cuts. You can use a jigsaw to cut MDF into shapes and curves. Make angled cuts with a miter saw.

What is the best saw for cutting MDF?

It is best to use a table saw to cut your MDF. You can also use hand-held cutting tools. The most important thing is to use a blade with carbide-tips. Use a miter saw for angled cuts and a jigsaw for curved cuts.

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