How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade+Unfold it? Best 2 Methods

How to fold a bandsaw blade or how to coil a bandsaw blade? Well, the Bandsaw blade is a large, continuous piece of metal. It takes a lot of room when you change or store the blade. That’s why you need to fold or coil the blade for storage.

how to fold a bandsaw blade

But, it needs to be done correctly, else there is a chance for any unwanted accidents. Because folding bandsaw blades for storage can be a tricky job.

You can fold your bandsaw blade in two ways. We will describe them below. Before that, make sure to wear your gloves and cover your skin as much as possible.

Method 1:How to fold a bandsaw blade?

Safety Manuals:

  • Cover your skin as much as you can before start working
  • Wear long sleeve dresses so that you don,t cut yourself accidentally.
  • Wear thick gloves and eye protectors.
  • Wear foot protectors or shoes.
  • Do not use bare hands to handle the saw blade. Because it may cause damage to your hands. (Note)

Step 1: Hold the Blade with Two-Hand

At first, hold the circular blade with two hands and make sure the teeth face you. Hold it away from the body, and set the bottom part on the ground. Make sure to place your hand on the opposite side of the blade.

Step 2: Push Both Side Together

Now bring your hand together by pushing the two sides of the blade. Get the blade comes closer until your thumbs touch each other. As you bring your blade together, it starts to form a loop at the top.

Step 3: Keep Bending

Now take a step back from the saw, so the top part bends forward. Do not leave the blade and make sure it folds in half.

Step 4: Cross the Blade and Lock It

When the blade bends down, cross your left hand under the right hand. It will make several loops. Now lift the bottom loop with your left hand to make a coil. Finally, wrap the blade loops, so it’s firmly secured.

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Method 2:

There is another simpler way to condense your bandsaw blade safely. Here is how to coil a bandsaw blade.

how to fold a bandsaw blade

Step 1: Hold the Blade Tightly

Hold the blade at the top with gloves in hand and teeth facing away from you. Now, keep one leg at the bottom of the blade to hold it on the floor.

Step 2: Push Down the Blade Circularly

Then push the blade downward and twist your hand at the same time. At first, make a half-turn twist and then slowly another half turn. Look, the blade is making loops.

Step 3: Gather the Loops and Secure It

When you see there are almost three loops, then gather the loops. Hold them tightly and secure it in a coiled form using masking tape.

Q: How to fold a bandsaw mill blade?

Q: How to unfold a bandsaw blade?

Step1 Remove the wire tie:

After removing the wire ties, hold the coil in one hand. Do not lose the coils and keep it tight otherwise as you lose control of it. keep the wire ties at a close distance as you find it easily while folding the blade.

Note: must wear thick gloves to save your hand from cutting by the teeth.

Step2: Get the loop that forms the coil:

Pull the loops apart with one hand after holding the coils with another hand. keep the bottom hanging down when you hold the top 2 loops with the right hand.

Note: Always keep the teeth point away from you so that you do not get cut. 

step3: Grap the top 2 crossing loops:

let the coils form a cross by twisting the top coils slightly. Grab the top loop with the right hand and the other top loop with the left hand.

Note: Hold the blade in a proper distance from your body so that the bottom pieces do not swing towards your body.

Step4:  Flex your hands down and outward:

Rotate your hand apart And pull the loops apart for unfolding the blade completely.

Note: Follow the process slowly so that the blade doesn’t slip.


Hopefully, you understand the process of folding a bandsaw blade and unfolding it. But always stay careful to deal with the bandsaw blade and must follow the safety manuals. Also, you need to choose the best bandsaw blade which suits your work the most. So be very careful in choosing the blade.

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